Alberts, Byers, Hupman, Minnium, O'Neal, Parker, Thomas

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Dear Shirley,

Here’s the information your requested:


1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Cooperstown Twp


H. F. Minnium 22 m farmer Pennsylvania

Mrs. S. E. Minnium 17 f Illinois

John Minnium 9 m Illinois



Sampson Minnium 49 m carpenter Pennsylvania

Mrs. Julia A. Minnium 49 f Illinois

Mary E. Minnium 17 f Illinois

Adduta? Minnium 14 f Illinois

David Minnium 8 m Illinois



Henry Minnium 70 m farmer Pennsylvania

Mrs. M. J. Minnium 70 f Pennsylvania

James Byers 16 m farmer Pennsylvania



Samuel Thomas 33 m farmer Ohio

Mrs. Mary Thomas 24 f Pennsylvania

Samuel C. Hupman 14 m Illinois

Samuel Albert 8 m Illinois

Adeline Minnium 7 f Illinois

Amelia Minnium 4 f Illinois

Hannah Minnium 23 f Pennsylvania

Margaret Parker 70 f Kentucky



1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Ripley Twp



Jeremiah O’Neal 40 m farmer Illinois

Louisa M. O’Neal 33 f Ohio

James O’Neal 16 m Illinois

Sarada O’Neal 11 f Illinois

Mary E. O’Neal 7 f Illinois

Charles O’Neal 3 m Illinois

Etta O’Neal 8/12 f  Illinois b. Nov.

John Minnium 21 m farm laborer Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Mt Sterling Twp



Sarah Minium 55 f Illinois

Adeline Minuim 21 f Illinois

John Minium 19 m Illinois

David Minium 17 m Illinois



Ken Huffman

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Here are a couple of look ups
1870 Cenus
Sarah Minium MStwp63
John Minnium R1

1860 Adeline Minnium C434
HF Minnium C419
Henry Minnium C421
Sampson Minnium C420

Now I have a question.  Under the 1880 census David and Lucinda Minnium in the remarks column it has CBC p. 228 (1851 - 1899)
               and also       CBS p. 228   (1859 - 1923).  What is this referring to?

Thanks for all your help.
Shirley Honaker