Names: Babb, Boylen, Gibson, Hendricks, Huffman, McClary, McCleary, Routh, Stapleton, Wilgus

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Dear Mildred,

I’m going to return this information as they appear in each cemetery rather than the order you requested.


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Mt Sterling Cemetery pp. 200-281

Goldie Babb, wife of Fred W, Stapleton, 1897 – 1961

Fred W. Stapeleton, 1899 – 1964

Lester Stapleton, Cpl, age 20, killed in action, 20 Dec 1944, son of Fred and Goldie Stapelton


Alta J. Routh, wife of Ernest J. Gibson, 1888 – 1948

Ernest J. Gibson, 1878 – 1964


Dora Routh is really:

Isadora Wilgus, wife of Theodore Routh, d. 8 Feb 1944 [ This date was found on p. 411 in misc burials.]

She is also known as I. M. Routh on p. 408 in the misc burials where she is listed as the mother of the following:

Child Routh, of Theodore and Isadora Routh,  d.1 Sep 1901

Theodore and Dora were fully identified with a marriage search in Illinois Marriages. They were married6 Oct 1886 in Brown County. The Routh, ? in the index listing is really Theodore.


John McClary, 1828 – 1911

Mary McClary, 1879 – 21 Aug 1958 [the exact death date is from p. 416]

Josephine McClary, wife of George B. Allen, 3 Dec 1898 – 21 Nov 1923


Logan Creek Cemetery pp. 46-48

George Routh, son of Theodore and Isadora Routh, 1892 – 1901 [My guess is that George and the unnamed child above are the same child.]

Helen V. Routh, dau. of Theodore and Isadora Routh, 1890 – 1918 [She is also the Helen listed in the index.]


Infant Son Babb, of James J. and Rachael M. (Vance) Babb, 20 Feb 1895, age 1 day.

James and Rachael are listed as J. J. and R. M. Their full names were located with search of the Illinois Marriages. They were married in Brown County on 25 Mar 1886.


Annie McClary, adopted dau. of John H. and Emily M. (Rush) Wilgus, 6 Aug 1903, age 20 yrs, 7 m, 6 days.


John H. Huffman, son of James and Mary Gordon (Mansfield) Huffman, 1831 - ?

Mariah A. Wilgus, wife of John H. Huffman, 1841 – 1900

Joseph J. Huffman, son of John and Mariah Huffman, [no dates]

Mary Huffman, wife of Francis Marion Huffman, [no dates – she is the M. Huffman on p. 46]

Luella (Snyder) Huffman, wife of William Shelton Huffman, 1869 – 1903

William Shelton Huffman 1870 – 1946, son of John and Mariah Huffman


Westside Cemetery p. 400

[p. 400 contains omitted burials from Westside Cemetery]

John A. Babb, 1878 – 1963


Clark-Campbell Burial Ground p. 120

Joseph b. Babb, [no dates]


Huffman Cemetery pp. 43-44

Margaret Ann Huffman, dau of Henry O. and Abigail (Shelley) Huffman, 6. 1865, d. 1866, age 1 yr

The M. Huffman in the Huffman cemetery (p.43) is Michael Huffman and his name appears in a burial record for his daughter.


Ripley Cemetery pp. 313-331

James McClary, 1878-1958

Lydia J. Hendricks, wife of James McClary, 1886 – 1928

Rachel McClary, dau. of James and Lydia McClary, d. 22 Mar 1922

Vivian McClary, dau. of james and Lydia McClary, 1924 – 1932


Mt Sterling Catholic Cemetery pp. 152-199

Catherine McCleary, wife of John Boylen, 1870 – 1951

John Boylen, 1868 – 1939


Misc Burials p. 416

James Francis McClary, d. 19 May 1958



Ken Huffman



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Thanks for all you do.  I would appreciate your looking for these names.


Babb, Goldie ________ ________236

Babb, Infant Son ________ 46,48

Babb, J. J. ________ ________46,48

Babb, John A. ________ ________400

Babb, Joseph B. ________ 120

Babb, R. M. ________ ________46,48


Routh, ?________ ________47

Routh, Alta J.________ ________217

Routh, Child________ ________408

Routh, Dora________ ________234

Routh, George________ ________47,48

Routh, Helen V.________ 47

Routh, Helen________ ________48

Routh, I. M.________ ________408

Routh, Isadora L.________ 411


McClary, Annie________ 47,48

McClary, James Francis________ 416

McClary, James________ 320

McClary, John________ ________226

McClary, Lydia J.________ 320

McClary, Mary________ 226,416

McClary, Rachel________ 320

McClary, Vivian________ 320

McCleary, Catherine________ 160

McCleary, Josephine________ 203


Huffman, John H.________ 46

Huffman, Joseph J.________ 46

Huffman, Luella (Snyder)________ 46

Huffman, M.________ ________43,46

Huffman, Margaret A.________ 43

Huffman, Mariah A. (Wilgus)________46

Mildred Prather-Garner
Columbia, MO
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