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Author: Dennis Partridge

One Surname Research for Brown County Illinois

This page contains, primarily, our responses to research requests. There are some contributions by correspondents whose information did not fit into other categories. Files found here are usually for one surname only. However, other surnames do appear. All surnames are indexed. Multiple instances of a surname are indicated by a number following the name. Each instance of the name will take you to a file containing information on the surname, so check them all. If any link in this index fails, Please comment below and specify which link by its name. Thanks. One Name Alphabetical Index [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z] Historical Sites Star Bridge Unknown Log Cabin — Has now been identified as the home of James & Irma Hendricks Census 1880 Census Question Census Info Resources Book – Cemeteries of Brown County Brown County Resources Surnames A Abbott1, Abbott2 Abbott3, Abers1, Abers2, Aber3, Adams1, Adams2, Adams3, Adams4, Adams5, Adams6, Adams7, Adams8. Adkins1, Akright1, Alberts1, Alberts2, Alberts3 Alexander1, Alexander2 Alexander3 Alexander4 Alexander5, Alexander6, Alexander7, Alexander8, Alexander9, Algier1, Allbert1, Allbert2, Allbert3, Allen1, Allen2 Allen3, Akin1, Allison Ammerman1, Ammerman2, Anderson1, Anderson2, Angel Arkell1, Armstrong1, Arnold1, Arnold2, Arvin1, Arvin2 Ashcraft1, Ashwood1, Atkins1, Aurand1, Ausmus1, Ausmus2, Ausmus3, Ausmus4, Ausmus5, Ausmus6, Ayers1, B Babb Babbitt Baggerly Baird Baker1, Baker2, Baker3, Baker4, Baker5,...

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Charles Stout Family of Brown County Illinois

Submitted by: JEANEEN HESS 29 Jun 2013 Since my last correspondence of almost one year on July 12, 2012 I have found research on Charles Stout and his family from Ancestry.  As we stated before he was not closely related to Francis Marion Stout – a distant cousin. Charles Stout – born Athens County, Ohio  24 April 1827- died Ripley, Brown County in 1900 – Father George Stout 1792-1875, Mother Eliza Buzzard 1797-1869 – He migrated to Upper Alton, Madison Co. Illinois where he married in 1851. Married Mary Jane Smith1 1824-1899.  The 1880 Census shows them living in Ripley, Brown County and his occupation as ‘Potter’.   Four Children as follows: Arthur C. Stout 1854-1916 married Eva Alice Donahower 1858-1919 in 1876 in Brown County.2 They were still living in Brown County in 1900, but had moved to Washington, Monroe Co, Missouri by the 1910 Census.  They later moved to Clinton, Dewitt County. where they died and are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery there. Mary C. Stout 1855-1905 married Charles O Glenn 1855-1939 in Brown County and they moved to Kearney County, Nebraska where they lived and died and are buried. John Martin ‘Coon’ Stout3  1858-1889 was a deaf-mute caused by Scarlett fever when young.  He went to the Jacksonville School for the Deaf in Jacksonville where he is shown on a special census at age 17 in 1875.  He met his...

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Brown County Illinois Surname List M – S

The following individual researchers have requested that we place their surname and email on this website in order to exchange information with others who may be searching the same surname in Brown County IL. To add your name to this list simply leave a comment below providing the surnames of the people you are researching who at some point in time resided in Brown County. We will periodically update this list with those comments below, deleting the comment. Brown County Illinois Surname List A – F Brown County Illinois Surname List G – L Brown County Illinois Surname List T – Z   Brown County Surname Researcher Date Added Maddix Julie Jensen 6 July 2001 Maddox Chris Hamilton Julie Jensen 6 July 2001 Maltby Elaine Nagel-Rumler Candace Lazzaro 03 Oct 1999 Manard Dick Manard &nbsp Mann Richard Shriver 28 Feb 1999 Mansir/Mansur Linda Green &nbsp Marrett John Jackson 29 Aug 2010 Martin Tammy Randolph Judi Gilker 15 Oct 2001 14 May 2005 Marvin Kay Collison &nbsp Masters tom masters 24 May 1999 Masterson Colleen Eagan Judi Gilker 19 Mar 2006 14 May 2005 Mayfield Bill F. Waters 7 Feb 2001 McClary Colleen Eagan 19 Mar 2006 McConnell Colleen Eagan 19 Mar 2006 McCoy John McCoy Ann B. Hartman Richard Shriver Judi Gilker Beverly Davis Valcovic 28 Feb 1999 14 May 2005 19 Jan 2006 McDannald Stephen R. Kemp Edna...

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Marriage Certificate of Perry Hulett, Jr and Dora McCombs

This file is a PDF of the Marriage Certificate of Perry Hulett, Jr and Dora McCombs and most sizing & paging issues are resolved inside the PDF. Marriage license between Mr. Perry Heulett of Cooperstown in the County of Brown and State of Illinois of the age of twenty-six five years and Miss Dora McCombs of Cooperstown in the County of Brown and State of Illinois of the age of seventeen years. 23 September...

