1880 Census Question

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Dear Shirley,

CBC is the book, Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois. There are a few names that we looked up to verify who they were by checking the Cemeteries book. Especially, when the census entries are hard to read. David and Lucinda were among those. We feel that since the entry was verified using that source that we would add the information in the remarks column. The numbers in (  ) are the year of birth and death from their headstones.


I will be sending the lookups for the 1860 and 1870 censuses soon.



Ken Huffman


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Here are a couple of look ups
1870 Cenus
Sarah Minium MStwp63
John Minnium R1

1860 Adeline Minnium C434
HF Minnium C419
Henry Minnium C421
Sampson Minnium C420

Now I have a question.  Under the 1880 census David and Lucinda Minnium in the remarks column it has CBC p. 228 (1851 - 1899)
               and also       CBS p. 228   (1859 - 1923).  What is this referring to?

Thanks for all your help.
Shirley Honaker