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Dear Virginia,
Here is the census listing for Edward Purcell. He appears to be the son of Richard Purcell, with an uncle in the household also named Edward. I will also include the cemetery listings for this famly. They clarify things a bit.
Lastly, I found the younger Edward (s/o Richard) & wife Hattie in the 1900 census in Mt. Sterling with two small children, Frank and Margaret. He is listed as the County Clerk.
I'm thinking this is not your Edward, since yours was in St. Louis that year.
Hope these help, either way, even if it's to rule out the possibility.
Laurie Huffman
1870 Federal Census, Illinois, Brown Co, Versailles twp, 230/230, 5 August:
Edward Purcell 45, cooper, b. Ireland
Richard Purcell 43, cooper, Ireland
Elizabeth Purcell 32, keeps house, Illinois
Edward Purcell 9, Illinois
Mary Purcell 7, Illinois
Richard Purcell 6, Illinois
William Y. Purcell 5, Illinois
Elizabeth Purcell 1, Illinois
Cemeteries of Brown Co, Illinois 1825-1972, Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, pp. 177-196.
Richard Purcell (1825-1900) Born in County Waterford, Ireland.
Elizabeth, wife of Richard Purcell (1835-1907), born in County Meath, Ireland.
Edward Purcell (1823-1894), born in County Waterford, Ireland.
Eliza Ann Purcell, dau of Richard & Elizabeth Purcell (d. 1867 age 8 yrs)
Lizzie Purcell, dau of Richard & Elizabeth Purcell (1870-1895)
Edward Purcell, son of Richard & Elizabeth Purcell (1860-1927)
Hattie Adams, wife of Edward Purcell (1867-1943)
Margaret, dau of Edward & Hattie Purcell (1899-1951)
Frank J. Purcell, son of Edward & Hattie Purcell (1896-1965)
Esther Reeder, wife of Frank J. Purcell (1894-1968)
Mary Ryan, wife of George T. Purcell (1862-1940)
George T. Purcell (1862-1924)
1880 Federal Census, Illinois, Brown Co, Versailles, 30 June:
24 337 348 Purcell Richard m 55 head m cooper Ireland Ireland Ireland  
25       Elizabeth f 48 wife m keeping house Illinois New York New York  
26       Edward m 19 son s school teacher Illinois Ireland Illinois  
27       Mary f 17 dau   at home Illinois Ireland Illinois  
28       Richard m 15 son   goes to school Illinois Ireland Illinois  
29       William m 12 son   goes to school Illinois Ireland Illinois  
30       Elizabeth f 10 dau   goes to school Illinois Ireland Illinois  
31       Morris m 7 son   goes to school Illinois Ireland Illinois  
32       Edward m 57 brother s cooper Ireland Ireland Illinois  
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Edward Purcell   V230
My Grandfather I hope!
He used Pershall & Purcell and I think born in 1854 TN. Found him only once and it was in the 1900 Census in St Louis...Thanks for your help!