Names: DeWitt, Flemming, Freeman,Tolle

From - Fri Aug 11 10:49:46 2000
From: "Leslie Winston"
Subject: Brown County Ancesters
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 20:06:01


My name is Aaron Biesbrock. I am descended from the Dewitt, Freeman, and Tolle families of Brown County, IL. Specifically, on the Freeman side I am descended from Howard W Freeman who married Sarah Flemming ~1848 in Brown County. Howard W Freeman was born ~1830 in Kentucky and died during the civil war March 14, 1863 in Nashville, TN. I believe he is buried in the Coopertown Cemetary (listed as H.W. Freeman). Sarah Flemming was born 1830 in Indiana, and lived in Brown County until~1890 before moving to Washington state with her son George Washington Freeman and daughter-in law Elizabeth Dewitt Freeman.

Elizabeth Dewitt (born 1866, Brown County) was the daughter of Sylvester Dewitt and Jemima Tolle and the granddaughter of Benjamin Franklin Dewitt (1810 - 1872) and Elizabeth Taylor and of Charles Wesley Tolle and Charlotte Temple Taylor. Once again, I believe her parents and grandparents are all buried in the Cooperstown cemetary based on the index. I am especially interested in finding any information regarding Howard W. Freeman and of Benjamin F. Dewitt. However, any information that you can me on any of these individuals would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thank You, Aaron Biesbrock