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Talbott, Matthew A.
Tarlton, William
Tarry, Eliza
Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Andrew J.
Taylor, Angeline
Taylor, Arthur
Taylor, Benjamin
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Eliza
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Ellen
Taylor, Emily
Taylor, Felisea H.
Taylor, Francis
Taylor, Fridy
Taylor, George A.
Taylor, George A.
Taylor, George N/W.
Taylor, George
Taylor, Hansford
Taylor, Hariet
Taylor, Harriet
Taylor, Harriet
Taylor, J. L.
Taylor, Jane
Taylor, John R.
Taylor, John
Taylor, John
Taylor, John
Taylor, John
Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, Louis
Taylor, Margret
Taylor, Margret
Taylor, Martha
Taylor, Martin U.?
Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Nancy J.(?)
Taylor, Rizelpha
Taylor, Ruth
Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Saphronia
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Susan
Taylor, Unis
Taylor, William A.
Taylor, William L.
Taylor, William
Taylor, William
Taylor, William
Taylor, William
Tears, James
Tears, Margaret
Tears, Mary J.
Tears, Michel
Tears, Silvester
Tears, William A.
Tebo, Georg
Tebo, Georg
Tebo, Job
Tebo, John
Tebo, Margaret
Tebo, Maryan
Tebo, Nancy
Tebo, William
Thacker, Charles
Thacker, Isaac
Thacker, Margaret
Thacker, Stephen
Thacker, Wm
Thomas?, Eliza
Thomas?, Isac W.
Thomas?, Martha Ann
Thomas?, Mary
Thomas, Anderson F.
Thomas, Angeline
Thomas, Benjamin
Thomas, Benjamin
Thomas, Caroline
Thomas, Catherine
Thomas, Curtis
Thomas, Elijah
Thomas, Eliza Jane
Thomas, Esther W.
Thomas, Fanny M.
Thomas, Flora M.
Thomas, Florrence
Thomas, Francis M.
Thomas, George
Thomas, George
Thomas, Harriet
Thomas, James
Thomas, James
Thomas, Jesse
Thomas, John J.
Thomas, John M.
Thomas, John W.
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, Julia H.
Thomas, Louisa
Thomas, Malinda
Thomas, Manerva
Thomas, Margaret
Thomas, Mary E.
Thomas, Mary E.
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Nancy An
Thomas, Norris
Thomas, Patience
Thomas, Permelia A.
Thomas, Peter
Thomas, Richard
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Samuel
Thomas, Samuel
Thomas, Stephen
Thomas, Warron
Thomas, William J.
Thomas, William
Thomas, William
Thomas, William
Thomas, Wm
Thomkins, Cornelius
Thompson, Bernard
Thompson, Clary
Thompson, Cyrus
Thompson, Franklin
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Ira
Thompson, James
Thompson, Malinda Ann
Thompson, Manda
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Sarah L.
Thompson, Stephen
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, William
Thomson, Albert A.
Thomson, Asmilda
Thomson, Charles F.
Thomson, Elias
Thomson, Elizabeth
Thomson, Hannah
Thomson, Maridis
Thomson, Martin
Thomson, Mary
Thomson, Rebeka
Thorp, Adelia
Thorp, Alonzo
Thorp, Elijah
Thorp, Elira
Thorp, Martha J.
Thorp, Servetus M.
Thorp, Sophronia
Tice, America
Tice, Dama
Tice, Fleming
Tice, James T.
Tice, Jasper
Tice, John
Tice, Malinda
Tice, Nancy
Tice, Newton
Tice, Polly
Tice, Samuel
Tice, Sarah
Tice, Sarah
Timmons, William F.
Timons, Ellis Ann
Timons, Estaline
Timons, G. W.
Timons, Leah
Tinner?, Hugh
Tinon, Charity
Tinon, Edward
Tinon, Elizabeth
Tinon, Elizabeth
Tinon, Hugh
Tinon, James B.
Tinon, Jonathan D.
Tinon, Mary E.
Tinon, Mary Jane
Tinon, Mary
Tinon, Nancy
Tinon, Robert
Tinon, William C.
Tole, America
Tole, Anderson
Tole, Angalina
Tole, Ann E.
Tole, C. W. C.
Tole, Caleb
Tole, Charity
Tole, George H.
Tole, Hanah
Tole, Henrietta
Tole, J. W. B
Tole, James F.
Tole, James
Tole, Jamima
Tole, John
Tole, Louisa
Tole, Love H.
