Names: Arkell, Brady, Dowd, Elliott, Guest


From: Rita Cunningham [[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 1:04 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Brown County (mp)

Laurie and Ken,


I was just going back and looking at the postings of correspondence on the web site. I found my emails that I sent to you in 2002 regarding the Charles Elliott family. He is father of my great grandmother, Mary Ann Elliott Brady. At the time  I corresponded with you, Charles Elliott's name is all I had taken from Mary Ann's death certificate. Since I emailed you, I hired a gentleman 2003 in England to do research for me. It proved to be worthwhile all though a little expensive so I limited the research just to the immediate family.


The following is what he found for me. Charles Elliott was born November 5, 1815 in Wotten Under Edge, Gloucester, England. He Married Celia Guest, daughter of Daniel Guest and Sarah Arkell, on December 25, 1838 In St. Bartholomew, Churchdown, Gloucester, England. She was born about October 18, 1818.


They had the following children:


Mary Ann Elliott, b. November 15, 1839, St. Nicholas Gloucester city, England; d. July 9, 1919 Mount Sterling, Illinois


William Edwin Elliott, b. March 29, 1842 Gloucester city, Gloucestershire, England; d. January 4, 1910     Asbury, Jasper County, Missouri


Charles Henry Elliott, b. June 7, 1846 St. Nicholas Gloucester city, England; d. April 29,1847 St. Nicholas Gloucester, England


Daniel Elliott, b. September 5, 1847, St Nicholas Gloucester, England; d. May 22, 1849 St. Nicholas Gloucester, England


Sarah Marie Elliott, b. June 13, 1849, St. Nicholas Gloucester, England; d. July 3, 1851 St. Nicholas Gloucester, England


Charles Elliott, b. October 22, 1851, St, Nicholas Gloucester, England; d. March 1, 1852 St, Nicholas Gloucester, England


Sarah Ann Elliott, b. December 8, 1852


All of the above information was obtained by my researcher, Geoffrey T. Roberts, in the General Register Office in Gloucester, England. One of the children listed above, William Edwin Elliott, did not come from Mr. Roberts research. It was given to me by Jack Giles, who says he is a great grandnephew of Mary Ann Elliott. William Edwin Elliott is his great grandfather. But he apparently did not appear in the records Mr. Roberts researched in England.


Mary Ann Elliott immigrated to the US in 1855 which is stated on her death certificate as to the number of years she had been in the US at the time of her death. She possibly came here William Edwin and Sarah Ann as they are the only surviving children. Mr. Roberts said there was record of a Cholera Epidemic in September and October of 1854. This could be why the surviving children came to the US. He could not find any record of the parents deaths. He also sent me Mary Ann's birth certificate. His research time amounted to approximately 6 to 7 hours. I would have loved for him to go further but the cost too expensive and I mainly got what I really wanted.


Mary Ann married Thomas Terrence Brady on January 18, 1860 in Mt. Sterling, Illinois. He was born May 5, 1834 in County Cavan, North Ireland, the son of Francis Brady and Clara Dowd. He died August 9, 1908 In Mt. Sterling Illinois. He Immigrated to the US about 1845/46.


Mary Ann and Thomas Terrence Brady are my paternal great grandparents.


This is a little late bringing you up to date but here it is as I know it today. Still have been unable to find the ships either family came to the US .


Ria Cunningham