Index to Heads of Houshold

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?'s indicate that the name given is a best guess based on the quality and clarity of the handwriting.
*'s indicated that we have changed the spelling to match other Brown County records.

Legend for the index in the right hand column.

B Buckhorn Twp MS City of Mt. Sterling
C Cooperstown Twp MSTwp Mt Sterling Twp
E Elkhorn Twp P Pea Ridge Twp
L Lee Twp R Ripley Twp
M Missouri Twp V Versailles Twp

The number is the household number or the first handwritten column in the census form.

[empty house] M185
[skipped by enumerator] MS206
[skipped by enumerator] MStwp100
[surname not given], Jacob E24
[unreadable] B3
[unreadable] V1
[unreadable] V10
[unreadable] V2
[unreadable] V221
[unreadable] V24
[unreadable] V25
[unreadable] B2
____, David? W. V71
____, George E12
____, Isaac B4
____, Jasper MStwp 187
____, Spencer V23
____, Stephen V80
____, Stephen V81
____, William E13
___ick, George V9
A____, Frederick V29
Abbey, Elbert L196
Abbott, John E56
Abbott, William L155
Abers, Charles E159
Abers, Henry MStwp181
Abers, James MStwp179
Abtot [Abbott?], John V249
Adair, John B158
Adams, Anthony MStwp4
Adams, Benjamin MStwp206
Adams, Benjamin MStwp207
Adams, Elijah C174
Adams, Elisha V138
Adams, Eliza V173
Adams, Emma MS65
Adams, George P56
Adams, James B117
Adams, James MS150
Adams, Jessy V256
Adams, Joel H. V146
Adams, John M. MS153
Adams, John Q. R2
Adams, Josephine MS250
Adams, Laura MS203
Adams, Margaret MStwp204
Adams, Thomas MS86
Adams, William MStwp208
Albert?, F___, V15
Alburt, Theodore R74
Alburt, William R73
Alcorn, George B183
Alcorn, George W. B57
Alcorn, John B63
Alexander, George E173
Alexander, John MStwp232
Alexander, John V70
Alexander, Mathew MStwp66
Alexander, Milton V210
Alexander, William MStwp177
Algarr, William MS55
Algoo?, John R99
Alison, George B168
Allen, Benjamin V226
Allen, Catherine R62
Allen, Christopher R86
Allen, Frank V217
Allen, Hugh C186
Allen, James B109
Allen, James N. MS155
Allen, John B39
Allen, John V216
Allen, Sarah V235
Allison, Elijah B155
Allison, John B18
Allison, Jonathan B19
Allkiser, Thomas P82
Altebery, Milton M133
Ammer see Hammer
Amonet, John R50
Anbe____, _____ C249
Anderson, Daniel B36
Anderson, David C202
Anderson, Emma V208
Anderson, James B41
Anderson, James L139
Anderson, James V38
Anderson, John M30
Anderson, John V116
Anderson, Matilda C222
Anderson, Thomas B42
Anderson, William B13
Anderson, William MS240
Angel, George MS180
Archer, William C69
Archer?, William V58
Armsbery?, William B178
Arnold, George M98
Arnold, John M97
Arnold, Margaret L92
Arny, Joel MS108
Arrand, H. W. B110
Arras, John L242
Arris, John N. L248
Ashcraft, Celiss Ann P13
Ashcraft, Lenora P13
Atchison, Fielding H. MS48
Atchison, James F. MStwp253
Atteberry, John M138
Aukman, Valentine MS159
Aulburt, Samuel C191
Ausmus, Frederick L68
Ausmus, George L52
Ausmus, James L75
Ausmus, James M204
Ausmus, John M96
Ausmus, John V18
Ausmus, Peter M149
Austin, Lucretia MStwp122
Avery, John E55
Avery, Joshua E53
Ayers, John P52
Ayers, William B85
Ayre, Mary J. V260
B___, John? V12
Babb, Thomas MStwp67
Babbit, Mary E84
Babbitt, Hardy P128
Babbitt, Lorenzo E86
Badgett, Bearl L217
Bagby, William MS172
Bailey, Thomas J. L26
Bailey, William Q. M93
Bailey*, John MS253
Bain, John MStwp94
Bains, John MStwp245
Baird, John M177
Baisco, [Brisco?]William P159
Baker, Andrew E144
Baker, Barton E101
Baker, Edwin E134
Baker, Henry E140
Baker, Homer E137
Baker, Jacob M69?
Baker, James E136
Baker, Noah E142
Baker, Samuel C269
Baldwin, Amos E9
Ballagh, Andrew L230
Ballard, James B116
Ballard, Samuel B70
Ballard, Wiley E200
Ballard, William B80
Balman, Mary E166
Bank, August C106
Banks, Edward MS256
Bann?, George C230
Barber, John M154
Barber, John A. MS97
Barker, Benjamin V135
Barker, Creighton C204
Barker, Daniel MS12
Barker, Hiram C177
Barker, Hiram C198
Barker, Lawson C199
Barker, Permelia C142
Barker, Simpson C2
Barker, William C146
Barkley, George L92
Barkly, Isaac L64
Barlow, Andrew E103
Barlow, James MS222
Barlow, Newton MS213
Barnet, Benjamin MStwp102
Barnet, Mariah P168
Barnett, Catherine MStwp81
Barnett, Frank C272
Barnett, John E164
Barnett, Sarah MS261
Barre, Dennis M193
Barree, Dennis P49
Barrows, Arthur P5
Barrows, Bush W. P4
Barrows, Elizabeth MStwp186
Barry, Orthelia E145
Bartlebery, Precilla C99
Bartleborough, Susan C177
Bartlett, Elwin M160
Bartlett, Henry M88
Barton, Clarissa C23
Barton, Thomas C113
Barton?, Calvin MS90
Baster, Boldwir MStwp80
Bates, Dudley MS19
Bates, Elizabeth M71
Bates, Francis MS21
Bates, George W. V128
Bates, Horace MS1
Bates, John W. MStwp25
Bates, May MS21
Bates, Randolph MStwp26
Bates, William MStwp27
Baugh [sp. Baw], Henry E108
Baxter, William MStwp157
Beall, James P117
Beall, Mary A. P118
Bean, Jacob L96
Bean, Nathaniel MStwp165
Beans, Harriet L275
Beans, James B. L36
Beans, James G. M20
Beans, John T. M21
Beans, Timothy M27
Beans, William M27
Beard, Catherine MS136
Beard, Juliann MStwp115
Beard, William MStwp166
Beatty*, Thomas MStwp119
Beck, John B156
Beck, John B79
Beckman, Jacob L273
Beckman, Thomas L262
Beckman, William L278
Bedford, Charles MStwp235
Bell, Caroline P154
Bell, Delliah L155
Bell, Francis E80
Bell, Ira M75
Bell, Ira M85
Bell, Jackson M77
Bell, James E. P152
Bell, John M80
Bell, John MS49
Bell, John M. P137
Bell, Joseph M76
Bell, Laurie E75
Bell, Levi R59
Bell, Lewis C281
Bell, Marion M81
Bell, MayBelle MStwp159
Bell, Missouri C205
Bell, Preston G. M94
Bell, Robert MS260
Bell, William B69
Bell, William P136
Bell, Winifred E80
Benner, Elias L251
Bennett, George L229
Bennett, Henry H. B8
Bennett, Thomas R64
Benton, Thomas D. R72
Berriman, Hiram C47
Berry, A. D. B53
Berry, Arabella E79
Berry, Lewis T. MS199
Berry, William C. V248
Beyhimer*, Daniel V7
Beyhimer*, George? V8
Beyhimer*, Susan V6
Biddle, Elizabeth MS53
Biggs, James MS215
Biggy, Florence M70
Binder, Annie L205
Bingham, Fanny MS199
Bishop, Eli V117
Bishop, William C157
Bismark, Henry B66
Bissel, George A. L225
Bissel, Jabers [Jabez?] MStwp215
Bissel, Randall MStwp193
Bixler, Elias B14
Black, Frances W. MS31
Black, Richard L194
Blaclin?, Moses MStwp90
Blair, James E123
Blair, William E122
Blake, John E21
Blake, Michael E20
Blakesly, William R81
Blanchard, Lewis P119
Bloomfield, Robert M30
Bluhm, Henry C263
Bodwell, Henry M16
Bogus, John MS200
Bogus, Robert MS169
Bond, Granville L210
Bond, Jane M188
Bond, Sanford P30
Bonds?, Ellen E40
Boonsard?, Eugen E36
Bordenkircher*, George MStwp117
Bordenkircher*, John R112
Bordenkircher*, John B. MStwp43
Bordenkircher*, Wendall MStwp42
Boss, Andrew B181
Boss, Hillary V197
Boss, John V47
Boss, Peter B182
Boss, Phillip V50
Boss, William C258
Boss, William H. V48
Boswell, Louis V38
Bowe, Thomas C144
Bowen, Alexander L152
Bowen, Isaac MStwp214
Bowen, Jonathan L153
Bowen, Joshua B59
Bowen, Silas B103
Bowen, Theodore B56
Bowen, William B27
Bowen, William E121
Bowen, William L151
Bowen, William M. L101
Bowers, Gearheart M136
Bowman, Benjamin MStwp116
Bowman, John C275
Bowman, Joshua C276
Bowman, Newton R65
Bowman, Rosana B178
Boyd, Franklin M132
Boyd, John V227
Boylan, Barthalomew E120
Boylan, Mary MS63
Bradbury, James V55
Bradbury, James L. C143
Bradbury, William V82
Bradney, Charles B119
Bradney, John L267
Bradney, Sylvester B120
Bradney, Thomas L270
Brady, Clara P44
Brady, G___ V223
Brady, George L269
Brady, James MS147
Brady, James V174
Brady, Mary P59
Brady, Patrick MS80
Brake, Cornelius L198
Brake, John L187
Brake, William B12
Brandenburg?, Nelly MS29
Brandenburgh, Samuel L146
Brandon, Aaron P112