Tole, Mary Ann
Tole, Mary E.
Tole, Mary E.
Tole, Nancy
Tole, Nancy Ann
Tole, Perry
Tole, Rebecca
Tole, Sarah
Tole, Serena
Tole, Sery J.?
Tole, Sharlotte
Tole, Sharlotte
Tole, Stephen
Tole, Tarelton
Tombly, Elizabeth
Tomkins, Barbara Ann
Tomkins, Stephen
Town, James
Townsend, Amanda J.
Townsend, Elizabeth
Townsend, Joseph C.
Townsend, Mariett
Trabue, Fany
Trabue, George
Trabue, Probert
Trabue, Susan
Truet, Emaline
Truet, Gilla M.
Truet, Sarah G.
Trusedal, Jesse M.
Tucker, Ann
Tucker, Colson
Tucker, Colson
Tucker, Eley
Tucker, John W.
Tucker, Judah
Tucker, Levica
Tucker, Miraman
Tucker, Nancy
Tucker, Robert
Tucker, Thomas
Tulus?, Henry
Tulus?, Nancy
Turner, Adliza
Turner, Benjamin
Turner, Benjamin
Turner, Enely Ann
Turner, George
Turner, Marthias
Turner, Milley
Turner, Nancy?
Turner, Perlina
Turner, Sarah
Turner, Stephen
Twombly, Aaron
Twombly, Adela
Twombly, Alvin
Twombly, Calvin
Twombly, Eliza Ann
Twombly, Eliza
Twombly, Elizabeth
Twombly, Elizabeth
Twombly, George
Twombly, George
Twombly, Joseph
Twombly, Mariah
Twombly, Mary
Twombly, Nathaniel
Twombly, Washington
Twombly, William
Ulbert, John
Upchurch, Alexander
Upchurch, Buckner
Upchurch, Collumbus
Upchurch, Eby
Upchurch, Elizabeth
Upchurch, George
Upchurch, Hariet
Upchurch, James
Upchurch, Juliann
Upchurch, Lucy
Upchurch, Martha
Upchurch, Mary
Upchurch, Polly
Upchurch, Richard
Upchurch, Sarah
Upchurch, Sihon
Upchurch, Sintha
Upchurch, Wesly
Upchurch, Westley
Upchurch, Wilson
Van Brant, Edward
Vance, [S/L]ama
Vance, Bryant B.
Vance, Eli
Vance, Isabel
Vance, James
Vance, Lihon
Vance, Lihon
Vance, Mary
Vance, William
Vandaventer, Ann Josaphine
Vandaventer, Barnett
Vandaventer, Cornelias
Vandaventer, Delila
Vandaventer, Elihu
Vandaventer, Eliza M.
Vandaventer, Eliza
Vandaventer, Emiley J.
Vandaventer, F.? Marion
Vandaventer, Frances
Vandaventer, Henson
Vandaventer, Isac
Vandaventer, Jacob
Vandaventer, James C.
Vandaventer, Jane
Vandaventer, Jerome
Vandaventer, Joseph
Vandaventer, Josina
Vandaventer, Leah
Vandaventer, Luanna
Vandaventer, Manda F.
Vandaventer, Martha
Vandaventer, Nancy J.
Vandaventer, Rachel
Vandaventer, Robert
Vandaventer, Sarah
Vandaventer, Susan
Vandaventer, Susana
Vandaventer, Thomas
Vandaventer, William H.
Vandaventer, William H.
Vandaventer, William
Vandeventer, Amanda C.
Vandeventer, Claracy
Vandeventer, Cornelius
Vandeventer, Emila S.
Vandeventer, Henry L.
Vandeventer, Jane
Vandeventer, Jethero
Vandeventer, Julias
Vandeventer, Martha J.
Vandeventer, Matilda Jane
Vandeventer, Oscar
Vandeventer, Saul
Vandeventer, Serlda D.
Vandeventer, Silas H.
Vantassel, Alonzo
Vantassel, Eliza L.
Vantassel, F. M.
Vantassel, Rhoda
Vantassel, Wm H.
Vantdever, Constance
Vantdever, Cornelias
Vantdever, John
Vantdever, Mary Ann
Vantdever, Peter
Vantdever, Sarah
Vantdever, Saul
VanWise, Louisa
Varner, Catharine
Varner, Isaiah
Varner, Mary
Varner, Nancy
Vasley, Charles
Veach, Louis
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