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Dear Teresa,
Here's the information you requested:
Cemeteries of Brown County pp 64-65
Noah W. Baker (20 Jun 1835-2 Jan 1914)
Margaret Ann Greenlief, wife of N. W. Baker (10 Jul 1843-27 Apr 1899)
[I don't think this is the person you were hoping to get. He appears in the 1850 census as the son of James Baker. I think this James listed in the 1850 census is a brother to your Noah. It's really hard to say for sure since the birth places are so far apart. So you might have two of the family.]
I also checked for Rebecca but she's not buried in the county by that name. She could have remarried. I'm guessing that you checked the 1860 census but just in case you haven't:
1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp.
27 Jul 1860
Noah Baker 40 m farmer Ohio
Mrs. R. Baker 49 Virginia
Hannah Baker 21 f Illinois
Millissa Baker 18 f Illinois
William Baker 15 m Illinois
E. F. Baker 12 f Illinois
Minta Baker 9 f Illinois
Ashford Baker 8 m Illinois
Otho Baker 1 m Illinois
I would guess that if Noah was killed in the Civil War, that his family moved before the 1870 census. You might need to check the Ohio censuses just in case Rebecca went back to be near other family.
I hope I've given some assistance.
Ken Huffman

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Dear Ken & Laurie;

I am trying to find info on Noah Baker the brown co burial list has a Noah W. Baker on page 64 could you please look it up and tell me what it says? I'm at a dead end with him. I know the census says he was born 1818 in Ohio, married Rebecca Smith Hudson in Medina Ohio, and family rumors say he died in the civil war , Can you help me?

Thanks a bunch, or branch as the case may be;

Teresa Miller

[email protected]

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