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Names: Alexander, Stout



From: Jeaneen Hess

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12 Jul 2012


We have found the parents of Margenia 'Margaret' and Nancy Catherine Alexander.  Also thanks to the 1840-1850-1860 Census - Allen Alexander of TN  married Lucy Batson of TN, daughter of John Batson of GA, TN & finally Brown County, Illinois

Nine Alexander children were born:   John Houston 1824, TN - Eilihu, 1826 TN - Margenia 1829 TN - Nancy Catherine 1835 IL- Albert Allen 1833 IL -  Martha E. 1835 IL - Lucy Jane. 1837 IL - Mary Melvina 1839 IL - Octavia b. after the Census 1842 IL


They lived in Cooperstown Twp in 1840 & 1850 and John Houston Alexander had his maternal grandfather John Batson living with them in Mt. Sterling Twp in 1860.

The children were orphaned when Allen died late 1842 or early 1843 - Lucy Batson Alexander died abt. 1847 -  In the 1850 Census John Houston Alexander is shown as Head of House.   The younger girls told the story that their maternal grandfather John Batson raised them.  In checking the 1840 Census we found that John Batson a widower, lived in the home next door to the Alexander's in Cooperstown Tsp.    Tied it all together.


Almost all of the children and their spouses settled and were married in Brown County,   John Houston m. Mary Ann Jones - Elihu married Lucinda Logsdon but d. in McDonough Co - Margenia m. Francis Marion Stout - Nancy Catherine m. Francis Marion Stout - Martha E. m. Aaron Ream - Lucy Jane m. James Barton - Mary Melvina m. James Tebo - Octavia m. Martin B. Johnson.  The exceptions were,   Wallace McGahan's line (Albert Allen) m. Anne Bodicia Huffman who ended up in California and (Mary Melvina) died in Kansas- We are not sure about Mary E. and her husband.


 My Family also includes Stout, Moody, Gilkey, Kendrick, Myers, McLain, Thomas, Purpus, Crawford  and a few others - At least the Stout side which includes several of my cousins now know the following:   There are a few mistakes in the Cemetery Book.  I know you can't correct any printed information, but when you get inquiries this might help.

                                                        Francis Marion Stout, my great, great grandfather   b. Georgetown, Scott Co, Ky  1823 - d. Mt. Sterling Tsp, Brown, IL 1921

First married:                   Margenia 'Margaret' Alexander Stout - Two Children:  

                                                                                 Luticia  1847-1850 died quite young of cholera - b. Ripley Cemetery

                                                                                 Lafayette 'Pete' Stout  1851-1959  b. Mt. Sterling City Cemetery

                                                 "Pete"  Stout m. Mary A. Grey - 6 children -

                                                                                  Francis Marion (after his grandfather) 1875-1921

                                                                                  Eli Oscar 1876-1954

                                                                                  William Grant Stout 1878-1893

                                                                                  D. Lafayette 1880-1958

                                                                                  Emily Alice 1882 -

                                                                                  Lydia - 1887

After her death married her sister:  Nancy Catherine Alexander Stout, my great great grandmother - 8 children -  All Born in Cooperstown Tsp, Brown County, IL

                                       Issac Newton 'Newt'  Stout, 1855 - 1928 ,  m. Sarah M. Moore - 1 daughter - Winifred 1882-1932 m. Eugene Hermetet - All buried Ripley

                             John Charles 'John C' Fremont Stout  1857- 1925 (my great grandfather),  m.  Sarah 'Sallie' Gilkey - 3 children

                                                                                  both buried Mt. Sterling City - She was daughter of James Banks Gilkey and Winifred Kendrick.

