NAMES: Ausmus, Kindhart, McDannold

Dear Ann,

Here's the 1860 Census information you requested:

1860 fderal Census Brown County, Illinois, Lee Twp
E. W. Ausmus 26 m Farmer Ill
Mrs. M. E. Ausmus 18 f Ill
infant Ausmus 1/12 f Ill
Henry Kindheart 13 m PA

Pea Ridge Twp
Thomas McDanold 34 m farmer Ky
Mrs Elizabeth McDanold 32 f Ky
J. J. McDanold 9 m Ill
Thomas McDanold 6 m Ill
George McDanold 3 m Ill
Conrad Kindheart 18 m Pa

C. Kindhart 59 m farmer Germany
Mrs Anna Kindheart 39 f Germany
John Kindheart 19 m Md
Conrad Kindheart 17 m Md
Henry Kindheart 15 m Md
Margaret Kindheart 13 f Md
Andrew Kindheart 11 m Ill
Elizabeth Kindheart 9 f Ill
Ann C. Kindheart 6 f Ill
W. S. Kindheart 4 m Ill
M. C. Kindheart 4/12 f Ill

Ken Huffman

Wigent wrote:

I do not have access to a copy of the census and want a lookup for: Kindhart, C. -- P1516Kindheart, Conrad -- P1504Kindheart, Henry -- L1482Any help would be great, is there a charge for this? Thanks, Ann Wigent