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Dear Mary,


I have located a few items that might be of some help.


In the 1840 Federal Census for Brown County there is a G. W. Littlefield with the following family:


1 male 0/5 (b. 1835-1840)

1 male 5/10 (b. 1830-1835)

1 male 10/15 (b. 1825-1830)

1 male 30/40 (b. 1800-1810)

1 male 40/50 (b. 1790-1800)

1 female 0/5 (b. 1835-1840)

1 female 5/10 (b. 1830-1835)

1 female 30/40 (b. 1800-1810)


If you line up the Littlefield children based on their ages from the 1850 and 1860 censuses, they look roughly like this:


Joseph 1831/1832 New York

Warren 1833/1834 New York

Sarah 1840/1841 Illinois

Elizabeth 1842 place?


Since census ages are notoriously wrong, there are still adjustments that could be made, but I think, other than missing one son in the 10/15 bracket, and there being a possible brother or brother-in-law, this could be the family. There is another Littlefield who married in Adams County after the 1840 census. Perhaps he is related to G. W., perhaps not.




Now to the names (plus a few) you requested from Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972.


Cleaves Cemetery, Lee Township, pp 95, 98:


    Luella, d/o J. C. & M. S. Littlefield (d. 24 Aug 1866, aged 1-5-20) PAF calculated birth date: 4 Mar 1865.

    Jefferson Cleaves (d. 31 Jan 1884 aged 75-4-15) PAF calc. birth date: 16 Sep 1808.

    Almira (Twombly*), 1st wife of Jefferson Cleaves (8 Mar 1809-1 Oct 1846) *See last entry in this report.

    Mary Littlefield, 2nd wife of Jefferson Cleaves (no headstone)

    Sarah McGlaughlin, 3rd wife of Jefferson Cleaves (12 May 1808-16 Feb 1889)


    NOTE: In 1853 Jefferson Cleaves and his 2nd wife, Mary Littlefield, conveyed the Cleaves burial ground into a public burial ground by deeding 1/2 acre to the Brown County Court for $12.00. (CBC p. 95)


Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, pp 225, 254, 258:


    Capt. N. R. Littlefield (1813-1897)

    Cordelia Harney, w/o N. R. Littlefield (1833-1895) She is the d/o Conrad Harney.

    Eugene Brockman, (d. 1883 aged 32 years) son-in-law of N. R. & Cordelia Littlefield

    Leon Brockman, s/o Eugene Brockman (1880-1904) Mother is Bertha S. Littlefield - see next entry.


History of Schuyler and Brown Countues, Illinois


p. 260, 385:


    Bertha S. Littlefield married Eugene C. Brockman October 1875 in Mt. Sterling, Brown County, IL. Both were born in Mt. Sterling.


p. 193:    Warren Littlefield served in the Civil War as a Corporal in Co C, 3d Missouri Cavalry, 3 yrs service, and was mustered out at the end of his term on October 1864.


p. 282: Joseph Littlefield built the Frederick Flouring and Saw Mill in Frederick Township, Schuyler County, IL.


Illinois Marriage Index Online: (be sure to check all surrounding counties!)


       LITTLEFIELD, JOSEPH married BELL, MARY ANN 07/04/1859 ADAMS Co, IL 

    BROCKMAN, EUGENE C. married  LITTLEFIELD, BERTHA 10/04/1875 (C /118  1904) BROWN Co, IL               
    CLEAVES, JEFFERSON married LITTLEFIELD, ELIZABETH 04/04/1847 (A&B/00000368) BROWN Co, IL               
    BEAN, NATHANIEL C. married  LITTLEFIELD, SARAH 10/28/1858 (A&B/00000735) BROWN
  Co, IL             


History of Brown County, Illinois


pp 393, 394 (a brief extract from The Cleaves Family):    "Jefferson Cleaves (1809-1884, son of Nathaniel Cleaves Jr. & 1st wife, Hannah Bradford) had eight children who lived to maturity. Six of these were children of his 1st wife, Almira Twombly (1808-1846). they were Samantha (1831), Edwin (1834-1922), Alzina (1836), Nathaniel (1839), Azim (1842), and Martin (1845). the mother, Almira, died in 1846 and Jefferson married Mary Littlefield in 1847. The two children of this marriage were Martha Jane (1848), and Almina (1851). Jefferson's 3rd wife was Sarah McGlaughlin whom he married in 1871."


My final suggestion would be to contact the Versailles Area Genealogical & Historical Society to see if they have any manuscript materials on members of the Littlefield family, and possibly obituaries/death notices. They have a very good collection and are most helpful.


Two final items. 1] - I noticed the connection of Warren Littlefield to George and Elizabeth Nokes in your census listings (below). HBC p. 394 notes that Nathaniel Cleaves Jr. (father of Jefferson) married 2nd Mary Nokes. So there is yet another link in the triangle of these families. 2] - The W. F. Littlefield living with Jos. Littlefield in 1860 must be Warren and Joseph, don't you think? And there is an initial for Warren - one more tidbit.


I hope these items will be of some help to you. Let me know if you have any questions about anything I have presented.


Laurie Huffman


Brown Co, ILGenWeb Project


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Dear Ms. Huffman:


One of my gg grandmothers, Sarah Littlefield, was born in Illinois.  I have reason to believe she came from the Brown/Schuyler/Adam County area.  I reviewed the 1850 census available on the Brown County Genweb page and found a group of underage Littlefield children living with miscellaneous families.  I believe they may have been orphaned.  I am wondering if one or two of the individuals listed below are their parents. I appreciate your help.


Mary Schaenzer

Woodbury, MN



Littlefield, Cordelia (Harney)________ 225
Littlefield, J. C.________ 96
Littlefield, Luella________ 96
Littlefield, M. S.________ 96
Littlefield, N. R.________ 225


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The 1850 census shows Joseph Littlefield, age 18 born in NY; and Elizabeth Littlefield, age 7, born in IL, are living with the family of Jefferson and Betsy Cleaves, in Lee Township, Brown County.  


    Actually I just noticed that in the early marriage database: LITTLEFIELD, Elizabeth married Jefferson CLEAVES 4 Apr 1847.  So it looks like Betsy Cleaves is their mother. But I'm still looking for their father.


Also, in the 1850 Census in Mount Sterling, Brown County, a Sarah Littlefield (10) is living with a Dr. James and Phebe Allen.  Sarah is probably a servant, it doesn't appear she is related to Phebe. Sarah was born in IL.


Lastly, in the 1850 Census, Warren Littlefield (Laborer), age 17, born in NY is living with George and Elizabeth Nokes in Lee Township, IL.



I wonder if all these children aren't siblings.  The 1860 census for Lee Township, Brown County, shows Elizabeth Littlefield, age 18, living with Nathaniel C. Bean, age 22, and his wife Sarah Littlefield Bean, age 22.


The 1860 Census for Pea Ridge Township, Brown County shows Jos. Littlefield, age 27, born in NY and W. F. Littlefield, a male age 25 living together along with Jos's wife and baby.