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Rankin, Jane
Rankin, Louisa
Rankin, Mary Jane
Ravenscroft, A. D.
Ravenscroft, Lidia Ann
Ravenscroft, Loucinda J.
Ravenscroft, Mary
Ravenscroft, Virginia C.
Ravenscroft, William
Ray, Caroline
Ray, Darias C.
Ray, Isabel
Ray, Larry
Ray, Margret
Ray, Rachel
Ray, Robert
Ray, Sarah
Ray, Sidna
Ray, William
Raymond, Charles
Raymond, Elenor
Raymond, Emely
Raymond, Martha M.
Raymond, Mary E.
Raymond, Sidney C.
Raynads, John
Raynads, Lydia
Razy, Ezekil
Razy, Julia Ann
Razy, Tildon
Razy, William
Read, Andrew
Read, Dewitt C.
Read, Edward
Read, Elias
Read, Eliza
Read, Elizabeth
Read, James C.
Read, James M.
Read, John R.
Read, John W.
Read, John
Read, Joshua
Read, Juliann
Read, Lucinda
Read, Margaret
Read, Martha
Read, Mary Jane
Read, Melvina
Read, Nancy
Read, Rhoda
Read, Sarah Ann
Read, Susan Ann
Read, Suzena
Read, William
Reaves, Alma
Reaves, Craffad
Reaves, Curts
Reaves, Elijah
Reaves, Elizabeth
Reaves, Frances E.
Reaves, Iram
Reaves, Jane
Reaves, John W.
Reaves, John
Reaves, Levi
Reaves, Mahala
Reaves, Margaret
Reaves, Mary E.
Reaves, Mary
Reaves, Mary
Reaves, Nancy J.
Reaves, Nancy
Reaves, Newton
Reaves, Samuel
Reaves, Sarah
Reaves, Silas
Reaves, Silas
Reaves, Spencer
Reaves, Susan C.
Reaves, Susan
Reaves, Thomas A.
Reaves, Thomas
Reaves, Vesta
Reaves, Vincent
Reaves, Winey
Redik, Clinton D.
Redik, Eliza
Redik, James
Redik, Pleasant
Redik, Safronia
Redik, Thomas
Redik, Thomas
Reece, Henry
Reece, John
Reece, Lousina
Reece, Martha
Reece, Sarah
Reed, Isabel
Reid, Charles
Reid, David
Reid, Elias
Reid, Margaret
Reid, Mary Ann
Reid, Nancy
Reid, Nathan
Reid, Sarah Ann
Rewark, Jane
Rewark, Martha
Rewark, Sarah
Rews, Thomas
Richards, John
Richardson, Edward
Richardson, William
Richart, David
Richart, Joseph
Richart, Magdalena
Riche, Alex
Riche, Eliza
Riche, James
Riche, Robert
Riddle, Charles
Riddle, John
Ridgley, Vincent
Rigg, Catherine C.
Rigg, Emely
Rigg, James
Rigg, John
Rigg, Margret
Rigg, Margret
Rigg, Perlina
Rigg, Peter
Rigg, Richard W.
Rigg, Richard W.
Rigg, Susan G.
Rigg, William T.
Riggin, Elizabeth
Riggin, John
Riggins, David
Riggins, George
Riggins, John H. ?
Riggins, Mark
Riggins, Nancy
Riggins, Rachel
Riggs, Beulah
Riggs, Cass
Riggs, Sarah Ann
Riggs, Thomas
Rigor, Amelia
Rigor, Emilih
Rigor, Lenoard
Rigor, Lenord
Rigor, Mary
Rigor, Narl*ia
Rigor, Permelia
Rigor, Sarah
Riley, Druszalla
Riley, Elizabeth
Riley, Elizabeth
Riley, James
Riley, Mandecia
Riley, Manerva J.
Riley, Miles
Riley, Moses
Riley, Nathan H.
Riley, Nathan
Riley, Pressly
Riley, Rebecca
Riley, Solomon
Riley, Stephen R.?
Riley, William
Rily, Pearson?
