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Waggle, John
Waggle, Mary
Wait, Madison
Walker, Amos
Walker, Anna
Walker, David M.
Walker, James M.
Walker, John A.
Walker, Lucy
Walker, Margaret
Walker, Neoma
Walker, Stanly
Wane, Sarah
Wane, Selah
Ward, James W.
Ward, John W.
Ward, Jutevan?
Ward, Mary J.
Ward, Nancy T.?
Ward, Nancy
Ward, Nicholas
Ward, Robbert J.
Ward, William
Warden, Elijah
Warden, Jane
Warden, Louisa
Warden, Martha
Warden, Mary
Warden, Michal
Warden, Nancy
Warden, Robert
Warden, William H.
Ware, Betsy
Ware, Frances
Ware, John
Ware, John
Ware, Milburn
Warnick, Henry
Warren, James
Wash, Caroline
Wash, Ellen
Wash, Hamilton
Wash, James
Wash, Martin
Wash, Sarah
Wash, Sarah Ann
Wash, William
Watson, Abreham
Watson, David K.
Watson, James E.
Watson, Ruth W.
Watts, Elisa
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, Emely
Watts, James
Watts, James
Watts, Margret
Watts, Mary
Watts, Nancy
Watts, Nancy
Watts, William
Watts, Amanda
Watts, Ederane
Watts, Fanny
Watts, Harriet
Watts, Horace
Watts, James A.
Watts, John
Watts, John
Watts, Louisa G.
Watts, Lucinda
Watts, Marggret
Watts, Margret E.
Watts, Mary E.
Watts, Mary
Watts, Mourning
Watts, Parker
Watts, Sarah
Watts, Simeon
Watts, Thomas J.
Watts, Thomas
Watts, Wallis
Watts, William M.
Wear, Alpheus
Wear, Catharine
Wear, David
Wear, David
Wear, John
Wear, Louisa
Wear, Marion
Wear, Rachel
Wear, Rachel
Wear, Sarah
Wear, Thomas
Weaver, Henry W.
Weaver, Ruth ?
Webb, Adaline
Webb, Elizabeth
Webb, George
Webb, Isaac D.
Webb, James C.
Webb, John P.
Webb, John
Webb, Mahalia
Webb, Maranda
Weir, Caroline
Weir, Hellen C.
Weir, Hervey
Weir, Manada C.
Weir, Ruth
Weir, Virginia
Wells, Estaline
Wells, Francis P.
Wells, Holdrige
Wells, Mary Ann
Wells, Nancy
Wells, Reason B.
Wells, Walsha Ann
Wells, William C.
Wessels, Almina
Wessels, Martha
Wessels, Mary M.
Wessels, Philip
Wetherford, Christopher
Wetherford, James
Wetherford, John
Wetherford, Matilda
Wethers, Delila Ann
Wethers, Francis M.
Wethers, Martha E.
Wethers, Mary E.
Wethers, Perlina
Wethers, Quinton
Wethers, Sarah Jane
Wethers, Sarah Jane
Wethers, Willerad G.
Whalen, Mary
Wheeler, Allen
Wheeler, Awsker
Wheeler, Barbary
Wheeler, Elizabeth
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, John F.
Wheeler, Mary
Wheeler, Rhoda?
Wheeler, Sidney
Wheeler, Silley A.
Wheeler, Susanah
Whiteside, Westley
Whitesides, Charles
Whitesides, David
Whitesides, George
Whitesides, George Ett
Whitesides, Isac
Whitesides, Jas
Whitesides, John W.
Whitesides, Leander
Whitesides, Louisa
Whitesides, Thos
Whitman, John
Whitman, Martha
Whitmore, Amelia
Whitmore, Delila
Whitmore, John
Whitmore, Jonas
Whitmore, Lolerm?
Whitmore, Margret
Whitmore, Susana
Whitmore, William
Whitney, Hannah
Whitney, Jacob
Whitney, James
Whitney, John F.
Whitney, Joseph
Whitney, Sarah
Whitney, Solomon
Whitney, Sylvester
Whitten, Amelia
Whitten, Ann J.
Whitten, Cynthia
Whitten, Elisha
Whitten, Elizabeth
Whitten, Elizabeth
Whitten, John V.
Whitten, John
Whitten, Sarah E.
Whitten, Wm
Wiley, David
Wiley, Elijah
Wiley, John
Wiley, Jonathan
Wiley, Joshua
Wiley, Margaret
Wiley, Polly
Wiley, William C.
Wilgus, Alfred
Wilgus, Elizabeth
Wilgus, Johnson
Wilgus, Marvin
Wilgus, Mary E.
Wilgus, Tedea_ha
Wilgus, William A.
Williams, Ann
Williams, Ann M.
Williams, Bridget
Williams, Bridget
Williams, Catharine
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Ellen
Williams, French
Williams, George W.
