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Lacky, Abel
Lacky, Charles
Lacky, Elen
Lacky, Elizabeth
Lacky, Thomas
Lacky, William
Lamb, Elizabeth
Lamb, Jane
Lamb, John
Lamb, John
Lamb, Nancy
Lamb, Sarah
Lambert, James
Lambert, Sarah
Lambert, Simon
Lambert, Steph
Lamphere, A. H.
Lamphere, Sarah Ann
Landing, Michal
Landon, Edward
Landon, Margret
Landon, Michael
Landon, Michel
Lane, Martha
Lane, William
Langdon, Benjamin
Langdon, George W.
Langdon, Isac
Langdon, James M.
Langdon, Jesse
Langdon, John A.
Langdon, Martha M.
Langdon, Nancy Jane
Langdon, Rachel
Langdon, Rosanah
Langdon, Samuel
Langdon, Smith
Langdon, Syntha Ann
Langles, James
Langley, Andrew
Langley, Charles
Langley, Fielding
Langley, James R.
Langley, Jane
Langley, John
Langley, John
Langley, Lucinda
Langley, Manurva
Langley, Marion
Langley, Sarah
Langley, William
Lanier, Elijah
Lanier, Hannah
Lanier, John
Lanier, Joseph
Lanier, Rebecca
Lanier, Robert
Lanier, Sarah
Lanier, Sarah
Lanier, Seth
Lanier, Seth
Lanier, Thomas
Lanier, Thomas
Laning, Agness
Laning, Cornelius
Laning, David C.
Laning, David
Laning, Isaiah
Laning, Jonathan
Laning, Mary M.
Laning, Nancy
Laning, Nancy
Laning, Nathaniel
Laning, Rachel
Laning, Sarah
Laning, Stephen
Lankins, Casious M.
Lankins, Catherine
Lankins, Elizabeth
Lankins, George
Lankins, James
Lankins, Louisa J.
Lankins, Mary
Lankins, Mary
Lankins, Sarah Ann
Lankins, William H.
Larkin, Abel
Larkin, Adaline
Larkin, Charles
Larkin, Isabel
Larkin, John
Larkin, Manerlla
Larkin, Sarah
Lasatt, Absalom
Lasatt, Mardula
Lawler, Louisa
Lawler, Thomas
Lawyer, George
Leaply, Clary
Leaply, Elizabeth
Leaply, Elizaeth
Leaply, Henry C.
Leaply, John
Leaply, John
Leaply, Margaret
Lee, Baby
Lee, Cordelia M.
Lee, Elizabrth E.
Lee, Hetta Ann
Lee, Isaac
Lee, Mary Ann
Lee, Tamsey
Lee, William
Leed, Elijah
Leek, Hyman
Leek, Mary
Leek, Mary Lisney?
Leek, Morris T.
Leek, Phebe
Leek, Sarah Ann
Leek, Theo_a_w
Leeper, Catherine
Leeper, Emma Ann
Leeper, Hestlla
Leeper, Jhonson
Leeper, John J.
Lender, Casanden
Lender, John
Lender, Mary Ann
Leper, Charles
Leper, William
Lester, Catharine
Lester, Franklin
Lester, George
Lester, Henry
Lester, Isabel
Lester, John
Lester, Lucy
Lester, Mary E.
Lester, Mary
Lester, Robert
Lester, William O.
Lester, William
Leverton, Caroline
Leverton, Daniel
Leverton, Elisha
Leverton, Jesse
Leverton, John L.
Leverton, Sarah
Lewis, Catharine
Lewis, Elis___ J.
Lewis, Eliza
Lewis, Emily
Lewis, Hariet
Lewis, Isabel
Lewis, James
Lewis, John
Lewis, John
Lewis, Manda
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Nelly
Lewis, Percilla
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, Thomas
Likely, Eliza E.
Lilburn, George
Lilburn, John
Lilburn, Katharine
Lilburn, Martha
Lilburn, Mary
Lilburn, Paciance
Lilburn, Thomas
Lilly, Ambrose
Lilly, Andrew
Lilly, James
Lilly, Laura
Lilly, Mahalda
Linch, Nancy
Linch, Parish
Linda?, Clarke
Linda?, Sarah J.
Lindsey, Hannah J.
Lindsey, Harriet R.
Lindsey, James
Lindsey, Jane
Lindsey, John
Lindsey, Mary E.
Lindsey, Phebe Ann
Linn, A. B.
Linn, Alexander
Linn, Benjamin F.
Linn, Elizabeth
Linn, Hanah
Linn, Hannah
Linn, Hariet
Linn, Harriet
Linn, John A.
Linn, Joseph
Linn, Joseph
Linn, Lucinda
Linn, Mahalia
Linn, Margaret
Linn, Margaret
Linn, Margret
Linn, Margret
Linn, Margret
Linn, Martha
Linn, Mary E.
Linn, Mary J.
Linn, Nancy H.
Linn, Philip
Linn, Robert
Linn, Robert
Linn, Samuel E.
Linn, Sarah E.
Linn, William
Linn, William
Linn, William
Lisenbee, Gradison
Lisenbee, Josiah
Littlefield, Eliza
Littlefield, Joseph
Littlefield, Sarah
Littlefield, Warren
Littleton, Catherine
Littleton, Elizabeth
Littleton, James
Littleton, Louane
Littleton, Louane
Littleton, Mary Ann
Littleton, Patrick
Liverton, Moses
Lock, Reuben
Lock, Sarah
Logsdon, Cyntha E.
Logsdon, Edward
Logsdon, Elizabeth
Logsdon, George
Logsdon, James W.
Logsdon, Martha
Logsdon, Mary E.