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Marriage Certificate of Joseph C. Townsend and Cynthia Clifford

I am searching out way more on my Townsend family.  Was able to find the marriage for George Townsend to Mary C. (Polly) Combs in 1808 in KY.  Their son Joseph C. Townsend married twice.  The 2nd time was to Cynthia A Gifford (I think I got this from you).  I found their marriage in Crawford, Kansas.  I am attaching the record.  The index says Clifford and record says Clipper.  Go figure. Can you shed some light on this.  [See the note in the center of the certificate.] Kelly Townsend        ...

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1870 Federal Census Index – Brown County, Illinois

Index to Heads of Household Please Read! For a lookup: Please check One Name Research. We may have already looked it up for someone else. Otherwise, contact us: Ken Huffman Please provide the following: The name as it appears in this index and the alpha-numeric characters in column on the right. Allow 2-3 weeks for a response. ?’s indicate that the name given is a best guess based on the quality and clarity of the handwriting. *’s indicated that we have changed the spelling to match other Brown County records. B Buckhorn Twp C Cooperstown Twp E Elkhorn Twp L Lee Twp M Missouri Twp MS City of Mt. Sterling MSTwp Mt Sterling Twp P Pea Ridge Twp R Ripley Twp V Versailles Twp The number is the household number or the first handwritten column in the census form. [empty house]M185 [skipped by enumerator]MS206 [skipped by enumerator]MStwp100 [surname not given], JacobE24 [unreadable]B3 [unreadable]V1 [unreadable]V10 [unreadable]V2 [unreadable]V221 [unreadable]V24 [unreadable]V25 [unreadable]B2 ____, David? W.V71 ____, GeorgeE12 ____, IsaacB4 ____, JasperMStwp 187 ____, SpencerV23 ____, StephenV80 ____, StephenV81 ____, WilliamE13 ___ick, GeorgeV9 A____, FrederickV29 Abbey, ElbertL196 Abbott, JohnE56 Abbott, WilliamL155 Abers, CharlesE159 Abers, HenryMStwp181 Abers, JamesMStwp179 Abtot [Abbott?], JohnV249 Adair, JohnB158 Adams, AnthonyMStwp4 Adams, BenjaminMStwp206 Adams, BenjaminMStwp207 Adams, ElijahC174 Adams, ElishaV138 Adams, ElizaV173 Adams, EmmaMS65 Adams, GeorgeP56 Adams, JamesB117 Adams, JamesMS150 Adams, JessyV256 Adams, Joel H.V146 Adams, John M.MS153 Adams, John Q.R2...

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Henry Family of Brown County Illinois

Names: Henry Ken and Laurie, I was reviewing some of the responses you posted on the Brown County web page and wanted to draw your attention to what I believe is an error in the Brown County Cemetery Book, page 520. There is reference to Robert Henry I being a brother of Patrick Henry.  I’ve researched Patrick Henry’s line and the Robert Henry line and believe, at best, Robert Henry I and Patrick were cousins.  I’m from the Robert Louis (Lewis) Henry line and would love to be closer to Patrick, but I don’t believe that is so. My theory (and a lot of genealogy is theory) is based on information found through  I also Googled Patrick Henry genealogy several years ago, and there was no Robert listed in his immediate family.  I found a line on that shows Robert Louis Henry coming from Ireland with roots back to Scotland.  His line joins Patrick Henry’s line as follows: Alexander Patrick Henry b.1674 m. Jean Robertson b 1684,  Their children were Hugh Henry b 1720 John Henry b 1701 There were 8 additional children, but for the sake of my comments, Hugh was the father of Robert Louis Henry and John was the father of Patrick Henry.  If this is valid, Patrick and Robert were 1st cousins. All my thoughts are based on internet research.  I haven’t had...

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Obituary of Sewell Gerrish

Democrat Messinger Sat May 24, 1879 Mr. Sewell Gerrish, whom we made mention of in our last as being quite sick, died at his residence last Sunday morning, May 18, at seven o’clock.  He has resided upon the farm of which he was an occupant at the time of his demise for forty years.  The deceased was one of the pioneers of Brown county, being among the first settlers of Elkhorn township.  He was born in the little village of Boscawen near Concord, New Hampshire, in 1809, and removed to this state in 1839 and settled upon the place where he departed this life.  In 1846 he was married to Miss Mary E. Groves, by Rev. Mr. Ballard of Perry, Pike county, Ill.  His wife bore him nine children, six girls and three boys, one of the boys being dead; the rest are still living; four of the girls are married.  Immediately after Mr. Gerrish arrived here from the east he built a saw mill upon Magee’s creek, on among the first ever built in this part.  The mill caught fire in 1816 and burned down, but was immediately rebuilt.  It withstood the storms until 1850 when it was washed away.  Mr. G was a man of uncommon constitution having done a great deal of hard work during his past life.  He was man that was thought a great...

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