                                                                                 1.   Ralph Augustus Stout  1879-1959 (my grandfather) m. Artemeasia 'Arte' Moody  - both buried Ripley

                                                                                       (Ralph's 2nd wife - Velma Jane Rigg Stout Daab (Carl) - She is buried Hersman Cem.                                                                                   2.  Hazel Dell Stout (Male) 1881-1902, unmarried - died young of appendix, buried in Mt. Sterling City 

                                                                                 3.  Opal Aline Stout Quelch 1884-1914 - b. Cook County - Had 1 girl , Mildred, adopted by D. Lafayette  Stout,

                                       James Madison Stout, 1859-1934 m.  Lucetta Lanning  - b. Ripley - 6 children   

                                                                                    Francis E - 1885-1890 b. Ripley

                                                                                    Lawrence Melville - 1887-1959   m. Rose E. Wort - Buried Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery

                                                                                    Ermie Stout 1889-1894 - Died young in a fire - b. Ripley

                                                                                    Isaac 'Errett' Stout  1890-1976 m Ethel Berry - b. Versailles

                                                                                    Rose May Stout 1892-1893  - b. Ripley

                                                                                    James Leebert 'Lee' - 1894-1959   WWI m Velma Rilla Snyder  - b. Ripley

                                        Abraham Lincoln 'Linc' Stout  1860-1942 m. Lucinda 'Lucy' Lanning (twin sister of Lucetta who married James M.) both  buried in Mt. Sterling City -  5 children

                                                                                    Ethel E.  1886-1930 m William H. Brownrigg b. unknown

                                                                                    Lottie W.  1888- b. unknown

                                                                                    Helen C.  1890-1934  b. Mt. Sterling City

                                                                                    Francis M. 1893-1979   b.  unknown

                                                                                    Russell L. 1902-1941 (single)  b. Mt. Sterling City

                                        Alice Stout -  1865-1868   - b. Ripley

                                        Annis S. - 1865-1909 - m. William B. Moore - d. Cook County - b. Ripley  cem. - 1 son Milburn moved from Cook Co. to New York State

                                        Francis Marion Jr. - 1871-1878  b. Ripley

                                        Allen A. (we think it was Alexander) - 1873-1889 - d. heat stroke - b. Ripley


Francis Marion Stout was born in Georgetown, Scott Co., KY to Isaac and Lydia Baxter Stout.       We have identified two siblings.  His biography said he was one of 4 children.   Two migrated to Illinois from Ky after F.M.       

                                                            We know his sister was:

Mary J. Stout 1830-1902 b. KY - she married F. Augustus R. Donahower.   They had  10 children:  Most married in Brown County and many are buried there.  They moved from Brown Co. to Missouri, but after F.A.R's death she moved with younger children back to Brown Co.  She and some of the family are buried in Ripley.

They are listed as follows:    Michael  1851-1921 b. Dewitt Co, IL -  Margaret  1853-,

Isabell  1854-1857 - Ellen 1856-1922 m. Lloyd Stoffer  b. Ripley -  Eva Alice 1858-1919 b. Dewitt Co, IL - Clinton B. 1860-1928 m. Dora B. Hess b. Ripley - Catherine 'Kate' D 1862-1877 - Henry B. 1864-1941 m Emma Burrows Davis b. Indiana - Nancy Jane 'Nan' 1865-1943 m. Frederick 'Fred' Paisley b. Schuyler Co.

Evert W. 1892.

John J. Stout - b. 1832  He was living with Francis Marion and Nancy Catherine at age 18 in an early Census so we believe he was another sibling.  We can find no further information on him however, so he could have returned to KY.   He was listed as a Potter.


Francis Marion Stout had two additional family members who resided in Brown County.  I noticed you had them listed in your research.   THEY WERE HIS UNCLE AND AUNT -  Siblings of his father Isaac.Stout

His Aunt was:   Margaret B. Stout  b. 1807 Georgetown, Scott Co. KY - m. Nathanial 'Nathan' Scott Kendrick   -  migrated to Brown County - d. 1892 Mt. Sterling Twp. - Buried Mt. Sterling City - 8 children:

                                             Ira W.   1831-   m. Nancy E. Herring

                                            Wallace William   1833-   m. Mary Jane Black

                                            Stout  1825-1908   m. Elisabeth E. ?