Branson, Nathan C114
Bratten, Robert B143
Bratton, Samuel E162
Brecht, Ann M55
Breckenridge, William V209
Brewer, Elvin C255
Brewston, Joana L255
Briarton, Henry V211
Brice, Thomas P13
Briggle, Jacob MStwp209
Briggle*, Adam MStwp79
Briggle*, Francis MStwp210
Briggles*, Allice MS11
Briggs, Benton L176
Briggs, Daniel M. MStwp223
Briggs, Franklin B165
Briggs, James B164
Briggs, James E147
Briggs, James E172
Briggs, James L182
Briggs, Jane E140
Briggs, Jane L175
Briggs, John E180
Briggs, John R. V123
Briggs, Lewis L16
Briggs, Matilda L241
Briggs, Moses H. L179
Briggs, Phillip B56
Briggs, Richard V4
Briggs, Richard W. L141
Briggs, Samuel E179
Briggs, Solomon E181
Briggs, Thomas L163
Briggs, Thomas V30
Briggs, William B112
Briggs, William L168
Briggs, William V28
Briggs, Wilson V14
Brim, Nancy V134
Brimm, Peter B33
Brisco, Mary W. C28
Brisco also check Baisco, Bristo
Brister, Charles L78
Bristo, Eliza P181
Bristo, Henry P157
Brockman, Elbrigen MS136
Brockman, Frank MS187
Brockman, James MS151
Brockman, John MStwp154
Brockman, Leonidas MS136
Brockman, Lydia MS124
Brockman, Washington MS20
Brockman, William MS209
Brooks, Martin MS1136
Brooks, Samuel P45
Brooks, Thomas V226
Brooks, William P46
Brower, John P. B146
Brown, Alfred M83
Brown, Andrew E143
Brown, Farewell M20
Brown, H__ah? MStwp69
Brown, Harvey C142
Brown, Henry M51
Brown, Isaiah? P39
Brown, John MS135
Brown, John V90
Brown, John R. C62
Brown, Josiah P41
Brown, Margaret M78
Brown, Melinda MS179
Brown, Otis R. MStwp108
Brown, Patrick M89
Brown, Robert V89
Brown, Vincent M66
Brown, Wallace C148
Brown, William B145
Browning, Nancy R49
Brunk, John P147
Buckels, Aaron E78
Buckley, Timothy MStwp212
Buckley*, Matilda V71
Budd, Minerva L204
Bulvinger* [sp. Buvinger], Charles MS270
Bump, David E8
Bunce, Edward 0 V54
Bunton, William MStwp127
Burbank, ____ B1
Burbank, Levi L282
Burchem?, Henry L177
Burgessar, James H. V278
Burgesser, Allen V200
Burgesser, George V126
Burgesser, George W. V127
Burgesser, Harrison V132
Burgesser, John C233
Burk, George L256
Burk, George R49
Burk, John L137
Burk, William R49
Burk?, George E63
Burke, Patrick MS80
Burkey, Jacob MStwp231
Burkey, Joseph C156
Burley, Leroy P105
Burman, Thomas V94
Burns, Alfred R14
Burns, Allice E22
Burns, Franklin M123
Burns, George A. C33
Burns, Harriet MS5
Burns, Harvey M140
Burns, James L132
Burns, John R92
Burns, Margaret MStwp202
Burns, Mariah M34
Burns, Oscar E28
Burns, Patrick MS136
Burns, Robert R45
Burns, Samuel R76
Burns, Sarah L37
Burns, William M141
Burns, William M33
Burns, Winfield S. M35
Burrows, Thomas B152
Burton, Lucinda MS51
Burton, Robert M90
Burton, Thomas R67
Burton, William L148
Busby, George M39
Bush, Alexander B142
Bush, Emily L158
Bush, Thomas L159
Butler, Elijah B17
Butler, James A. C66
Butler, Nathan B48
Butler, Pleasant E91
Butler*, Bee M12
Buttenchacker, David M55
Byan, Julia MS132
Byers, James R81
Byren, John L161
Cahil, John M105
Call, John W. B126
Call, Paul G. MStwp221
Cammon, Amos P171
Campbell, Alexander M147
Campbell, Archibald M205
Campbell, John B26
Campbell, Silas E153
Campbell, William L73
Campbell, William M204
Campbell, William C. F. MS214
Canady, Henry R48
Canady, William A. R47
Careiden, John E148
Carigan, Martin L258
Carney, John P9
Carpenter, [no name given] B81
Carpenter, Brice B72
Carpenter, Fourney L135
Carpenter, William B58
Carpenter, William B71
Carpenter, William P89
Carr, Alexander L42
Carr, Griffeth MStwp89
Carr, Jacob C. L17
Carr, Peter L134
Carson, James P95
Carter, Barbary M121
Carter, Elizabeth M209
Carter, George G34
Carter, James MS84
Carter, John M75
Carter, John H. V129
Carter, Phillip M122
Carter, William B46
Cartz, Jonathan MStwp21
Carver, Henry C234
Casteen, John A. V195
Casteen, Joseph V199
Casteen, Martha V198
Casteen, Thomas H. V198
Caull, Simon MStwp168
Cavender, Carrol MS6
Cavender, Clement B83
Cavender, Daniel P181
Cavender, Emma L247
Cavender, James L244
Cavender, Margaret L245
Cavender, Reed P154
Caylor [Keylor?], James W. V62
Chambain, Noah P7
Chambers, Green R. V181
Chambers, Thomas MS187
Champ, Mary E17
Chapman, Jacob C84
Chapman, John W. C81
Chapman, John W. L118
Chapman, Mary V96
Chapman, Samuel C61
Charles, Jane M86
Chenoweth, Joseph F. V259
Chestnut, William C8
Childers, Joshua L284
Chinze, Henry MStwp167
Churchill, Robert L215
Clancy, Daniel MS66
Clark, Abner L87
Clark, Alexander P63
Clark, Alonzo R87
Clark, Calvin P20
Clark, Charles C231
Clark, Charles MS237
Clark, Elias C230
Clark, Francis A. M207
Clark, Franklin C252
Clark, George P180
Clark, Isaac R88
Clark, James P176
Clark, Jeremiah R22
Clark, John V215
Clark, John C. V215
Clark, John W. C162
Clark, May L66
Clark, Nancy R109
Clark, Nathaniel M176
Clark, Thomas A. L88
Clark, Thomas M. M92
Clark, William C88
Clark, William L229
Clark, William M146
Clark, William A. M164
Clary, Patrick V234
Clay, Henry I.? C1
Clayton, Calvin MStwp90
Clayton, Mary G. V273
Cleaves, Aaron L44
Cleaves, Edwin L45
Cleaves, Jefferson L47
Cleavland, William R35
Clelland, Thomas L134
Clem, Henry M23
Clemons, Thomas MS201
Clifford, John C98
Clifford, Sarah B103
Codrey [Cowdrey?}, John V160
Coffee, Mike MS61
Coffey, James M.? P14
Coffman, George W. M191
Coffman, Mary J. V40
Cogan, Daniel MS79
Cole, Elijah B137
Cole, Elizabeth V97
Cole, William B170
Colson, Bethel B68
Colton, Irwin E197
Coma, Morris M173
Comas?, Elizabeth MStwp50
Comer, Richard M168
Comstock, Harison MS17
Conkle [Kunkle], Andrew M102
Conley, Arthur E99
Conn, John L43
Conn, William L172
Connelly, William E34
Conner[O'Conner], Catherine L24
Conner, Margaret MS266
Conner, Michael MS257
Conrad, George W. V43
Conrad, John J. V143
Conrad, Nathaniel V144
Conway, Thomas MStwp122
Cook, Earnest E107
Cook, Joseph M174
Cook/Cooke, Richard M156
Cook/Cooke, James L24
Coonrad, Andrew M23
Cooper, Elmore D. V188
Cooper, James H. L263
Cooper, John A. C159
Cooper, Joseph R69
Cooper, Nancy P2
Cooper, Philander C49
Cooper, William P3
Cooper, William V93
Coopman, Elizabeth M205
Copeland, Thomas M31
Copeland, Thomas R116
Coppage, Alexander MS196
Coppage, George MS172
Coppage, James MS218
Coppage, James MStwp109
Coppage, Peyton MS219
Coppage, William MStwp162
Cornell, David E155
Corner, Joseph M114
Cosby, Sarah P108
Coss?, John B119
Costello, Lawrence L30
Coulter, James E170
Coulter, James E49
Counce, Charles B11
Courtin?, John MStwp123
Cowen, Luzena E67
Cox, John B40
Cox, John B. C32
Cox, Joseph A. C103
Cox, Julius V. M181
Cox, Margaret C197
Cox, Napoleon B. C203
Cox, Richard MS220
Cox, Robert MS188
Cox, Susan A. M206
Cox, Thomas MStwp108
Cox, Tipton R. M182
Cox, William C101
Cox, William C170
Cox, William M95
Crab, Benjamin L86
Crabb, Edward L126
Crabb, H. M. L268
Crabb, Thomas L124
Crane, Elias F. MS24
Crane, Frederick MS28
Crans, Orville V279
Craven, Henry MS263
Crawford, Benjamin L4
Crawford, Enos MS127
Crawford, Jacob L34
Crawford, James J. MS103
Crawford, John L264
Crawford, Kossuth MStwp82
Crawford, William R90
Crea [McCrea?], Joseph M170
Crisp, Charles P27
Crisp, Roderick P22
Crisp, Susan V195
Crocket, John P25
Cronan, Patrick MStwp244
Cronin, Dennis MStwp205
Cross, Solomon C158
Crouell?, Lucinda P88
Crummy, Banard [Barnard?] M134
Cull, James E7
Cullinan, Anna M26
Cullinan, Edward MStwp152
Cullinan, Frances MS30
Cullinan, Hugh MStwp153
Cummings, James MS116
Cunningham, ____ V21
Cunningham, Daniel V22
Cunningham, George MS187
Cunningham, Nancy MS187
Cunningham, William MS187
Curran, Edward V220
Curran, Patrick MStwp233
Currens, Ebenezer E125
Curry, Alexander MS133
Curry, Andrew MS223
Curry, Daniel MS103
Curry, Franklin MS3
Curry, James MS25
