Baggerly, Bates, Glaze, Hogan, Hurst, Icenogle, Sutherland, Wilson

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Dear Joyce,

Here’s the information you requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


Mt. Sterling City Cemetery

Margaret Sutherland 1836-1920 [Mother of Anna (Sutherland) Wilson]

Anna Sutherland, wife of William W. Wilson, 1863-1943

William W. Wilson, 1862 – 24 Fen 1955, Son of John J. and Perina (Bates) Wilson

Helen Wilson, dau of William and Anna Wilson, 1894 – 1943

Charles W. Wilson, son of William and Anna Wilson, 1889-1957

Harry Wilson, son of William and Anna Wilson, 1896 – 1955

Lulu P. Wilson, dau of William and Anna Wilson, and wife of William Thomas Hogan, 1885-1931

William Thomas Hogan, son of William C. and Ella Hogan, 1882 –1968


Westside Cemetery

Margaret Sutherland, wife of Frank Baggerly, 1903 – 1945

Frank Baggerly 1902 – 1963

Dorothy P. Sutherland, dau of Gus and Jessie Sutherland, 1916 – 1923

Gus James Sutherland, 14 Oct 1962, age 74 years

Jessie May Icenogle, wife of Gus Sutherland, 1896 - 1960

James W. Sutherland 1858 –1931

Louisa J. Glaze, wife of James Sutherland 1864 – 1943

Paul Sutherland, son of James and Louisa Sutherland, 21 Nov 1887, age 2yrs, 3 mos, 3 days

Katherine Sutherland Hurst 1900-1933, wife of Allen Hurst, Sister of Georgia Sutherland

Allen Hurst, 8 Jun 1961, age 88 yrs

Georgia Sutherland, wife of Orville Hurst, 1889 – 1944



Ken Huffman



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Hi Ken and Laurie:  I have a relative listed in the Brown Co Cemetery Index.  Maragaret Fordyce married John T Sutherland,  she died 02-20-1920 and was buried in Brown Co. Could you send me the information on her and the other Sutherland entries as I do not have any further information about her family.  Maybe some of the entries may be her children.  Margaret is on page 237 and 360

Anna page 240

Dorothy      373

Georgia      367

Gus James  373

James W    373

Jessue May 373

Katherine     367

Louisa J       373

Paul             373

Thanking you now for any help you can give me on this Sutherland family. 


Joyce  Fourdyce-Sackville

112 North Brown St #l

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