NAMES:Aurand, Shinnebarger

Dear Warren,
You can get to the complete 1850 census from the Brown County Web page. Click on the dot next the 1850 Census. When the index window comes up click on the 'S' and it will take you to a list of surnames beginning with 'S". Scroll down to George Shinnebarger and click on the surname and it will take you to the Census listing.

You will note that I misspelled George but I'll fix that, maybe even before you see it.

1870 Census Buckhorn Twp, Brown County, Ill.
H. W. Arand 31 w m laborer Pa
Adeline Arand 24 w f Ill
George Arand 5 w m Ill

Hope this helps.
Ken Huffman

Warren Clark wrote:

Hi Ken & Laurie
Thank you for you help. I looking for the census record on Arrand H W of Buckhorn B110. For your information the name should be Aurand HW.
I'm also looking for shinnebanger, George: 1850 Census Shinnebarger, G. B1157

Thanks again
Warren Clark [email protected]

The date was 23 July 1870. The only column I did not give you that had information in it was "Race". In this case, as in almost all others in Brown County, is "w". Adeline's occupation is listed as "keeps house" as with most females in the census and George's occupation is listed as "with parents". I'm sorry there isn't more. That is the lament of most genealogists when they find information in the Census.

Ken Huffman

Warren Clark wrote:

Hi Ken a Laurie
Thanks for the Census information. I still have a question on the 1870 census with HW Arand. Is the more information on that census? Such as date of the Census or anything else.
Thanks so much