Curry, James A. M142
Curry, John MS123
Curry, Joseph M1
Curry, Julius V. MS4
Curry, Rebecca MStwp78
Curry, Robert N. MS37
Daggett, John B184
Dale, James B177
Dale, James L276
Dale, Martha B175
Daly, Nancy E. M51
Daly, Peter M202
Daniels, Daniel MS115
Darby, Nathan C71
Dardson, Benjamin P176
Davidson, James L249
Davidson, Thomas L236
Davidson, Thomas P. V256
Davis, Aaron MStwp81
Davis, Adam B55
Davis, Alfred C188
Davis, Angus MStwp132
Davis, Benjamin MStwp65
Davis, Benjamin V115
Davis, Edward L1
Davis, Elisha MS261
Davis, Frances E43
Davis, Hampton V49
Davis, Jackson L77
Davis, James V113
Davis, Jane V181
Davis, John L100
Davis, John M. C109
Davis, Judson P160
Davis, Julia A. V157
Davis, Mary V106
Davis, Nancy M163
Davis, Nelson MStwp64
Davis, Stanley MStwp151
Davis, Thomas V59
Davis, William L214
Davis, William L39
Davis, William L40
Davis, William V192
Davis, William H. C18
Dawson, George C102
Dawson, George V36
Dawson, Thomas MS9
Dean, John B90
Dean, Robert M166
Dearborn, Jonathan E118
Dearborn, Jonathan MS248
Dearborn, Martha MS249
Dedrick check Hedrick
DeHart, Thomas B35
Denery, Francis MStwp236
Dennis, Clark MStwp28
Dennis, J. T. R70
Dennis, John B21
Dennis, John E. MStwp29
Dennis, William B. R70
Despain, Malinda M131
Dessert, Jasper MS229
Dessert, Joseph T. L142
Devine, Patrick H. V179
Devine also see Divine
DeWitt, Andrew B132
DeWitt, Asa V58
DeWitt, Benjamin C229
DeWitt, Fernando C117
DeWitt, Gabriel C206
DeWitt, James C205
DeWitt, John? V58
DeWitt, Mary V58
DeWitt, Orlando C205
DeWitt, Pleasant B30
DeWitt, Sylvester C256
Dexter, Albert M186
Dexter, Sophia B105
Dickson, James R64
Dickson, Lawson M15
Dikes, Fred MS5
Dikes, Harriet MS5
Dill, Elizabeth C168
Dillon, Pattrick M110
Dimit, Harvey B102
Dinkinson [Dickinson?], Thomas MS185
Dinkleberry, John V195
Diss, Catherine E118
Diss, Catherine MS228
Diss, Hellen MS52
Diss, Jackson E117
Diss, Jacob MS41
Divine, Jasper MS165
Divine, Michael V270
Divine also see Devine
Doby, William L218
Dodd, Charles L209
Doharty, James E194
Dolick, John R109
Dolock, John M30
Donahue, Joanna MS193
Donahue, Patrick MS85
Donnan, Thomas MStwp165
Dopp__?, David B31
Dorman, Lewis E82
Douglas, David V46
Douglas, James V45
Dowden, Otho E73
Downe, Patrick V273
Downey, John MStwp201
Downing, Eli M. MS109
Doyle, Alfred C235
Doyle, Patrick L256
Dozer, Sarah A. C261
Drew, John M165
Drew, Samuel M107
Ducker, Oscar B157
Dugan, Zephaniah E185
Dugan, Zepheniah E129
Dugon, [name not given] E175
Dunbar, Charles M27
Dunbar, Christian C44
Dunbar, Christopher C183
Dunbar, Dandridge C242
Dunbar, Henry C186
Dunbar, Joseph M124
Dunbar, Peter C185
Dunbar, Thomas C12
Dunbar, Thomas C184
Duncan, Alexander MS69
Dunlap, Latten W. MS132
Dunn, Andrew V149
Dunn, Morris MStwp91
Eades, Joel MS82
Easton, Edward P38
Eaton, John MS104
Eba, Samuel M153
Eckelbarger, Moses B104
Ecker, Emeline V201
Eckwright, William B111
Ecwright, Susan B179
Eddie, George L193
Edington, Samuel P159
Edmonson, McGruder V182
Edwards, James W. MS176
Edwards, Martin C182
Edwards, Simon MStwp14
Edwards, Simon MStwp15
Elison, Eliza R14
Elkins, Stephen MStwp164
Elliot, Isomer MS235
Elliot, William P54
Elliot, William B. P51
Elliot, William T. V247
Elliott, John B. L246
Ellis, Robert E189
Ellis, William E193
Ellis, William V214
Ellmaker, Thomas M36
Emerson, Valentine MS95
Estis, Alexander M135
Estridge, Thomas P141
Evans, Thomas B10
Evans, Thomas L232
Factor, Benjamin M24
Factor, Mathias MStwp73
Fagan, George C221
Fairchild, William V191
Fanshier, John C226
Farmer, Gilbert P42
Farmer, John P43
Farmer, Wiley L195
Faulkner*, John P6
Femers, Wesley P97
Fenn, Robert MS216
Ferguson, Henry P86
Ferguson also see Furguson
Ferrel, George W. C161
Ferrell, David P70
Ferrell, Peter P69
Ferrell, Thomas P71
Ferrell, William P72
Fey, Patrick MS136
Fielder, Anna V142
Fields, James V217
Finly, Hewy MStwp224
Fisher, Isabelle C20
Fitzgerald, Martin E201
Fitzpatrick, Henry MS88
Fitzpatrick, James MS258
Fitzsimons, Richard T. M172
Flanagan?, Mary V225
Flattery, Thomas MS44
Fleck, Jacob V233
Fleming, Fannie C199
Fleming, Francis C232
Fletcher, William E21
Fletcher, William M152
Floyd, John B5
Flynn, Edward E89
Flynn, Elizabeth L155
Flynn, James P29
Flynn, John E50
Flynn, Michael M208
Flynn, Patrick MS234
Foley, Sally MS16
Foley*, William MS175
Folg, Mary MS67
Fore, John L48
Foreaker, John J.? L27
Forsythe, Mary M92
Forsythe, Thomas M74
Forsythe, William M58
Foster, Benjamin M171
Fox, Amanda MS54
Fox, Elijah M26
Francis, Joseph H. P126
Francis, Martha P139
Frank, Christian C31
Frank, William C258
Frank, William L103
Franklin, Benjamin P34
Franklin, John P156
Franklin, Robert P35
Fravis?, Louis W. V267
Frazier, Asley E124
Frederick, William P10
Fredley, Jacob MStwp32
Freeman, Sarah C201
Friboag?, Jacob MStwp49
Friday, Henry R71
Friday, Jacob R105
Friday, James M101
Friday, John C75
Friday, John R15
Friday, John R68
Friday, Solomon R108
Friendlick, John MS136
Frost, Avis M. V41
Frost, Cooley E. V46
Fry, Clarissa MS93
Fry, Clarissa MStwp25
Fry, Daniel [Jr] C92
Fry, Daniel Sr. C91
Fry, Franklin MS93
Fry, George MStwp169
Fry, Henry MS19
Fry, John MStwp124
Fry, John MStwp172
Fry, Margaret MStwp125
Fry, Xavier MS74
Fuller, Alvin E64
Fuquay, Ellen MS57
Furguson, Cynthia B25
Furguson, John B22
Furguson, Mathew B24
Furguson, William B37
Furguson also see Ferguson
Galloway, Mary E202
Gallower, Nancy L287
Gamble, James V262
Gamble, Joseph B78
Gance, Sarah V89
Gannon, Nora MS174
Gannon, Thomas M144
Gannon, William MStwp249
Gans, George W. V125
Garber, Mary MS60
Gardener, Peter B88
Gardner, Sarah M. M41
Garman, Richard C280
Garrett, Thomas MStwp257
Garrish, Martha MS251
Gaskill, Edward V165
Gaskill, John V148
Gaston, Stephen R. V231
Gavin, Patrick V213
Gazy, John B50
Gebhart, John E64
Geisler, Casper M3
Gentry, Oliver P. C66
Gentry, Oliver P. [Jr] C67
George, John E21
George, William M86
Gerrish, Absolom E119
Gerrish, Samuel E150
Gerrish, Sewell E68,69
Gibson, George C236
Gibson, James MS39
Gibson, Jesse C127
Gibson, Levi MS38
Gibson, William C128
Giddings, Samuel P109
Giddings* [sp. Gidens], Elizabeth P127
Giddings* [sp. Gideons], Austin P125
Giddings* [sp. Gideons], Homer P129
Gifford, Isaac C15
Gifford, William C259
Gifford, William H. C16
Gilky, George L264
Gilky, James B. MStwp18
Gill, George L70
Gill, William L71
Gillenwater, Isaac A. L109
Gillenwater, James L110
Gillis, John L102
Givens, George MS241
Givens, James R. MStwp248
Givens, John MS243
Givens, Joseph MS187
Glasgow, Adam M64
Glasgow, James M123
Glass, Charles V222
Glass, John B. MS152
Glaze, Andrew J. V203
Glaze, George V245
Glaze, Samuel W. V258
Gleason, Timothy M2
Gleeson, Michael L3
Gleeson, Michael M201
Gleeson, William M133
Glenn, Amanda C76
Glenn, Archibald MS70
Glenn, James M. C26
Glenn, Malinda MStwp121
Glenn, Samuel R. R36
Glenn, William C25
Glenn, William R85
Goens, Michael MS63
Gomer, Barney P66
Goner, Michael L29
Goodwin, Amanda C196
Goodwin, Asa MS203
Goodwin, Irene MS123
Goodwin, William C6
Goodwin, William P111
Gordley, Edward MStwp68
Gordley, John MStwp112
Gosser, John M29
Gough, Arthur V207
Gould, Briget P113
Gould, William M105
Gowen, Riley MS211
Graham, John P55
Grant, Jeremiah E154
Grant, Peter MStwp97
Graves, Harry V238
Graves, John MStwp105
Graves, John P177
Graves, William MS187
Gray, William V100
Green, Hiram C248
Greene, Michael E154
Greenleaf, Columbus E103
Greenwell, George MStwp41
Greenwell, Horace C57
Greenwell, Warren C48
Greenwell, William C50
Greenwell, William C56
Grenwell [Greenwell?], Elverton R70
Grether, Elizabeth MS239
Grether, Joseph MStwp34
Grewian?, Earnest E104
Grey, James MS10
