Names: Baker, Henry

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Subject: RE: "Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, 1825 - 1972"


Here’s the information you requested:


From “Cemeteries of brown County, Illinois”

Mt Sterling City Cemetery, p. 204


Willard Y. Baker 1861- 1927

Clara Henry, wife of Willard Y. Baker, 1873 – 1960

Glenn T. Baker, son of Willard Y. and Clara Baker, 1903 – 1952


Here’s the death certificate information found at:


Name                           Sex/Race  Age   Cert #     Date            County   City                Date Filed

BAKER WILLARD    J       M/W             UNK    0050048     1927-05-27        BROWN  MT STERLING    27-05-28


Clara and Glenn died too late to get on the online list.



Ken Huffman



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Subject: "Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, 1825 - 1972"


From the desk of Richard W. Baker ... [email protected]


Ken & Laurie Huffman,

Thank you for doing look-ups.

From the Cemeteries of Brown Co., IL:

These folks are from my Baker ancestral family and I will appreciate any information that you can provide me from the "Cemeteries" book.

Thank you.

Richard W. Baker


Baker, Willard Y. _______204
Baker, Clara (Henry) ____204
Baker, Glenn T. ________204