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Dear Audrey,


Our website does not provide death or marriage certificates, but you will find the phone and address for the Brown County Clerk if you will return again to the Brown County site at this specific address: The clerk can provide the marriage license, and in this case, the death record, since statewide registration of deaths did not begin until 1916, and Mabel's death occured in 1911 (see reference below). I also suggest you contact the Versailles Area Genealogical & Historical Society (also linked at the address given) for the obituary.


The page number you have referenced is for the book Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972. Mabel is buried in the Mt. Sterling City Cemetery (p. 234). I have also listed here their daughter, Mabel Ruth. Apparently Mabel (Ward) Rutledge died following the birth of this daughter, if I am seeing the dates correctly, and the daughter died just five months later.


    Mabel Ward, 2nd wife of Orville Rutledge (31 Dec 1885 - 25 Apr 1911).

    Orville Rutledge (1880-1945)

    Mabel Ruth, dau of Orville & Mabel (Ward) Rutledge (17 Apr 1911 - 6 Aug 1912)


Also listed on the same page are Orville's 1st wife, Martha V. Bixler, their daughter, Martha Mae, and Orville's 5th wife, Susie Abbott, who also died following childbirth. The family relationship section on p. 265 does not include the names of the 3rd and 4th wives. I am giving the details here for the first wife and her child, and the fifth wife, in case you would also like this information for your records:


    Martha V. Bixler, 1st wife of Orville Rutledge (3 Mar 1881 - 8 Mar 1909)

    Martha Mae, dau of Orville & Martha V. (Bixler) Rutledge (20 Feb 1909 - 15 Feb 1918)

    Susie Abbott, 5th wife of Orville Rutledge (1882-1945)


The following marriage was located at:


RUTLEDGE, ORVILLE C.   md.  BIXLER, MARTHA V.   11/15/1905 (Bk2 / p56  lic#4483)     BROWN County, IL


I hope this information will be of help to you. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


Laurie Huffman





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Subject: Death Record & marriage license

I am looking for the death record of Mabel (Ward) RutledgeThere is a number beside her name, of 234.


To verify she is the person I am looking for,  her Fathers name is Thomas J. Ward and her Mothers name is Matilda KnappI do not know the year of death, but it would be after 1916I think the record is in Brown County.


Please let me know if there is a charge for a copy of the death certificate and how to proceed.


I also need a copy of the Marriage License dated 11/17/1909 for Mabel Ward to Orville Rutledge - Brown County Vol #2 Pg. 87,  License #5077.


Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Audrey Doe

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