                                            Mary    1838-

                                            Anna Belle 1840-1927   m.  John W. Fry

                                            Evaline  1842-

                                            Franklin  1845-1865

                                            Helen M    1848-1946   m. Jacob Burkey Jr.

Note:  I have tried contacting  someone in this Kendrick line, but have gotten no response as yet.


His Uncle was:  Benjamin D. Stout b. 1810 Georgetown, Scott Co, KY - m. Julia Ann Brooks born Schuyler Co. 1822-1876 - d. 1893 Pittsfield, Pike Co, IL at the home of his son Barton W. - Buried Pike Co. ??    Since Julia Ann is shown as born Schuyler Co it is quite possibly that was before Brown County was separated from Schuyler.   Allen Stout first settled in Woodstock Tsp, Schuyler and then purchased land in Cooperstown Tsp Brown.

Benjamin D. & Julia Ann had 4 children:  You have a copy of their obituary.

                                            Isadora 1835-1923   m. Francis M. Fry

                                            Barton W.  1840=1910   m. Martha J. Butz  - He moved to Pike Co. sometime after 1880 Census

                                           James M.   1843 -  m. Ella A.  ?  He was living in Mt. Sterling in the 1880 Census as was Barton

                                            Sarah H.   1848 -


Note:  We have concluded that the Charles Stout  1824-1900 Family that is buried in Ripley were not part of this family as he was born in Ohio However, he is listed as a Potter and his wife is shown as being born in Illinois.  The  only reason I am giving you this information is that I saw that a few people had inquired about the Stout's in your site.  This family could very well have been related to Francis Marion and his son Isaac Newton who ran the Pottery Factory.  There were Stout's who migrated to Ohio, but I have no clue at this time.  However, there are two good sources that may have the answer for them.  We do know this ---

   His wife was a Mary Jane, his son was John Martin "Coon" Stout that is mentioned in the Brown/Schuyler County History Book.   He was a  portrait artist using drawing and watercolor and a trick big wheel bike rider and was a deaf mute.   He was educated in the Jacksonville School for the Deaf and married a deaf girl he met there.  He died a few months after their marriage while riding his bicycle from Ripley to Mt. Sterling.   Charles and his wife had 3 other children Arthur, Mary C. and May D who married John Hull.  There is a special Census for the Handicapped that was taken in  titledU.S. Special Census on Deaf Marriages and Hearing Relatives, 1888-1895  on the Internet.


Another Cemetery Misinformation:    Re:  Hersman Cemetery -  My Mother:  Phyllis 'Juanita' Stout Purpus Crawford  1915-1945 is shown in the Hersman Cemetery as the daughter of  Lewis Donald Crawford - We know the reason for this however for a Historical Correction.   He was actually her 2nd father-in-law

Juanita was the daughter of Ralph Augustus and Artemeasia 'Arte' Moody Stout. They are buried in Ripley Cemetery.

Her first husband was Delbert Kenneth Purpus  (my father) - son of Albert and Jennie Purpus (buried Mt. Sterling City) - Her second husband was Charles Elliott Crawford who was alive when the Book was written.  He is now deceased and buried there also.  She and a stillborn baby boy are buried together in the Crawford/Elliott section of the Hersman Cemetery.  My half-sister Judith Crawford Baird and I are in the process of putting a new stone on her grave.

Delbert Kenneth Purpus was my father and he is buried in Cook County.  I have a half-brother Donald Eugene Purpus living in Cook County.


Purpus:   Albert Purpus' sister, Amelia Purpus is the other person buried in the Purpus plot in the City Cemetery.   There is a  Purpus Cemetery article in the Cemetery History Book where seven of the Purpus' are buried.  There are no headstones now as they were wooden, but my grandfather Albert, took my Dad there many years ago and gave all their names while he was still alive.  He died at age 99.   This information is only if you have anyone inquire about the Purpus connection.   The family migrated from Rhineland, Lauterecken, Germany betweem the year 1851-1853.  They were shown in the 1860 Census as residing in Buckhorn Tsp, near Kellerville where they bought a large farm and raised their 6 of the children there.  