Grey, Ruben R123
Griffen, Charlotte L238
Griffeth, Calvin P78
Griffeth, William P100
Grista, Benjamin D. P37
Grista, Joseph P33
Groober [Gruber?], Herman B52
Gross?, Alexander MStwp176
Grover, Henry MStwp145
Grover, Joseph MStwp150
Grover, Marion V115
Groves, Elizabeth E17
Guard, Joel M86
Guard, Joseph M87
Guber, Samuel R17
Guthrie, Charles MS11
H____, Astin V72
Haben, Otto L12
Habert, Ralph P19
Hackett, William MStwp51
Hadden, William L183
Hadigan, James M144
Hadigan, Thomas L94
Hadly, Franklin MStwp256
Hagan, Casper V166
Hagan, James MS251
Hagarty, Sailas [Silas] C264
Hagerty, Paul C232
Hagle, Jacob MStwp4
Hailley, James L7
Hale, Charles B121
Hale, John L231
Hale, John L243
Hale, Mary R96
Haley, Benjamin M46
Haley, Daniel M106
Haley, Elizabeth M144
Haley, James E165
Haley, John M. M47
Haley, William L81
Haley also see Hailley
Hall, Alexander J. V186
Hall, Andrew V16
Hall, Elijah V37
Hall, Elizabeth V65
Hall, Granvill V27
Hall, James V34
Hall, Jesse W. E138
Hall, Loyd V26
Hall, Mary J. V187
Hambaugh, Pious V90
Hambaugh also check Harnbaugh
Hambaugh* [sp. Hambo], Joseph M. MS40
Hambough, James MS262
Hamilton, Bull___ C68
Hamilton, Eliza V18
Hamilton, Samuel MStwp30
Hamilton, Thomas B65
Hamilton, William E133
Hamilton, William P149
Hammer* [sp. Ammer], Nicholas MS77
Hammond, Sarah V222
Hankins, Agustus R75
Hankins, Martha R81
Hanks, Enoch E30
Hanks, Jacob E120
Hanley, John B130
Hannson, Miles B133
Hanson, Andrew V75
Hanson, Franklin MStwp198
Hara [O'Hara], Bridget P8
Harbour, Jared MStwp180
Harden, William R51
Hardin, Marion MStwp110
Hargus, William E94
Harison, James MS92
Harnbaugh, John H. V153
Harney, Leroy MS205
Harper, Henry MStwp149
Harper, James MStwp148
Harper, James MStwp174
Harper, John MStwp86
Harper, Joseph MStwp144 [written 141]
Harper, William MStwp175
Harper, William V197
Harras, Richard L181
Harris, Chambers J. L8
Harris, Duncan L144
Harris, Frederick L170
Harris, George B73
Harris, Granville MStwp11
Harris, Henry I. MStwp17
Harris, Jesse B16
Harris, John, L189
Harris, Rachael M152
Harris, Woodson B141
Harrison, George L18
Harrison, Robert M. MS208
Harrow, Edward MS266
Harry, Margaret V99
Hart, Catherine L252
Hart, Joel H. L253
Harter, James V182
Hartman, John P. V244
Harvey, Amanda MS56
Haskett, Benjamin M208
Hassett?, Patrick E2
Haston, Edwin B57
Hatcher, Jesse M28
Hayden, George E169
Hayden, John MStwp173
Hayle, Casper M5
Haymand?, Susan V161
Head, Elijah C266
Heddrick, Alexander L191
Hedenburg, Charles MS179
Hedenburg, Josephus MS22
Hedenburg, Julius MS178
Hedrick, Leonard B160
Hedrick, Obadiah B87
Hedrick, Phillip L128
Hedrick? [Dedrick?], George C168
Heflin, Calvin V32
Hemphill, Louisa V176
Hemphill, Samuel V86
Henderson, John L43
Hendrick also check Kendrick
Hendricks, Barbary R112
Hendricks, David C5
Hendricks, Judah P146
Hendricks, Rudy V252
Hendricks, Thomas C159
Hendrix, Thomas B101
Henry, Aden [Haden] C123
Henry, Emma D. V188
Henry, Harris C141
Henry, Hiram M187
Henry, Jesse M203
Henry, Martin C171
Henry, Orris M. C108
Henry, Robert T. MS131
Henry, Sarah V246
Henry?, David V3
Herald, William V152
Herbert, Jessy V206
Herbster, Lewis MS34
Herley also see Hurley
Herly, Mary L256
Herly, Patrick MS99
Herman, Andrew MStwp74
Hermnant [Hermetet?], Alfred R40
Heron, Henry C237
Herring, Calvin L276
Hersman, Abraham MStwp176
Hersman, George MStwp188
Hersman, Jacob MStwp171
Hersman, William MStwp169
Hetrick, James C192
Hetrick, Michael C191
Hetrick, Nicholas C189
Hetrick, Solomon C190
Hewey, Daniel M84
Hewey, James M50
Hewlet, Henrietta C186
Hewlett also see Hulet
Hickman, Aaron MS236
Hickman, Isomer MS235
Hickman, Margaret C35
Hickman, Robert C23
Hickman, Thomas C238
Higgins, William V155
Hilderbrandt, Albert P124
Hile, Gran E186
Hiles, John T. P3
Hiles, Mason E130
Hiles, William D. M180
Hill, Alonzo M158
Hill, Benjamin E176
Hill, Benjamin V124
Hill, Calvin E176
Hill, Jacob R. L95
Hill, John R57
Hill, Pamaline C278
Hill, Willard E177
Hill/Hills sometimes interchanged in census
Hills, Andrew C223
Hills, Charles C210
Hills, Dicy C222
Hills, Elizabeth C209
Hills, Jonathan C220
Hinman, Gideon C121
Hippen, Charles P132
Hippin, Henry P130
Hippin, John P130
Hix, Charles L43
Hobbs, John B134
Hobbs, Josephus MStwp47
Hobbs, William L233
Hockshaw [Hawkshaw], William V171
Hodges, Benjamin C175
Hodlan, Deborah MS264
Hoffman, Jackson C. V205
Hoffman also see Huffman
Hogan, Lewis L261
Hogan, Nancy M163
Holiday, William H. M67
Hollinger, George W. V44
Holtzclaw, John MS105
Homberg, Lewis MStwp230
Honefinger, Hermen MStwp139
Hoosier, Ellen V165
Hoosier, Harvey V131
Hoover, Henry B94
Hoover, John B82
Hoover, John B93
Hopper, John E109
Horn, Irwin L22
Hosford, John C250
House, Phillip MStwp44
House, Virginia MS47
Houston, Esquire E91
Houston, John B139
Houston, John B. MStwp211
Houston, Uriah B171
Houston, William B45
Howard, Adam G. L50
Howard, Jerome C5
Howard, Julia V126
Howell, Ira C73
Howell, John C43
Howell, Josephine V226
Howell, Sophia C78
Howell, Thomas C94
Howke, Mary P127
Hubbard, Fannie MS136
Hudelston, Margaret L250
Hudleston, David P183
Hudleston, Jane P184
Hudleston, Robert L239
Hudson, Frank H. V193
Hudson, Henry L240
Huff, Charles R98
Huff, George L51
Huffman, Andrew MS158
Huffman, Cornelius MS110
Huffman, Francis C213
Huffman, Henry C131
Huffman, James C216
Huffman, John H. C215
Huffman, Michael R21
Huffman, Samuel C77
Huffman also see Hoffman
Hughes, Isaac MStwp250
Hughes, W. H. R58
Hulet, Elizabeth C184
Hulet also see Hewlett
Hulett, Charles C145
Hulett, George C165
Hulett, Henry C166
Hulett, Perry C172
Hulett, Phebe MS204
Hume, James H. V240
Hume, John V38
Hume, William F. V85
Hume/Humes sometimes interchanged in census
Humes, George E141
Humphrey, Walter MS262
Hunsaker, Eliza P31
Hunt, William R23
Hunter, Samuel V237
Hurd?, Samuel V78
Hurley, Thomas E117
Hurley also see Herly
Hursman [Hersman], James MStwp156
Hurst, Bradley C138
Hurst, Calvin MStwp130
Hurst, James C218
Hurst, Mary C. L93
Husher, Louis V145
Huston, Isaac B167
Hutchison, Elvira MS127
Hyde, Stephen MS166
Ingles, James N. R53 [duplicate of 56?]
Ingles, James N. R56 [duplicate of 53?]
Ingraham, John M. E28
Ingraham, Josua* E23
Ingraham, Oliver R54
Ingram, Fletcher E25
Ingram, Henry E22
Innes, Robert V108
Irwin, Benjamin MS134
Irwin, Charles N. MS132
Irwin, George MS217
Irwin, Harvey R63
Irwin, William MStwp90
Ismael, Mahala L147
Ivens, Aaron C163
Ivens, Charles C115
Ivens, Daniel C160
Ivens, George W. C164
Jackson, Emsly L155
Jackson, Emsly L156
Jackson, James L145
Jackson, Joseph V114
Jackson, Perry P. M149
Jackson, William V190
James, John V254
James, Lyda R91
Janes, John MS81
Jaques, Eva E52
Jaques, George W. V91
Jaques, Hiram B131
Jaques, Hiram E6
Jaques, Nephi E7
Jaques, Nephi E81
Jaques?, Benjamin V11
Jarvis, Chambers P163
Jend, Barnard MStwp242
Jenkins, Hellen MS187
Jennings, David MS142
Jennings, George E. L5
Jennings, John L54
Jennings, Mary L54
Jennings, Samuel MStwp78
Jimson, Thomas P96
Jocky? [Yockey?], Lewis E105
Johnson, C. D. P120
Johnson, Elijah L224
Johnson, Elisha B138
Johnson, Elizabeth MS216
Johnson, George B98
Johnson, Harriet E163
Johnson, Henry L260
Johnson, Jacob P107
Johnson, James MStwp191
Johnson, John P79
Johnson, John A. C105
Johnson, John J. MS43
Johnson, Martin MStwp24
Johnson, Moses MS267
Johnson, Robert MStwp88
Johnson, Robert MStwp98
Johnson, S. W. B107
Johnson, Silas B38
Johnson, Thomas MStwp118
Johnson, William B28
Johnson, William P140
Johnson, William T. MS36
Johnston, Ellis C63
Johnston, Nicholas C1
Jones, Caswell V150
Jones, Fountain C17
Jones, Fountain C19
Jones, Isaac C78
Jones, Jacob M69?
