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You're right about California. That was my conclusion after seeing the ages of Ida and Sam.


However, during that time many Brown County residents went to California for gold. My 2nd great grandfather was one of them. He went for a few months made some money and came home. It was only one of many possibilities for an explanation of why they are not in the 1850 Census when their children are. They must have been missed or their surnames were not properly recorded.


My point about William and the 1880 Census was only to say that he was gone from Brown County by that time. I only have the Censuses for Brown County.


It looks like you already have the location of Jonas's birthplace from Ida's entry in the 1880 Census. She would have been only about 5 years old when he died, so she may only be reporting what she had heard or remembered. Williams entry may help strengthen the place. The probate records may also give additional clues.



Ken Huffman




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I am quite sure that Jonas and Maria did not go to California.  Jonas was

only 35 years old when he died.

If you are interested, I can give you some updates on the Allbert's,

Decounter's, and Stoffer's.  I don't want to bore you with details.

I don't know why William's name is not in the 1880 census.  If you are

interested, look in the "History of McDonough County Illinois",

copyrighted 1999 by Robin L. W. Peterson.  It gives an account of William

Allbert, H. A. Cleveland and J. Stoffer in the William Allbert & Son

pottery business.  He moved his family to Hays, Kansas in June of 1885.

My grandfather, Ernest Leonard Allbert (one of William's two sons) was 17

years old at the time.

In the 1880 McDonough county Federal Census (1IL0014) Ida Demenath

Allbert, states her father was born in Pennsylvania.

I found the site I mentioned earlier of the two Allbert's and their

brides.  It is the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1793-1900.  This is

where William Allbert and Frances Marilla Cleveland marriage is recorded.

 Volume C, page 56, license no. 717.  I am going to have to wait until I

can get to a land line to do further research.  Using a cell phone is

VERY SLOW (14.4 baud).  I hope I am not being too much of a bother to



Thanks,  Olyn Allbert