 * Carl Joseph Purpus 1812-1890 and his wife Katharine Elizabeth Tressel 1810-1875

He was originally a dyer, then a cooper (barrel maker) and a brewer in Lauterecken.  He and two brothers migrated to the USA - One settled in Bremer, Ohio, one in Wisconsin and Carl Joseph in Buckhorn Tsp, Brown Co. in 1857 where they became farmers.   All the children were born in Germany. 

                             Karolina Elizabeth        1837 -  It is believe she stayed in Germany as she was 16 and possibly married.

                             Charles Eugene     1838-1910  (my great grandfather) m. his cousin Marie Purpus

                             Leopold                           1840-1862 - Enlisted in Co. B, 50th Regiment, Illinois Infantry where he made Corporal.   He died of wounds received on 31 My 1862 at The Siege of Corinth, Mississippi.  He was 21 years old.   He is buried with honors in the Union Cemetery Section B, Site 3529, Grave #334 in the Corinth National Cemetery, Corinth, MS.      I don't believe he is listed in the service section of the Brown and Schuyler History Book.

                              Ludwig 'Louis'              1842-1915    m.  Mary Jane Bartoldus - lived in Lima, Adams Co before moving to  New Mexico - d. in Texas

                             Wilheim 'William'         1846 -               settled in Quincy, Adams Co. and was a grocer d. Adams Co.

                              Anton 'Anthony'           1848 -                died young

                              Jacob 'JC'                     1850-                settled in Quincy, Adams Co. and was a foreman on Burlington RR


Carl Eugene and Marie S. Purpus had four children:

                            Lena                                1866-1967  m. Enos Bennett - lived Quincy, Adams Co

                            Amelia                            1872-1967   unmarried - lived all her life in Brown County

                            Albert Charles       1873-1971   m. Jennie Lillian Thomas - lived all his life in Brown County.   They had a still born daughter, Violet Marie -                                                                                                  Delbert Kenneth was adopted.

                            Leo                                   1883-1899   died young 


Burials in the Purpus Cemetery near the home in Kellerville, Buckhorn Tsp, Brown County are:

        Carl Joseph   buried 1890  and wife  Katharine Elizabeth 1875

        Charles Eugene  1910   wife Marie S   1930   (my  father Delbert Kenneth Purpus remembered help carry his Grandmother to the Cemetery for burial  at age 16.)

        Anton 'Anthony     ?

        Leo   1899

        Violet Marie  (stillborn baby)  date of birth unknown (sometime before 1914)


I know this is a lot useless information since you can't change the already written history, but after viewing what you had, I felt the need to send it.    I also have the Moody line traced back to 1700's as well as Kendrick and my great grandmother Sallie Gilkey's line traced back to 'The Mayflower' in 1620 to my 10th Great Grandfather Richard Warren a signer of the Mayflower Compact, as well as the Stout line traced back to 1600's to Richard and Penelope vanPrince Stout - the founder of the New Jersey settlements.   I have grandfathers and grand uncles traced to the Revolutionary War.  My fifth Great Grandfather Abraham Stout  who fought at the Battle of White Plains and lost an 18 year old son there, was the Great  Grandfather of Francis Marion Stout and Mary J. Stout Donahower, and Grandfather of Margaret Stout Kendrick and Benjamin D. Stout.  All Brown Countians.


You have my permission to use my e-mail address for anyone searching that I could possibly help.  I have been a member of Ancestry and have Family Tree Maker that I have been using for about 3 years and it is a great help.   I'm just about finished with my researching and as I am 76 years old, I have other things on my 'Bucket List'.

Thank you for the good work you have been doing in 'Welcome to Brown County'.


cc Versailes Historical Society

cc  Marsha Stout



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