Jones, James R35
Jones, Jane M136
Jones, John C207
Jones, John MS11
Jones, Rachel V53
Jones, Sarah MStwp142
Jones, Susan MS50
Jones, Thomas MStwp53
Jones, William C198
Jones, William MStwp97
Jourdan, Mary V111
Kallasch* [spelled Caloth], Frederic E66
Kallasch* [spelled Colsh], Edward E67
Kantzleiter*, Christian MStwp13
Kee, Bidler W. M196
Keefer/Kerfer?, Frederick MStwp229
Keeps, Camton B12
Keeps, Edward B18
Keeps, William B15
Keer, Alexander M49
Keer, John M45
Keiser, Martha MS118
Keith, Charles W. R37
Keith, Peyton A. M91
Keller, Joshua P23
Kellum, William M115
Kelly, Ellen E203
Kelly, Ellen MS133
Kelly, Jeremiah E203
Keltz, Barney M22
Keltz*, Casper M11
Kemp, David P167
Kemp, John V84
Kendall, John MStwp256
Kendrick, Albert MStwp240
Kendrick, Benjamin MS245
Kendrick, George MStwp61
Kendrick, James M. MS247
Kendrick, John E95
Kendrick, John MS269
Kendrick, Joseph R107
Kendrick, Martin R106
Kendrick, Nathaniel MStwp239
Kendrick, Wallace MStwp241
Kendrick also check Hendrick
Kendrick?/Hendrick?, Joseph MStwp48
Kennedy, Elizabeth P44
Kennedy, John E48
Kennedy*, Gilbert MStwp185
Kennison, Edward B118
Kenting?, George C153
Kerigan see Kurigan
Kerly, King L60
Kerr, James M146
Kerser, Jacob MS160
Kessen, Henry MStwp189
Keylor, Daniel E106
Keylor check Caylor
Keys, Hannah C135
Keys, William MS14
Keys also check Kee
Kidder, Frank P64
Kimball, David V178
Kimball, Peter L283
Kinderick, William L136
Kindheart, Conrad P158
Kindheart* [sp. Kinhart], Coonrad P81
Kindred, Fanny MStwp18
Kindred, William A. V215
Kindrick, Nancy MStwp254
King, William MS230
Kingarie, Thornton MStwp159
Kingery?, Henry MStwp99
Kinkle, Jacob MS73
Kinman, James M139
Kinman, Jesse M137
Kiplinger, Isaac V65
Kiplinger*, Margaret E72
Kirkham, James G. L25
Kirkman, D. J. MS136
Kiser, Francis MS148
Kitchel, Catherine MStwp78
Kleinlein, Elizabeth MS237
Knight, Solomon C20
Knight [also see Night]
Knowels, James C266
Knox, William V99
Knox, William R. V33
Koch [spelled Cook], Albert E65
Krups, Anthony MStwp8
Kumple, Levi P85
Kunker, Fayette L205
Kunkle, Mary M103
Kunkle also check Conkle
Kurigan, William B140
La___, Eldred R13
Lacky, Abel M. P162
Lake, Solomon C30
Lamb, Mathew MS136
Lambert, Jacob MS99
Lambert, James MStwp195
Lambert, Leven MStwp219
Lambert, Martha P88
Lambert, Mary MStwp158
Lambert, Sarah R69
Lambert, Simeon P87
Lamfer, Sarah B134
Lamonte, Charles V212
Langan, James M166
Langdon, George C249
Langdon, Jessey V140
Langdon, Margaret M111
Langdon, Michael M197
Langdon, William M111
Lange, John L271
Laniar, John V159
Lanier, Joseph MStwp129
Lanier, Phillip L201
Lanier, Seth C178
Lanier, Thomas C181
Lanning, Columbus R5
Lanning, Cornelius R5
Lanning, Isaac R4
Lanning, Jonathan R3
Lanning, Stephen R7
Lantz, Jane M59
Lantz, John M72
Lantz, Martin M60
Lantz, Samuel M58
Larkin, Wallace L14
Larkins, Abel MStwp256
Larky also see Sarky
Larry [Leery?], Florence V266
Lasher, James L238
Laster, Mary H. L38
Laughlin, Fred V169
Laughlin, Grizzie N. V261
Laughlin, Thomas L9
Law, James E40
Lawrence, Robert P77
Laws, Solomon L91
Leally?/Seally?, David L198
Lear, Ann V51
Lear, David C245
Lear, George C246
Lear, John C176
Lear, Joseph C107
Lee, Matthew E190
Lee, Polly M31
Lee, Theodore MS68
Lee, Wallace E155
Lee, William L111
Leeper, Charles L52
Leeper, Elizabeth B132
Leeper, John E47
Leeper, Johnson B148
Leeper, Johnson MS72
Leery* [sp. Larey], Patrick P98
Leery* [sp. Lary], Timothy V274
Leitner, George C. V265
Lester, Cora MS49
Lester, Robert L127
Lester, Sarah C182
Lester check Laster, Lester, Luster, Lustre
Lester*, William MS184
Leverton, Evaline MS12
Leverton, John (witten Leviston) C118
Lewhouse, Mary P13
Lewis, Eliza M146
Lewis, James B175
Lewis, John R103
Lewis, Marshall MStwp75
Lewis, Susan MS68
Lewis, Thomas B64
Lewis, Thomas R102
Lewis, William MS18
Lightfoot, Fernando MS102
Lightfoot, William MS187
Lilburn, George P116
Lilburn, George P138
Lincey, John B185
Lincoln, Fred E126
Lind, Frank L192
Lind, Patrick M113
Lindt? check Lind
Lindsey, Clark (See OneName/Lindsey6) R26
Lindy, Sarah (Should be Lindsey)

See OneName/Lindsey6

Lining, Samuel E77
Linn, Mil__da? C277
Linsey, John L84
Little, Caroline E87
Littlefield, Nathaniel MS2
Littleton, James M104
Littleton, Margaret MS4
Lizenbee, Joseph E18
Lizenbee, Joseph E38
Lizenbury, Jane E36
Lizzenby, Nathaniel C4
Lock, Catherine P113
Lock, Reuben R96
Logan, John M167
Logsdon, Aaron C130
Logsdon, Edward C139
Logsdon, Eliza C239
Logsdon, George C111
Logsdon, George C140
Logsdon, George V51
Logsdon, John C241
Logsdon, Malinda C243
Logsdon, Mary C110
Logsdon, William C65
Lone, Joseph E115
Long, Abraham L116
Long, Alexander L200
Long, Conrad P154
Long, Frances P178
Long, Harris L244
Long, Jackson P153
Long, Jacob P181
Long, Jacob R. P181
Long, James C. L121
Long, John H. P155
Long, Joseph L114
Long, Robert L244
Long, William L115
Long, William H. V260
Love, William V102
Loveitt, Nelson MS48
Lowe, Sarah E85
Lowry, Alexander K. MS224
Lucas, Daniel L57
Lucas, Newton L120
Lung, John A. V276
Lung, William L55
Lusk, Levi MS240
Luster, Delia P133
Luster, Lucy MS186
Lustre [Lester?], Thomas M93
Lynch, Thomas MS30
Lynn, Catherine M129
Lynn, George MStwp237
Lynn, John R84
Lynn, John A. L167
Lynn, Robert M44
Lynn, Sarah MStwp237
Lyons, Benjamin L184
M__er, Charles E88
Mace, John H. P11
Mackett, George MS99
Madden, Jackson M204
Maddox, Alfred M162
Maddox, William M161
Maden, John MStwp256
Maden, Jordan L279
Maden, William L280
Maderis, Emsley MS156
Magut?, Martin MS99
Mahan, Nancy MS79
Mahony, Dennis MS211
Majors, Viola V217
Mallard?, Adam L147
Mallory, Asa C197
Mallory, James P. C112
Mallory, John C282
Mallory, Reuben C24
Mallory, William C274
Malone, Caroline MStwp120
Malone, John M194
Malone, Mary M195
Malony, Francis L131
Maltby, George B115
Maltby, William C187
Manard?, Balor E100
Mann, John V270
Mann, Joseph E. P28
Mann, Sylvester V253
Mann, William M127
Mannan, Barnard MStwp8
Mannan, Jerry MS255
Manser, James C86
Manser, John I.? C214
Mansir, Esther R24
Mansir, George R19
Many, Mary MS180
Mar?, Adeline C182
Maratt, Joseph R42
Marcelles, William E113
Marden, Amity MStwp9
Marden, Mark E116
Marene, Joseph MStwp158
Marple, Wallace E21
Marr, John V237
Mars, Benjamin L166
Mars, Edward L99
Mars?, Jefferson L44
Marshal, Lewis MS170
Marshall, Joseph MS239
Marshall, Mariah MS239
Marshall, Martha A. L69
Marshall, Townsend L98
Martin, Adam E. R55
Martin, Charles L237
Martin, David E110
Martin, Ezekiel B154
Martin, Gayloyd R29
Martin, Gayloyd Jr. R31
Martin, James E41
Martin, James V124
Martin, Mathias V. V88
Martin, Moses MStwp182
Martin, Rachael V149
Martin, Sophronia B149
Martin, Thomas B166
Marvin, John C208
Marvin, William MS27
Maserva, N. P. L289
Maservy, Allen L6
Maservy, Benjamin E205
Maservy, Joseph B119
Maservy, Mary E205
Masterman, John L277
Masters, Levi MStwp56
Masterson, James B112
Mateer, George E168
Mateer, Rachael MS84
Mathews, Lewis MS119
Mattox, Drusella M129
Mattox, Henry M129
May, Benjamin P123
May, Dora MStwp237
May, Henry V183
May, Jane MS117
May, John W. P122
May, Thomas P121
Mayfield, Jasper L78
Mayfield, Solomon P144
Mc also check "O" prefix
McBride, Ellen E156
McBride, Ellen E161
McCabe, John MS137
McCabe, John MStwp203
McCabe, Joseph MStwp199
McCabe, Miles M37
McCabe, Thomas L152
McCall, Lucinda MS70
McCann, Nicholas MStwp201
McCann, Thomas MS130
McCardy, Daniel MS195
McClary, John W. C29
McClelland, Robert M42
McClure, Catherine R9
McClure, Charles R104
McClure, Matilda R72
McConnel, James MS58
McConnell, Francis MStwp54
McConnell, Hanson L188
McConnell, James M150
McConnell, Washington MStwp62
McCook, Charles MStwp136
McCormac, John C211
McCormac, Peter MS100
McCormick, James V176
McCormick, Thomas V242
McCowen, James E194
McCoy, [no name given] E156
McCoy, Barlow V67
McCoy, David V272
McCoy, Dock E161
McCoy, Ezra L247
McCoy, George E182
McCoy, George MStwp177
McCoy, Jane V77
McCoy, John C144
McCoy, John C224
McCoy, John E132
McCoy, John E161
McCoy, John MStwp147
McCoy, Joseph MStwp138
McCoy, Susan V216
McCoy, William V112
McCrea, A. G. M171
McCrea, James MS187
McDaniel, Cornelius R. V119
McDaniel, George B53
McDaniel, James V229
McDaniel, Sanford E187
McDaniel, Sarah P179
McDaniel, Thomas P1
McDaniels, John E157
McDanold, Neal B123
McDermott, Nancy C234
McDonald, Daniel V182
McDonald, Patrick MStwp2
McDonald*, John [see O'Donald]
McElroy, Humphrey V122
McEntee, Daniel L37
McEntee, Patrick L89
McEntee, Rose MStwp202
McEntee, Sarah MS137
McFarland, Richard V82
McGee, Charles L208
McGlocklin, Abraham MS194
McGruder, Thomas C. V120
McGuffy, Hiram V246
McGuin?, James M192
McGuire, Ellen E204
McHanon, Mary 233