Williams, Jeremiah
Williams, Joshua
Williams, Mary B.
Williams, Micheal
Williams, Susana
Williams, Thomas
Williamson, Almon
Williamson, Claborn
Williamson, David
Williamson, David
Williamson, Iram
Williamson, James G.
Williamson, John H.
Williamson, Lucinda
Williamson, Nancy
Williamson, Richard
Williamson, Robert
Williamson, Sarah
Williamson, Susan
Williamson, William
Willson, Adaline
Willson, Amanda A.
Willson, Amanda
Willson, Andrew J.
Willson, Benjamin
Willson, Benjamin
Willson, Benjamin
Willson, Calvin
Willson, Calvin
Willson, Elisabeth
Willson, Elisabeth
Willson, Elizabeth
Willson, Elizabeth
Willson, Elizabeth
Willson, Ellen
Willson, Ellen
Willson, Ema
Willson, Franklin
Willson, George W.
Willson, George
Willson, Hezekia
Willson, Isaac
Willson, James G.
Willson, James P.
Willson, James
Willson, James
Willson, Jas.
Willson, Jepthe
Willson, John
Willson, John
Willson, John
Willson, John
Willson, John
Willson, Levin
Willson, Lewisa
Willson, Lurena
Willson, Margaret
Willson, Maria
Willson, Mariah
Willson, Marry
Willson, Martha E.
Willson, Martha
Willson, Mary C.
Willson, Mary E.
Willson, Mary
Willson, Nathaniel
Willson, Perlina
Willson, Perlina
Willson, Pernetia J.
Willson, Peter
Willson, Robert
Willson, Samuel
Willson, Sarah Ann
Willson, Sarah E.
Willson, Sarah
Willson, Sarah
Willson, Theodore
Willson, Thomas
Willson, William
Willson, William
Willson, William
Wilson, Alex
Wilson, Amanda
Wilson, Ann
Wilson, Catherine
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Elenor L.
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Elizan
Wilson, Elzina
Wilson, Erastus
Wilson, George
Wilson, Hester
Wilson, James E.
Wilson, James L
Wilson, James M.
Wilson, James S.
Wilson, Jane
Wilson, Jesse
Wilson, John B.
Wilson, John C.
Wilson, John J.
Wilson, John
Wilson, Joseph E. T.
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Marion
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary A.
Wilson, Mary E.
Wilson, Matilda
Wilson, Nelson
Wilson, Nelson
Wilson, Patsy
Wilson, Reuben
Wilson, Sarah
Wilson, Sarah
Wilson, Sarah
Wilson, Savill
Wilson, Susanah
Wilson, Thomas J.
Wilson, Wadsworth
Wilson, William A.
Wilson, William E.
Wilson, William
Wilson, William
Wilson, William
Winslow, Augustus
Winslow, Byram
Winslow, David
Winslow, Elenor
Winslow, George R.
Winslow, George
Winslow, Hannah
Winslow, Hariet
Winslow, Mahitable
Winslow, Mary
Winslow, Moses
Winslow, Sarah
Wisong, Daniel
Wisong, Elizabeth
Wisong, Henry
Wisong, Mary
Witcher, Eliza
Witcher, George W.
Witcher, John W.
Witcher, Mary J.
Witcher, Sharlott
Witcher, William
Wittey, Susan E.
Wittey, Walter
Wolfkill, Charles E.
Wolfkill, Elijah
Wolfkill, Elizabeth
Wolfkill, Estavilla
Wolfkill, Robert
Wolfkill, Thon
Wolfkill, William P.
Wood, Calvin
Wood, Crawford A
Wood, Henry A.
Wood, Hester
Wood, Hester
Wood, Jane
Wood, John
Wood, John
Wood, John
Wood, Polly Ann
Wood, Rebecca Ann
Wood, Solomon
Wood, William
Woods, Agness
Woods, Catharine
Woods, James
Woods, Joseph
Woods, Julia
Woods, Lydia
Woods, Samuel
Woods, Susan
Woods, Wesley
Worthington, Andrew G.
Worthington, Elizabeth
Worthington, Elizabeth
Worthington, Bradford
Worthington, Jonathan
Worthington, Matilda
Worthington, William
Wright, Amanda
Wright, Carolton
Wright, Collumbia
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Estaline
Wright, John G.
Wright, John
Wright, Mary M.
Wright, Matilda
Wright, Robert
Wright, Sinclar/Lincoln
Wright, Susan
Wright, William F.
Wright, William R.
Yaple, Eliza
Yaple, James
Yaples, Elizabeth
Yaples, James O.
Yaples, Joseph I.
Yaples, Warre
Yocum, Eliza
Yocum, James
Yocum, Marien
Yocum, Martha M.
Yocum, Newton
Yocum, Rebecca
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