Names: Ausmus, Brockman, Curry, English, Hersman, Lappin, McDonald, Nutter, Price


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I emailed you a couple of days ago to see if you wanted to continue with the Curry list, but haven't heard back. Below are the names you requested. I will not send any others unless you decide you want them.


Laurie Huffman

Co-CD Brown Co, ILGenWeb Project.




Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972


Kinman Burial Ground, Missouri Twp, p. 120:


    (-----) Son of J. D. & S. E. Curry (died 6 Apr 1882 - no birth date or age at death given)


Ausmus Cemetery, Lee Twp, p. 86:


    Alma Ausmus, wife of W. B. Curry (died 25 Jan 1894 aged 20y 11m 18d)


Bean Cemetery, Missouri Twp, p. 114:


    Anna Curry given as the mother of child John W. Curry who died 1 Jun 1856 aged 16d. Joseph W. Curry is the father.


Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, pp 212, 213, 224, 249:


    Addie (English) Curry (16 Jun 1842 - 23 Nov 1921) w/o Julius V. Curry.

    Alexander A. Curry (11 Oct 1830 - 13 May 1876) s/o John Roland & Mary Belle (Brockman) Curry.

    Alexander Curry (14 Oct 1770 - 28 Jan 1842) husband of Elizabeth Nutter.

    Allen A. Curry (1865-1943) s/o Alexander A. & Lizzie (Hersman) Curry.

    Amanda A. Curry (died 16 Feb 1898 aged 58y 9m 1d) wife of Andrew M. Curry.

    Amanda M. (Price) Curry (died 11 Feb 1857 aged 44y 5m 15d) Wife of Robert N. Curry.

    Amanda N. Curry (died 26 Jul 1849 aged 5m) d/o Robert N. & Amanda M. (Price) Curry.

    America M. Curry (died 21 Oct 1848 aged 2y) d/o Robert N. & Amanda M. (Price) Curry.

    Andrew M. Curry (died 30 Sep 1892 aged 64y 6m 13d) Husband of Amanda A. (-------).

    Ann/Anna A. (McDonald) Curry (4 Oct 1834 - 27 Dec 1904) Wife of Joseph W. Curry.

    Annie Curry (died 5 Nov 1865 aged 1y) d/o John Roland & Mary Belle (Brockman) Curry.

    Bess Curry (1883-1960) Wife of Hal Lappin.

    Beverly Nathaniel Curry [male] (1861-9 Apr 1948) p. 412 provided death day and year.











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Hi Ken

can i get the cemetery records for the following


Curry, (----) Son________ 120
Curry, Addie (English)________ 213,249
Curry, Alexander A.________ 213,249
Curry, Alexander________ 213,249
Curry, Allen A.________ 213,249
Curry, Alma (Ausmus)________ 86
Curry, Amanda A.________ 213,249
Curry, Amanda M. (Price)________ 213,249
Curry, Amanda N.________ 213,249
Curry, America M.________ 213,249
Curry, Andrew M.________ 212,249
Curry, Anna A. (McDonald)________ 114,212,249
Curry, Annie________ ________213,249
Curry, Bess________ ________224,249
Curry, Beverly Nathaniel________ 213,412,249

thank you very much

Greg Willman

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