McHanon, Mary MS232
McHatten, Mary MS37
McKaskill, William P50
McKee, Curtis R12
McKelleps, Samuel MS197
McKennie, Louellen [Llewellyn] L12
McKinsay, Gabriel MStwp249
McKinsey, Daniel C126
McKinsey, Mary C126
McKinzey, Martha V122
McKnight, Benjamin B60
McKnight, Samuel B61
McLaugh, William E160
McLaughlin, James L46
McLaughlin, James V224
McLaughlin also see Laughlin, Mcglocklin
McLean, James C74
McMaster, William MS32
McMelton, William L155
McMillen, Ruth MStwp255
McMillen, William MStwp58
McMurray, Thomas C. P62
McNeal, David R81
McNeal, Isaac R65
McNeal, Walter V204
McNeal [O'Neal?], Alexander R6
McNeely?, Harris E39
McNeff, James B51
McNeff, James B88
McNeff, Miles B89
McNeff, Thomas B91
McNeff also check Nepp
McNi__?, Martin L213
McPahil, Angus L12
McPhail, Eugenie M164
McPhail, James L13
McPhersen, Richard C270
McPherson, James D. C93
McPherson, Laura MStwp255
Means, Charles P106
Means, George L85
Means, George W. MStwp94
Means, John M. M61
Means, John R. MStwp87
Means, Milton B23
Means, Richard MStwp106
Meets, John L262
Mendenhall, Mary R83
Mennett, Alfred R11
Merkel, William V234
Merrett, John MS198
Merrit, Abel P161
Merrit, Daniel M. M184
Merrit, Joseph MS94
Merritt, James P166
Merritt, Joseph W. P165
Merwin, David MS197
Metz, Charles L120
Meyer, Christopher V166
Meyers also see Myers
Meyrs, Jacob M100
Milburn, George P115
Miles, Joshua L67
Miles, Thomas MStwp169
Miller, Abba MS169
Miller, Alfred C188
Miller, Andrew C55
Miller, Benjamin M126
Miller, Daniel W. MS146
Miller, Elizabeth B106
Miller, Frederick MS143
Miller, Isaac M152
Miller, James MS79
Miller, Jane C163
Miller, Jane L15
Miller, John V101
Miller, Joseph MS168
Miller, M. A. L288
Miller, McKendree R44
Miller, Pembroke M169
Miller, Samuel L117
Miller, Samuel MS65
Miller, Stephen L129
Miller, Stephen M56
Miller, Thomas M151
Miller, William L62
Minium, Sarah MStwp63
Minnium, John R1
Minuet, Robert L235
Mobley, William C129
Molby [Mobly?], Josiah L119
Monahue, John P113
Monk, James P142
Monkton, John M109
Monohan, Sarah M202
Montgomery, John MStwp160
Moody, James R113
Moore, Alander B85
Moore, James B150
Moore, James B. MS204
Moore, Michael MS62
Moorehead, James B7
Moran, John M148
Moran, Peter V273
Moreland, John L90
Morgan, Andrew L216
Morgan, David V142
Morgan, Henry MS268
Morgan, John M70
Morrell, Benjamin B144
Morrell, Elmore B147
Morrell, Green E97
Morrell, William E114
Morrill, Robert B181
Morris, Barton B122
Morris, Benjamin C212
Morris, Daniel P4
Morris, John L97
Morrison, Elizabeth M62
Morrison, Robert M128
Morrison, Robert M43
Morrisson, Thomas M127
Moses, Benjamin P94
Moses, Isamer L20
Moses, Jacob C. M206
Moses, William L18
Moulton, Nicholas M112
Mounce, Allen MS125
Mulery, John MStwp107
Mullen, Patrick B9
Muller, Henry V168
Mulrady, Thomas MS59
Mumford, William L212
Munford, Lotta L100
Murphy, Anna L28
Murphy, Lucy MStwp24
Murphy, Mary MS23
Murray, John C. V165
Myers, Alander M52
Myers, August MS227
Myers, Benjamin L10
Myers, Emile MS225
Myers, Florentine MS226
Myers, George L241
Myers, Gilbert B49
Myers, Henry C58
Myers, Jacob B44
Myers, James L59
Myers, John C40
Myers, John E183
Myers, Peter B32
Myers, Thomas B43
Myers also see Meyers
Myres, Mack L272
Mys [Myers?], Michael MS99
N___, ____ E14
Nalen [Nolan?], Elizabeth P148
Neeland, Henry D. P145
Nepp [Neff?/McNeff?], Joseph E205
New, Angus D. L138
New, William B114
New, William P53
Newbury, Reeson B127
Newby, Emma L209
Newby*, Thomas MStwp22
Newenham, Absolom E206
Newenham, Arthur MStwp218
Newenham, Elijah E196*
Newenham, George E70
Newenham, Mary MS53
Newhall, Sarah V64
Newland, James MS78
Newsome, John L192
Newton, Arard B135
Nichols, Jonathan MS75
Nichols, Silas V271
Night, John P102
Night, Joseph P26
Night, William P104
Niswonger, William E124
Noble, Benjamin E59
Noe, James A. L143
Noell, M. G. MS238
Nokes, Alonzo L266
Nokes, David L259
Nokes, Ellen L113
Nokes, Hannah MStwp220
Nokes, Lucy L235
Nolan check Noolan, Nowlan, Nalen
Nonemaker, Elisa V218
Noolan, Elizabeth MS101
Norris, ____ E10
Norris, Oliver E11
North, George V234
Northern, Clark E74
Northern check Nothern
Norton, B. F. L286
Norton, James B177
Norton, James B62
Norwell, Timothy B159
Nothern, Catherine MS24
Nothern check Northern
Nowlan [Nolan?], William P148
Nuttal, John MS107
Nye, John MS83
Nye, Stephen MS91
O' check "Mc" prefix
O'Connell, Catherine C167
O'Connell, Edward C151
O'Conner [also see Conner]
O'Donald, John M143
O'Hara [also see Hara]
O'hara*, Roger E36
O'hara*, Thomas E35
O'Neal, Daniel M8
O'Neal, Hannah R95
O'Neal, Jeremiah R1
O'Neal, L. P. R97
O'Neal, Simeon R94
O'Neal, Willis R66
O'Neal [also see McNeal]
O'Neil, Allice MS144
O'Neil, Martin MS190
O'Neil, Sarah MS148
Offits, Benjamin MStwp70
Oits, Samuel L235
Oliver, Joseph L206
Orhood, John M191
Orhood?, John W. M178
Orr, Alexander C253
Orr, Alexander L166
Orr, Arthur C148
Orr, Arthur MStwp163
Orr, David B153
Orr, David L178
Orr, George C240
Orr, Harison C254
Orr, Henry C268
Orr, Jessey V139
Orr, Martin C148
Orr, Olive MS181
Orr, Samuel C277
Orr, William B151
Osborn, Daniel L58
Osborn, James E170
Osborn, Thomas E173
Outcelp, Emily MS208
Outkel, George E153
Owen, Ezekiel R. V277
Owens, Martha MS254
Owner?, Henry MS96
Palmer, Joel R28
Palmer, Mary M. P36
Parke, Benona R. L25
Parker, Alice P60
Parker, Edward W. M180
Parker, Elihu C197
Parker, George B176
Parker, Isaac P16
Parker, James M. M159
Parker, Peter C41
Parker, Richard W. M180
Parker, Sidney MS26
Parker, William M36
Parker, William B. M183
Parker, Winslow MStwp87
Parkins, John C280
Parks, Absolom C20
Parks, Amos C122
Parrick, Mary B48
Parrick, William B100
Parrick, William C. B99
Parvine, Benjamin E131
Parvine also see Pervine
Pasley, Charles P75
Pasley, Thomas P74
Pasley, William M. P76
Passley, Charles P24
Pate, William V167
Pate?, Jeremiah E123
Patterson, James B. R82
Patterson, John B11
Patterson, Joseph E128
Patterson, Mary L177
Patterson, Robert G. R83
Patterson*, Charles MS254
Patton, Francis E44
Patton, James MStwp178
Patton, Samuel MStwp216
Patton*, Elijah L248
Payne, Elizabeth B96
Peak, Emanuel E174
Peak, William V118
Pearson, William L281
Peek, Ezra B. MStwp242
Pell, Joshua P61
Pelser, Isaiah V239
Pen_____, Mary L65
Pendleton, Mary I. MS186
Pense, Joseph V41
Perkins, Andrew B46
Perry, Allen C212
Perry, Edmund MStwp141
Perry, Elisha C132
Perry, Emaline E184
Perry, Franklin MStwp133
Perry, George C180
Perry, Ichabod MStwp127
Perry, Irvin C244
Perry, James C209
Perry, James E188
Perry, James A. MStwp129
Perry, Lewis MStwp46
Perry, Luke C133
Perry, Luke W. C219
Perry, Nathaniel MStwp121
Perry, Ruben MStwp246
Perry, William C228
Pervine, Benjamin E186
Pervine also see Parvine
Peslewart, Franklin L61
Peter, William E198
Peters, Elizabeth V31
Peters, Franklin V130
Peters, Sarah V122
Peterson, Albert P143
Peterson, George B129
Peterson, William B138
Petigrew, Emily C99
Petri, August C149
Pettigrew, Henry C98
Pettis, F. D. R69
Pevehouse, John J. P114
Phillips, Alfred MStwp103
Phillips, Allice MStwp255
Phillips, Charles B25
Phillips, James G. MS154
Phillips, Joseph MStwp120
Philpot, Edgar MS244
Pickett, Sarah MS245
Pierce check Pierre
Pierre? [Pierce?], Jamison L80
Pile, Eligas P65
Pillmeyer, Joseph R114
Pinckson, Anderson MS210
Pine, Jackson B20
Pine, James B19
Plew, James W. L83
Plowman, Jacob L79
Poland, Upton B. C87
Poole, William E167
Porc?, Naoma P84
Porc?, Samuel P83
Pore, Edward M200
Porter, Adam P172
Porter, Alonzo MStwp235
Porter, Dennis MStwp85
Porter, Ira K. M53
Porter, Margaret P173
Porter, Rebecca M52
Post, John G.? L203
Potter, Elija B10
Powell, Eli C7
Powell, James C11
Powell, Napoleon V105
Powell, Rufus V180
Powers, Emily V136
Powers, Jane R32
Powers, Mary M155
Powers, Mary M156
Preble, Nathan P178
Preece, John MS13
Preston, Patrick P48
Price, Eliza MStwp5
Price, Flavius MStwp6
Price, George W. C59
Price, Janette MStwp27
Price, John J. MS173
Price, John W. MS23
Price, Joseph L26
Price, Leonidas MS161
Price, Margaret MStwp155
Price, Martha MStwp5
Price, Uriah MStwp71
Price, William MStwp7
Probert, James L41
Probert, John MS117
Purcell, Edward V230
Purpus, Charles B6
Purvis, William L207
Putman, Ambrose MS246
Putman, Ambrose P150
Putman, Daniel MStwp134
Putman, Edward MStwp145
Putman, Elijah MS164
Putman, Franklin MStwp77
Putman, James MStwp137
Putman, John C135
Putman, John MStwp143
Putman, John MStwp76
Putman, Lucinda MStwp145
Putman, William MStwp146
Pyle, Harrison P110
Queen, James M82
Queen, William M71
Quinland, John M166
Quinland, Julia MS25
Quinn, Bainbridge C96
Quinn, John C. MStwp23
Rampey (Rampy), William B29  [Corrected by Doug Rampy]
Rabb, Bowman L11
Rabb, James MStwp57
