Abbott, Bell, Clark, Flynn, Jackson, Jaques, Johnson, McMelton, Rulling, Smith, Stinson, Taylor, Wright

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Dear Susan,

Here’s the information you requested:

1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Buckhorn Twp


Hiram Jaques 35 m laborer New York

Rebecca Jaques 29 f Ohio

Jesse Jaques 5 m Illinois

Effa Jaques 10/12 f Illinois

Newton Jaques 8 m Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp


Hiram Jaques 54 m farmer New York

Nancy Jaques 47 f Kentucky

Delmar Jaques 28 m farm hand Illinois

George Jaques 15 m Illinois

Russell Jaques 12 m Illinois

Susan Jaques 9 f Illinois

Wallace jaques 8 m Illinois

Rosetta Jaques 3 f Illinois



John Flynn 70 m farmer North Carolina

Isaac Flynn 27 m farmer Illinois

Martha Flynn 27 f Illinois

Isaac Flynn 2 m Illinois



Edward Flynn 25 m laborer France

Mary Flynn 18 f New York

Edward Flynn 1 m Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Lee Twp


Emsly Jackson 53 m BC Poorhouse Keeper Indianna

William McMelton 63 m pauper Scotland

Delliah Bell 60 f Pauper Ohio

Elizabeth Flynn 50 f pauper Illinois

Malinda Stinson 46 f pauper Illinois

William Abbott 30 m pauper Illinois

Mary Smith 25 f pauper Illinois

Lafayette Rulling 25 m pauper Missouri

John Wright 14 m pauper Illinois

Joseph Smith 3 m Pauper Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Missouri


Francis A. Clark 49 m farmer Kentucky

Sarah E. Clark 35 f Illinois

Abner Clark 20 farm hand Illinois

William Clark 18 m Illinois

Lydia Clark 12 f  Illinois

Mary Clark 15 f Illinois

Alta Clark 11 f Illinois

Edmond Clark 8 m Illinois

Benjamin Clark 5 m Illinois

Marion taylor 25 m farm laborer Illinois

Michael Flynn 22 m farm laborer Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Mt Sterlin Twp


Robert Johnson 67 m farmer Ireland

Nancy Johnson 60 f Pennsylvania

Robert Johnson 21 m Ohio

Nancy Johnson 17 f Ohio

Alexander Johnson 14 m Ohio



Robert Johnson 35 m farmer Kentucky

Harriet Johnson 29 f Illinois

Thomas Johnson 10 m Illinois

Minerva Johson 8 f Illinois

Hetta Johnson 8 f Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Town of Mt Sterling


Patrick Flynn 28 m RR hand Ireland

Elizabeth Flynn 23 f Kentucky

Catherine Flynn 4 f Illinois

Paulina Flynn 2 f Illinois

William Flynn 9/12/ m Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Pea Ridge Twp


James Flynn 65 m farmer Ireland

Margaret Flynn 55 f Ireland

James Flynn 25 m farm hand Illinois

Dennis Flynn 20 m farm hand Illinois

Daniel Flynn 18 m farmhand Illinois

Jeremiah Flynn13 m Illinois

Margaret Flynn 8 f Illinois

James Flynn 6 m Illinois



Ken Huffman



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Hello.  My name is Susan Houck.  I am researching the Flynn family.  Would you please look up the following individuals in the 1870 Census?  Sorry, about the long list.  I hope that you don't mind but there are two Roberts and two Jaques.  They married into the Flynn family. 


Flynn, Edward  E89

Flynn, Elizabeth L155

Flynn, James P29

Flynn, John E 50

Flynn, Michael M208

Flynn, Patrick MS234


Jaques, Hiram B131

Jaques, Hiram E6


Johnson, Robert  MStwp88

Johnson, Robert MStwp98


Thank you for your time.  It is much appreciated.