1880 Brown Co., IL Census

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1880 Brown Co., IL Census
Buckhorn TWP
Enumerated: 14 Jun 1880
Line #Dwelling #Family #SurnameGivenNameSexAgeRelationshipMarital StatusOccupationBornFatherMotherRemarks
1   139 Miller Edward m 60 head m shoemaker Prussia New York Prussia Heart disease.
2       Augusta f 58 wife m keeping house Prussia Prussia Prussia  
3       Hugo m 27 son s farmer Prussia Prussia Prussia Lame.
4       Oscar m 23 son s works on farm New York Prussia Prussia  
5       Otto m 15 son   works on farm Illinois Prussia Prussia  
6   140 Tucker Colston m 40 head m farmer Illinois Illinois Illinois  
7       Sarah f 34 wife m keeping house Illinois Illinois Illinois  
8     Bean Cleffie m 14 step son   works on farm Illinois Illinois Illinois  
9     Tucker Clara f 6 dau   at school Illinois Illinois Illinois  
10   141 Taylor Dianna f 59 head wid keeping house Ohio New York New York  
11       America f 32 dau s at home Illinois Kentucky Ohio  
12       Flemen m 22 son s at school Illinois Kentucky Ohio Heart disease.
13   142 Taylor Peter m 37 head m farmer Illinois Kentucky Ohio  
14       Sarah f 27 wife m keeping house Iowa Tennessee Tennessee  
15       Harvey m 5 son     Illinois Illinois Iowa  
16       Dianna f 4 dau     Illinois Illinois Iowa  
17   143 Orr Martin L. m 34 head m farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio  
18       Amanda f 28 wife m keeping house Illinois North Carolina North Carolina  
19       Maud f 7 dau   at school Illinois Ohio Illinois  
20     New Christopher m 24 servant s farm laborer Missouri Kentucky Kentucky  
21     Clinard John m 26 servant s farm laborer Iowa Tennessee Tennessee  
22   144 Whitmore Sarah f 56 head wid keeping house Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania  
23       Orvill m 25 son s farmer Illinois Illinois Pennsylvania  
24     Lyons Thomas m 17 servant s farm laborer Illinois Illinois Illinois  
25   145 Moore James m 52 head m farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio This entry is lined out in the record. A note says this is a duplication of # 170-6, p # 53, L # 45. Could not find this location.
26       Catherine f 52 wife m keeping house Ohio Massachusetts D. C.  
27       Alice f 22 dau s housekeeper Ohio Ohio Ohio  
28       Simeon m 20 son s farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio  
29       Chever m 17 son s works on farm Ohio Ohio Ohio  
30       Eliza f 14 dau   at school Ohio Ohio Ohio  
31       Ary f 11 dau   at school Illinois Ohio Ohio  
32   146 Dennis Jessie m 65 head m farmer Georgia Georgia Virginia  
33       Louise f 61 wife m keeping house North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina Dislocated hip. Bedridden.
34       Maggie f 5 grand dau     Illinois Illinois Illinois  
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