Rioth, Anthony
Rioth, Francis
Rioth, Francis
Rioth, Joseph
Rioth, Nicholas
Rioth, Tracy
Rioth, Tracy
Roach, Joshua H.
Roads, Levina
Roads, Mary E.
Roads, Thomas
Robberts, Elizabeth
Robberts, George W.
Robberts, John J.
Robberts, Julian
Robberts, Levi
Robberts, William C.
Roberson, Dicena
Roberson, John
Roberson, Katharine
Roberson, Margret
Roberson, Matilda
Roberson, Rosilla
Roberts, Catherine
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, Daniel M.
Roberts, Daniel M.
Roberts, Daniel
Roberts, Eliza
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, Ephraim
Roberts, George
Roberts, George
Roberts, Hulda
Roberts, John
Roberts, Louisa
Roberts, Louisa
Roberts, Malinda
Roberts, Mariah
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Rachel
Roberts, Sarah
Roberts, Stephen
Roberts, William
Roberts, William
Robins, Elizabeth
Robins, Emely
Robins, Garet W.
Robins, Martha E.
Robins, Mary
Robins, Ruth B.
Robins, Thomson
Robinson, Ann
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, David W.
Robinson, G. C.
Robinson, James
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Margaret
Robinson, Robert
Robinson, Sarah
Robinson, Sarah
Robinson, Tabitha
Robinson, Warren F.
Robinson, William
Robison, Amelia
Robison, Benjamin
Robison, Benjamin
Robison, Catherine
Robison, Granville B.
Robison, Hanah
Robison, Henry
Robison, James
Robison, James N.
Robison, John
Robison, Joseph
Robison, Margaret
Robison, Mary E.
Robison, Mary
Robison, Oscar
Robison, Robert
Robison, Samuel
Robison, Saphira
Robison, Summerville
Rockwood, Ezera
Rockwood, John
Rogers, Amina
Rogers, Catherine
Rogers, Daniel
Rogers, Eli
Rogers, Emida P.
Rogers, George
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Samuel
Rogers, Selestia
Rogers, Silus
Rogers, Susan
Rogers, Thomas C.
Rogers, William
Root, Albert
Root, Ann M.
Root, John
Root, Josaphine
Root, Joseph
Root, Stephen C.
Root, Syntha
Root, Thomas
Root, William
Rose, Eli
Rose, John T.
Rose, Richard
Rose, Susan
Rose, William
Ross, Catherine
Ross, Hariet
Ross, Jerome
Ross, John
Ross, Josaphine
Ross, Joseph
Ross, Juliett
Ross, R. H.
Ross, Salinder
Ross, William
Rouse, George C.
Rouse, Jefferson
Rouse, Martha
Rouse, Mary
Rouse, Schuyler
Rouse, Stephen
Royalty, Margret
Royalty, Thomas
Roze, Catharine
Roze, Charles
Roze, Elizabeth
Roze, Ezekiel
Roze, Ezekiel
Roze, Ira
Roze, Jonathan
Roze, Richard
Ruark, Irvin
Ruark, Littleton
Ruark, Martha
Ruark, Ratliff
Rudd, Alfred
Rudd, James
Rudd, Virginia
Rudd, William A.
Rusk, Abigail
Rusk, Ann
Rusk, Deborah
Rusk, Elizabeth
Rusk, George
Rusk, James
Rusk, John
Rusk, Joseph
Rusk, Juliann
Rusk, Manirva
Rusk, Martha J.
Rusk, Nancy
Rusk, Virginia
Russel, Demos
Russel, James
Russel, Jasper
Russel, Mary Ann
Russel, Sarah
Russel, Thos
Russel, William L.
Ruth, Catherine
Ruth, Patrick
Ryan, Andrew
Ryan, Ann L.
Ryan, Ann
Ryan, Delias
Ryan, Frances A.
Ryan, Nancy C.
Ryan, Nancy
Ryan, Robert
Ryan, Thomas
Ryan, Timothy
Ryan, William H.
Ryen, Julia
Ryen, Thomas
Ryon, Michal
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