Logsdon, William
Logston, Elizabeth
Logston, Elizabeth
Logston, Joseph
Logston, Mary
Logston, Perry
Logston, Sarah E.
Logston, Squire
Loman, Ann
Loman, Elizabeth Ann
Loman, John W.
Loman, John
Loman, Malinda
Loman, Martha M.
Loman, Mary E.
Loman, Nancy S.
Loman, Thoms H. C.
Loman, William M.
Long, Alexander
Long, Almseen
Long, Amanda
Long, Caronbell
Long, Conrad
Long, Eliza
Long, Emeline
Long, Erastus
Long, Harriet J.
Long, Henry
Long, Isaac H.
Long, Isabel
Long, Jacob N.
Long, Jacob W.
Long, Jacob
Long, James F.
Long, James
Long, James
Long, James
Long, John
Long, John C.
Long, John
Long, Joseph T.
Long, Lucinda
Long, Lucy
Long, Luticia
Long, Malisa Ann
Long, Martha J.
Long, Martha
Long, Mary Ann
Long, Mary
Long, Nancy
Long, Rebecca
Long, Robert
Long, Susan
Long, Susan
Long, Thos. B.
Long, William
Long, William R.
Long, Wm H.
Long, Wm H.
Lowdun, Ann L./J.
Lowdun, Francis
Lowdun, Marshal H.
Lowdun, Mehittable
Lowdun, Owen V.
Lowdun, Spencer
Lowdun, William S.
Lucas, Daniel R.
Lucas, George W.
Lucas, Henry C.
Lucas, John
Lucas, Loid
Lucas, Mary
Lucas, Newton
Lucas, Sarah Ann
Lucas, William
Lury, Amanda M.
Lury, Julias V.
Lury, Mary E.
Lury, Robert P.
Luster, Eliza
Luster, George
Luster, Jane
Luster, John
Luster, Siras
Luster, Sistha
Luster, Thomas
Luster, William
Lutes, Allen S.
Lutes, Jacob
Lutes, Mary Ann
Lutes, Mary E.
Lutes, Peter F.
Lutes, Rachel L.
Lutes, Samuel
Lutes, Thomson
Lyon, Henry
Lyon, Margret
Malery, Asa
Malery, Emerine
Malery, John
Malery, Susan
Malery, William
Maligon, James
Maligon, Malinda G.
Maligon, Martha
Maligon, William
Mallory, Frances
Mallory, James
Mallory, Warren
Mallory, Winfield L.(?)
Maltby, Elizabeth
Maltby, John
Maltby, John
Maltby, Josiah
Maltby, Sarah
Maltby, William
Man, Elizabeth
Man, Joseph E.
Man, Joseph
Man, Sarah Ann
Manly, Ann Eliza
Manly, Ellen W.
Manly, James W.
Manly, John H.
Manly, Reuben
Mann, Almira
Mann, James
Mann, John
Mann, Mira
Mann, Robert
Mann, Wm. C.
Manser, Abner
Manser, Barber
Manser, Matthew H.
Mansir, Angeline
Mansir, Ireena
Mansir, John
Mansir, Venecia
Maple, Allen
Maple, Elizabeth
Maple, Elizabeth
Maple, George W.
Maple, John R.
Maple, Mary E.
Maple, William
Maral, Ann Eliza
Maral, Charlotte
Maral, Mary
Maral, Rosell
Marcell, John
Marden, Franklin
Marden, Mark
Marden, Mary M.
Marden, Mary
Mare/More, Hiram
Marett, Catherine
Marett, Cordelia
Marett, Elizabeth
Marett, John B.
Marett, Joseph
Marett, Rebeca
Marher, Pearce
Maris, Hanah
Maris, Josiah
Maris, Levi
Maris, Martha
Maris, Mary Ann
Marrer, James
Marrer, James
Marrer, John
Marrer, John
Marrer, Margret
Marrer, Mary
Marrer, Mary
Marrer, Paddy
Marrs, Louisa
Marrs, Lynai
Marrs, Richard
Marshal, James
Marshal, William
Marshall, David
Marshall, Edwin
Marshall, Eleven
Marshall, Hellen N.
Marshall, James
Marshall, Mary Ann
Marshall, Robert
Marshall, Srena
Marshall, William
Martin, Arthur
Martin, David
Martin, Edward G.
Martin, Elisha S.
Martin, Eliza
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Esther
Martin, Gale
Martin, Gale
Martin, Isac
Martin, James
Martin, John G.
Martin, John
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Julyan
Martin, Louisa
Martin, Malinda
Martin, Marilla
Martin, Mary
Martin, Michal
Martin, Moses
Martin, Mthias V.
Martin, Nancy
Martin, Nancy
Martin, Permelia Ann
Martin, Rachel
Martin, Samuel
Martin, Saphronia
Martin, Sarah E.
Martin, Susan
Martin, William B.
Martin, William
Martin, William
Maservey, Elizabeth
Maservey, Flarina
Maservey, Joseph
Maservey, Joseph
Maservey, Polly
Maservey, Sarah
Maservey, Silva Ann
Maservy, Alpheus
Mason, Louisa
Mason, Martha J.
Mason, Mary C.
Mason, Nancy
Mason, Paulina A.
Mason, Sarah E.
Mason, Thomas J.
Mason, William T.
Massa, Alex
Massa, Henry
Massey, Irvine
Massey, Robert
Masterson, John W.
Masterson, Sementha
Matix, Alfred
Matix, Cathern
Matix, Eliza Jane
Matix, Elizabeth
Matix, Henry
Matix, Margret Ann
Matix, William
May, Benjamin
May, Carlotte
May, Elias
May, Elizabeth
May, Gulina
May, John
May, Lyda
May, Margaret
May, Mary Ann
May, Ware S.
Mayher, Betsy
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