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From: Ken and Laurie Huffman [[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2004 1:34 PM
To: Priscilla Alexander
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Thanks, Iíll get the things, Iíve been holding, out on the web soon. What you have added here in this email is also helpful. I believe that those who find your work should see the effort that has gone into it along with the reasoning. Obviously, they will never comprehend all of the effort, but seeing how you have dealt with disconnected and often conflicting information builds confidence in the conclusions.


Now, when you see things on the web site that are not correct in the one name research, itís because Iím making no effort to correct it. It is just a place where people corresponding with me can ask for information which I provide from the resources I have available. I assume that they have reviewed what is already on the site (probably a bad assumption), and provide the information I have available without doing extensive research. The number of information requests I get, keeps me from digging very deep. Itís the information from people like you and Wally that provides the corrections that need to be made. So everyone gets posted to the web when they make information requests. My responses may be wrong because my resource materials are wrong or incomplete.


Just a note about Alex. As he neared the end of his Mission, it became clear to us that it would be too difficult for us to make the trip out to pick him up. My wifeís illness added too much uncertainty to the planning. Had we come, we would have looked you up and visited for awhile. It was too far to come and not do so. So, we didnít visit because we didnít come. It was pretty much a last minute decision as we understood the effort and difficulty of making it a pleasant trip and keeping Laurie well at the same time.



Ken Huffman


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From: Priscilla Alexander [mailto:[email protected]]
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To: Ken and Laurie Huffman
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Dear Ken:


I went back over the e-mails regarding my move and the info I sent you.  Just before I left Carmel Valley a family had contacted me with a theory of their own regarding Elihu and Allen's family.  So far the research Wally and I have done has been backed up with info from books and census.  Thus far, they haven't produced any concrete evidence of their connection except for a book about many Alexanders immigrating from Ireland and Scotland to the Carolinas and GA.  They feel that Captain William Alexander was the person they were related to, but after seeing the book, Wally did a study of the info and it doesn't connect with the TN Warren County info; however, it doesn't mean they are not right.  I thought I would try researching John Batson in GA since he came from GA, and see if I can find a connection.  I feel pretty confident that our Allen came from Warren County, TN, but I have no proof, and I wouldn't want to prejudice the search by posting the census.  Wally and I wrote what we found in TN  into the History draft because he went to some length in veryifying the census and found that all data fit Allen's family in both the 1820 and 1830 Warren County, TN census.  I guess it is up to you if you want to post them.  As for the bible, the images are quite large and do not show the info well.  As for the Ripley photo and the Allen and Ann Alexander cemetery headstones in Colusa County, I haven't asked Wally, but would assume it's o.k. 


I apologize for the delay and I will always be sorry if we could have connected while you were in CA to pick up Alex.







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From: Ken and Laurie Huffman

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Subject: RE: Alexander 2



Thanks for the correction. I will place this explanation as Alexander3.


 I also have several image files of various Alexander documents that you requested I hold off placing on the Webpage until I heard from you on final disposition. I just wanted to recall them to your attention.



Ken Huffman