Rabb, John L10
Randall, Benjamin R10
Randall, J. K. R59
Randall, Rachael R4
Randall, Reuben R27
Randall, William L199
Raney, James V75
Rannon, Abraham P170
Rannon, Levi P168
Ranny, Stephen L122
Ransom, Abner V141
Ransom, Robert C279
Rany, Michael MStwp38
Rany, Simon C271
Raper, May J. L216
Ratcliff, Almoreen P164
Rathburn, Lewis MStwp194
Ravenscroft, Ashford V208
Ravenscroft, Edward V98
Ravenscroft, Henson V94
Ray, Cyntha C200
Razey, Ezekiel E83
Razy, Rufus B136
Rea, James M. MS68
Rea, James W. MS46
Read, Mary A. R96
Record, William MS221
Reddick, Pleasant C194
Redille?, Thomas B109*
Redinger, Isaac B169
Redinger, James E31
Redinger, Joseph E32
Redmond, Patrick P47
Redmond*, John MStwp92
Redmond*, William MStwp93
Reed, Elias E111
Reed, Mary Ann E112
Reed, Nancy E111
Reeves, John E204
Reeves, Margaret L148
Reeves, Roswill E91
Reeves, Silas E90
Regar, Casper* C173
Reich, John B95
Reich*, Frederick C169
Reich*, Mathias C152
Reid, John R. V175
Reid, Margaret V268
Renny, Martin L188
Renolds, John P54
Rettig, Lewis C10
Reynold, Oliver P. V92
Rice, Christian C225
Rice, Owen M120
Rice, William R96
Richardson, Edward W. V194
Richardson, Margaret MS187
Richardson?, Thomas V71
Richey, Aaron B92
Richey, Brice B97
Richmond, Ezra M. V257
Richmond, John P. P32
Richmond, John P. [Jr] P33
Richmond, Nicholas V57
Rigall, George R115
Riger, Leonard MStwp222
Rigg, Abner C. M157
Rigg, George P115
Rigg, John B77
Rigg, Peter M145
Riggal, George M32
Riggen, Ichabod MStwp226
Riggen, Rachel MStwp227
Riggs, William T. M209
Riley, Barney M18
Riley, Cemantha M. M36
Riley, Thomas J. M17
Riley, William MStwp126
Riordan, Catherine MStwp233
Riordon, Johana E46
Rioth, Frances L137
Rioth, Joseph L140
Rioth, Rosetta MS191
Rioth also see Ryoth
Rise, Lewis MStwp128
Ritchey, James MStwp95
Ritter, Carrie J. V267
Ritter, Conrad L23
Ritter, Conrad MS252
Ritter, Henry D. E135
Robbins, James W. V106
Robbins, William V17
Roberts, Celia MStwp109
Roberts, Elizabeth V218
Roberts, Emma MS8
Roberts, George MS68
Roberts, George V241
Roberts, George H. M179
Roberts, John M160
Roberts, John F. R34
Roberts, Levi R33
Roberts, Martha M146
Roberts, Thomas V95
Roberts, William R93
Robinson, Abner B28
Robinson, Benjamin V35
Robinson, Greenleaf MS149
Robinson, Henry M182
Robinson, James V163
Robinson, James G. L55
Robinson, Joseph V116
Robinson, Ma___ E8
Robinson, William L226
Roch, John E16
Rodehouse, Albert P11
Rodehouse, Henry M6
Rodhouse, Mary A. MS139
Rodolph, John MS102
Rogers, Nancy J. V30
Rogers, Thomas V30
Roon, Perry H. V151
Root, Andrew V105
Root, Charles V76
Root, John V162
Root, Simon V79
Root, Thomas V74
Rose, Charles C97
Rose, Edward V255
Rose, Ezekiel C21
Ross, George MS182
Ross, Grant J. MS136
Ross, Jerry MS136
Ross, John MS15
Ross, Richard MS16
Rottger, Frederick MS259
Rowland, Thomas V177
Rulen, Caroline L197
Rulling, Lafayette L155
Rush, Admiral M25
Rush, David J. M3
Rush, Eva M36
Rush, James P4
Rush, Joseph M4
Rush, Lanes? L31
Rush, Louisa MS28
Rush, Mary R5
Rush some may be Rusk
Rusk may be with Rush
Russell, Dorthy V30
Russell, James P38
Russell, Sarah V185
Russell, T. D. R32
Russell, Thomas V184
Ryan, Dennis MS89
Ryan, James M130
Ryan, John L161
Ryan, John MStwp203
Ryan, Thomas P15
Ryan, Timothy M175
Ryons, Franklin P4
Ryoth, Anthony MS250
Ryoth, Francis MS80
Ryoth also see Rioth
Saddler, George L69
Sadler, Ferdinand MS76
Salrin* [sp. Solran], Justin M170
Sample, Sarah MS262
Samuels, Scipio MStwp31
Sanders, John C147
Sanford, John M118
Sanford, Mary P84
Sanford, May [Mary?] M119
Saratt, Leonard R43
Sargent, James M. V243
Sarky/Larky, Henry MS113
Sarrat, Daniel J. MS106
Sarratt, Charles B124
Sarratt, James V158
Sarratt, Jerry E93
Sarratt, John V156
Sarratt, William E92
Sarratt also see Serratt
Sarver, Benjamin C45
Sarver, Jacob C46
Scanlan, Granvill B161
Scanland, Thomas E4
Schafer, Joseph B78
Schearer, Sebastian M29
Schnopfer, John MStwp196
Scholl, Adeline B174
Schott, Mary M99
Schugh, Jacob M65
Scott, Frank M36
Scott, John MStwp82
Scott, Louisa P96
Scott, William D. M36
Seally check Leally
Seckman, Charles C79
Seckman, James R. C14
Seckman, Jonathan C13
Seckman, Phillip B113
Seckman*, George MStwp61
Secor, Hiram P68
Sedwick, Margaret MS167
Sellers, Sihon C251
Senteney, William V97
Serratt, Amos E71
Serratt, William E72
Serratt also see Sarratt
Sevina, Henry V135
Seymour, Franklin P93
Shafer, Hiram D. L104
Shafer, Hiram M. V83
Shafer, Perry L234
Shane, William MStwp249
Shangle, Lottie MS136
Shank, Daniel L171
Shank, Daniel P103
Shank, William P101
Shanklan, William E152
Shankland, Andrew L82
Shankland, Benjamin L202
Sharon, Nancy MStwp52
Sharron, Cyntha MStwp46
Shaster, Jacob L257
Shawn, Virginia C212
Sheilds, William MS192
Shelly, David C76
Shelly, Eli C120
Shelly, Eli C39
Shelly, James A. C119
Shelly, Larey L265
Shelly, Martin [Mordecai] C38
Shelton, John V19
Shephard, Stephen P91
Shephard, Wesley P92
Shields, Francis C27
Shields, George H. C53
Shields, James F. R36
Shields, John L130
Shields, William C82
Shinebarger, George B138
Shinebarger, James B172
Shinebarger, Lorenzo [Alonzo] B109*
Shiner, Bridget MS162
Shinn, John E26
Shinn, Nancy E27
Shobel, John E29
Shoner, Everett MS52
Shoner, John MStwp33
Short, James E. L37
Shultz, [sp. Shurtz], William C195
Shurwood, Martin MStwp176
Shutzen, Jane L234
Sides, Daniel L180
Sides, Wilson V13
Simmons, Francis L21
Simmons, Green MStwp19
Simmons, Joseph L19
Simms, David V92
Simons, George MS99
Simons, Hiram MStwp131
Simons, John MStwp114
Simons, Sarah L28
Simons, Thomas L33
Simpkins, George P151
Simpson, Franklin MStwp183
Simpson, James L49
Simpson, Nelson E61
Simpson, Robert E43
Simpson, Thomas E54
Six, Alexander MS189
Six, Daniel MStwp23
Six, Serula [Sarilda] M48
Six, Virgil L27
Six, Wesley C234
Six, William MStwp101
Slaker, William L250
Slatten, James E15
Slatten/Slatter, Moses E62
Slunders, John L235
Smanck, Barnard P12
Smedley, David C174
Smith, Arthur MStwp140
Smith, Elisa L258
Smith, Frank V219
Smith, George V164
Smith, Hiram V38
Smith, James L133
Smith, James B. MS142
Smith, James M. MS136
Smith, James T. L72
Smith, John V166
Smith, Joseph L155
Smith, Joseph V110
Smith, Lander? V20
Smith, Lucy M44
Smith, Martha MStwp85
Smith, Martha R8
Smith, Martha T. L54
Smith, Mary E166
Smith, Mary L155
Smith, Mary MS250
Smith, Michael MS110
Smith, Michael MS111
Smith, Parthena MS250
Smith, Patrick E204
Smith, Peter L53
Smith, Richard MS138
Smith, Robert V103
Smith, William C227
Smith, William M190
Smith, William MS60
Smith, William A. L106
Smock, Charles MS221
Smyth, George F. L254
Smyth, James E45
Sneider, Frank MS171
Snider, Hyrum V236
Snodgrass, Eddy A. M39
Snodgrass, Reason B. M40
Snyder, Fred P. MStwp80
Somers, Frank V251
Sorrell, Levi E57
Soul, Henry P169
Sparrow, Jackson B108
Spates, Noah B. C42
Speer, Alexander L42
Spellman, Thomas MS265
Spencer, Edmund M19
Spencer, Edwin R38
Spencer, Joseph R39
Spiker, Adolphus E108
Spoonamore, Barsheba C107
Spoonamore, Taylor C121
Stabler, Catherine V202
Stabler, William V154
Stadler, Augustus M23
Staggs, Elizabeth MStwp10
Stanbrake, James B76
Stanfield, James B67
Stark, Alonzo L194
Stark, Mary MStwp14
Starks, John M. MStwp20
Steefy, Moses E. L265
Steel, Sarah P169
Stepelton, Steward MStwp238
Stephens, Ebenezer L197
Stephens, George P185
Stephens, Jane M57
Stephens, May MS215
Stephens, Nathaniel MS140
Stephens, William B54
Stephenson, Hugh L251
Stevens, Alexander MStwp16
Stevens, Edward E196*
Stevens, Evaline E76
Stevens, Joseph M176
Stevens, Malinda MStwp19
Stevens, Martha L253
Stevens, Mary L243
Stevens, Reuben E195
Stevens, Sandy E75
Stevens, William L244
Stevenson, Farnman L221
Stevenson, George B137
Stewart, Charles E98
Stewart, William V69
Stinson, Aaron E171
Stinson, Chalres F. M92
Stinson, Malinda L155
Stinson, Mary B16
Stinson, Matilda E42
Stinson, William B73
Stites, Samuel C125
Stites, Wallace C124
Stivers, Allen C73
Stivers, Barton C131
Stoddard, Norman MS177
Stofer, Abraham P18
Stofer, Jane R80
Stofer, John P21
Stofer* [sp. Stopher], Jonathan R41
Stoffer, B. F. R89
Stoffer, J. E. R60
Stoffer, L. D. R79
Stoffer, Mathis R78
Stone, Eunice V77
Stone, John C72
Stone, William F. V281
Stoner, Adam M38
Stoner, Adam E. M125
Stoner, Henry V104
Stoops, Joseph L185
Stout, Benjamin MS33
Stout, Charles C90
Stout, Francis M. C52
Stout, Lafayette MStwp24
Streming, John C81
Strong, William C250
Strother, French MStwp48
Stubblefield, William MS163
Stuller, Jacob C154
Stuller, Lewis C265
Sturdevant, George C. V263
Sturtevant, Saul MStwp170
Sulivan, Angline P60
Sulivan, Daniel P57
Sulivan, John P151
Sulivan, John P59
Sulivan, Thomas P14
Sullivan, Daniel MStwp225
Sullivan, H. E154
Sullivan, John E33
Sullivan, Rodger E156
Sullivan, Timothy E158
Summy, Catherine C70
Summy, George V68
Summy, Thomas MStwp118
Summy*, Julia A. V111
Summy?, Andrew P80
Sumpter, Fielding C83
Sumpter, James C85
Sutherland, Margaret V275
Sutton, John MStwp131
Swan, James M. M14
Swan, William MS236
Swarts, Jacob L122
Swaze/Swaye?, Patrick MStwp165
Sweeney, Catherine E3
Sweny, Clara MS250
Sweny, Mattie MS251
Taff [orig. Taaffe], James E178
Taggart, Leo V39
Tague, Ella MS184
Tague, Henry F. R18
Talson, Amanda MStwp82
Tannenslack, Jeremiah B117
Tarrant, Patrick V261
Taylor, Andrew J. MStwp5
Taylor, B. V132
Taylor, Charles H. MS120
Taylor, George MStwp252
Taylor, George W. C89
Taylor, George W. R25
Taylor, Clark (Should be Clark Lindsey)

See OneName/Lindsey6

Taylor, Harriett R36
Taylor, Hildred L112
Taylor, James MS121
Taylor, James MS29
Taylor, John V85
Taylor, Joseph MStwp135
Taylor, Lorenzo B180
Taylor, Marion M207
Taylor, William C95
Taylor, William MS71
Taylor, William MStwp251
Taylor, William A. V137
Taylor, William W. MS47
Tebo, George C104
Tebo, George C196
Tebo, Jobe B. C51
Tebo, William C60
Teefey also see Taff,
Teefey [orig. Taaffe], John B84
Teeffey [orig. Taaffe], Daniel L285
Teefy also check Steefy
Teefy [orig. Taaffe], John L2
Teefy [orig. Taaffe], Mary L274
Test, Olney V. B128
Thacker, William P67
Thomas, Catherine L169
Thomas, Delila J. C3
Thomas, Elizabeth L153
Thomas, Elvira V176
Thomas, Henry MStwp187
Thomas, John C147
Thomas, John W. C174
Thomas, Mary C64
Thomas, Mary MS17
Thomas, Peter C37
Thomas, Thomas P110
Thomas, William C36
Thomas, William L107
Thomas, William L150
Thomas, William V50
Thomas, William MStwp234
Thompson, Alfred E58
Thompson, Andrew C28
Thompson, Charles L22
Thompson, Edith E48
Thompson, Eliza MS165
Thompson, Lee B. C10
Thompson, Robert E139
Thompson, Samuel E21
Thompson, Sarah R. MS235
Thompson, Thomas C69
Thompson, William C281
Thornhill, Mary P90
Thornton, Patrick MS166
Thornton, Sarah MStwp1
Tice, Frances MStwp3
Tice, Samuel MStwp200
Tice, Sarah E. MS134
Timons, George W. V228
Tinnan, John C. C9
Tinnen, Elizabeth MStwp197
Tinnen, Hugh MS136
Tinnen, Nancy MStwp113
Tinnen, Robert MStwp111
Tinnon, William P40
Todd, Eliza V189
Tole, Sarah L245
Tole, William 244
Toles, Charles W. C. V60
Toles, George H. V66
Toles, James C257
Tomlinson, Henry R100
Tomlinson, Samuel R101
Tompkins*, David MS183
Totch, Jacob P135
Trabue, J. H. R61
Tracy, Edward L160
Travis? check Fravis
Trimble, Amanda P34
Trindale, James L105
Truesdell, John C224
Trumball, Abigal V182
Trumbull, William E19
Tucker, Allen B173
Tucker, Branch B125
Tucker, Hannah V17
Tucker, John V170
Tucker, Pleasant B69
Tucker, Thomas L149
Turner, Benjamin M155
Turner, Daniel G. R14
Turner, George C34
Turner, William L74
Tweet?, George MS141
Twombly, Aaron L139
Twombly, Alvin L159
Twombly, George L157
Twombly, George MStwp193
Twombly, Susan MStwp235
Underwood, C.T. L56
Upchurch, George L164
Upchurch, James B120
Upchurch, James E96
Upchurch, John B86
Upchurch, Richard V63
Vale, Jane MS20
Vale, Thomas MS7
Vallans, Catherine R16
Vance, John E145
Vance, Prior P157
Vance, Samuel E1
Vance, Sihon C179
Vance. Elison V109
Vandeventer, Daniel E126
Vandeventer, Elihu V104
Vandeventer, Francis MS212
Vandeventer, Jethro V280
Vandeventer, John W. V107
Vandeventer, Joseph MS242
Vandeventer, Sarah MS211
Vandeventer, Saul V196
Vandeventer, Silas E127
Vandeventer, Thomas V94
Vandeventer, William MS45
Vandeventer, William V105
Vanhorn, William P134
Vanpelt, John E102
VanWey*, Jonas L125
VanWilkel, Louisa P61
Varner, Isaiah V20
Varner, Nancy V20
Vascover, ___[female] R74
Vaughn, Eliza L235
Veach, Eliza L78
Veach, Isaac N. P56
Veach, Mary P51
Veach, Melvina P48
Vedeer, John MS104
Verter, Guyhart MS87
Vince, Bryant C136
Vincent, Winfield MS25 [reversed?]
Vincent?, Jardine V5
Vinson, B. C. R32
Vinson, B. M. R32
Vinson, Bishop R81
Vinson, Syrena R82
Volk, Mathias C150
Wade, William [reversed? Compare L165] L162
Wagner, Albert MStwp37
Wagner, George MStwp35
Wagner, Michael M54
Wagoner, Valentine M9
Walker, Benjamin MStwp161
Walker, David M116
Walker, James MStwp184
Walker, John L50
Walker, John M117
Walker, Joseph MStwp142
Wallace, Thomas MS42
Wallace, William E98
Wallcraft, Robert P17
War?__ also check Mar
Ward, Henry MStwp190
Ward, James MStwp249
Ward, Kit MStwp82
Ward, Nicholas MS128
Ward, Patrick MS126
Ward, William L211
Ward, William MStwp72
Warden, Robert E150
Warner, Mary J. L153
Warren, James R46 [duplicate of 52?]
Warren, James R52 [duplicate of 46?]
Wash, Hamilton MS207
Wash, James MS145
Washburn, Elma M186
Washburn, Rufus MStwp82
Washburn, White MS98
Washburn, William MS202
Washington, Elijah MS231
Waters, Isaac M187
Watkins, John B75
Watkins, Stephen B74
Watson, David K. P133
Watts, Benjamin V61
Watts, Coffman C134
Watts, Sarah C193
Watts, William C268
Waugh, George C116
Waugh?, Louis S. V250
Wear, Mary L98
Weathers see Whethers, Wethers
Weaver, Henry M. MS35
Webb, Allen L6
Webb, Samuel L28
Webster, Joseph M73
Weeks, Daniel L190
Wegan, Franklin M7
Wegs, John MStwp243
Wegs*, Barney MStwp96
Weigan, Adam M6
Weigand, Elizabeth MS64
Weigand, Jacob MStwp36
Weigand, William MS65
Welark?, Robert M189
Welch, Patrick MS99
Welkins, Joshua L235
Wellborn, George C273
Welles, Eldridge MStwp170
Welles, Thomas B163
Wells, Henry V238
Wells, William P99
Welsh, Edward V87
Wenaker, Fred E151
West, Amos R77
Westbrook, George R111
Westbrook, P. S. R110
Westbrook, Ulisses R9
Westbrook, William R20
Westbrook, William R30
Westfall, Louis E103
Wetherbee, Harace E146
Wethers, Quinton V73
Wethers also see Wheathers
Wethers?, Thornton? V56
Wetzel, Henry MS82
Whalen, Andrew M198
Whalen, Morris MS129
Whalen, Thomas MStwp82
Whalen also see Whelen
Wheathers, George L27
Wheatly, John L35
Wheeler, Ezra V204
Wheeler, Henry V133
Wheeler, John E51
Wheeler, Thomas E52
Wheeler, William E37
Whelen, Anna E168
White, Daniel L223
White, William V269
Whited, Charles C197
Whited, Daniel C100
Whited, John C260
Whited, Johnson C170
Whited, Julia A. C170
Whitemore, John M131
Whitesides, Charles B90
Whitmore, Delila M132
Whitmore, Jonas M132
Whitmore, Sarah B136
Wiatt, Madison MS122
Wigen[s] see Wegan, Weigan, Weigand,
Wigens, Rivemus? MS136
Wiginton, Henry MS244
Wiginton, William MStwp104
Wilburn, Mary C147
Wiley, James P182
Wiley, John MStwp247
Wilgras [Wilgus?], Henry MStwp45
Wilgrass [Wilgus?], George MStwp55
Wilgus see Wilgras[s]
Wilkinson, Jacob V108
William, Cora MS181
Williams, Alexander L63
Williams, Alfred L186
Williams, Amos L173
Williams, Ashford C197
Williams, Bethesel L228
Williams, Elizabeth L199
Williams, Elizabeth MS67
Williams, George B84
Williams, Hanna E113
Williams, Henry P134
Williams, James L220
Williams, James G. V40
Williams, John E106
Williams, John F. V190
Williams, Joseph P58
Williams, Julia A. P133
Williams, Lurana C267
Williams, Nicy MS181
Williams, Othas L219
Williams, Vincent B162
Williams, Wade [reversed? Compare L162] L165
Williams, William V190
Williamson, David V42
Williamson, Walter R14
Willison, James B28
Willson, Frank. M. MStwp217
Willson, M. M. MS136
Wilson, Dickson L227
Wilson, Eliza MS240
Wilson, Elizabeth C156
Wilson, George MStwp228
Wilson, James MStwp39
Wilson, Jephtha L108
Wilson, Jepthah V202
Wilson, Jeremiah V147
Wilson, Jesse MStwp213
Wilson, John C155
Wilson, John C216
Wilson, John C22
Wilson, John E207
Wilson, John MStwp12
Wilson, Lucinda E116
Wilson, Lucinda MStwp40
Wilson, Margaret L138
Wilson, Margaret J. V232
Wilson, Mariah MS93
Wilson, Mary MS56
Wilson, Nathan P. V99
Wilson, Ralson P175
Wilson, Wadda P174
Wilson, William M189
Winn, Sarah E120
Winslow, Mary V31
Winslow*, Moses MS8
Wisecup, John C272
Wisle, Thompson L222
Wisner, Barnard MS96
Withrow*, Joseph V172
Witty, Walter MS17
Witzkin, Henry MStwp192
Wood, Hannah R70
Wood, Henry C230
Wood, Henry F. MS187
Wood, Susan L153
Woods, James L174
Woods, James M190
Woods, Julius L154
Woods, Marcus L183
Woods, Margaret R70
Woods, Stephen B47
Woods, William P86
Worthington, Bradford C137
Worthington, John C247
Worthington, William C217
Worthland, Elizabeth MS112
Wren, John C144
Wren, William C1
Wright, Davis E191
Wright, Emma C53
Wright, George W. C80
Wright, Jackson V121
Wright, John L155
Wright, John P73
Wright, John S. L66
Wright, Laurie L6
Wright, Matilda E192
Wright, Samuel C126
Wright, Samuel MS157
Wright, Westbrook E199
Wright, William C54
Wrightman, Anthony L32
Wrightman, John MS114
Wristen, John H. L76
Wyatt, James MS136
Yockey also check Jocky
York, Julia A. V138
York, Martin C262
Young, John M108
Young, Joseph M10
Young, Ralph E163
Young, Valentine MS225
Zimmerman, George E60