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Logsdon Cemetery #1 (Hobert Logsdon Place), Cooperstown Township, pr. 49,



Elijah K. Behymer (d. 18 Aug 1880 aged 22y 8m 22d) son-in-law of Dandridge & Cecily (Logsdon) Dunbar.

NOTE: The daughter who married Elijah Behymer is not named).


Hersman Cemetery, Mt. Sterling Township, pp. 140, 147:


Edward Baldwin (1881-1958)

Lulu Heitz, w/o Roy Baldwin (1895-1951)

Grover Baldwin (1885-1967) b/o Edward Baldwin

Amelia, w/o Grover Baldwin (1888-1962)

NOTE: Roy Baldwin's burial does not appear in the book; he is mentioned only as the spouse of Lulu Heitz, and later as helping clean the Mt. Zion Cemetery. More on that below.


Mt. Zion Cemetery, Versailles Township (aka Little Creek), pp. 342-345:


Rev. James W. Baldwin (7 Aug 1806 - 26 Nov 1887)

Samuel Baldwin (1856 - 1929) s/o James W. Baldwin

Mary A. Wilson, w/o Samuel Baldwin (1862 - 1946)

Sammie F. Baldwin (1907 - 1937) s/o Grover Baldwin

Myrtle Baldwin (1 Jul 1884 - 14 May 1909) d/o Samuel & Mary A. (Wilson) Baldwin

Allen C. Baldwin (1909 - 1941) s/o Grover Baldwin

Sammy O., s/o G. O. & M. L. Behymer (8 Oct 1928 - 10 Nov 1929) s/o C. Otis & Mamie (Baldwin) Behymer

NOTE: Mamie is the d/o Grover Baldwin. They are not buried in this cemetery. Also, there is a secondlisting for Sammy's burial, listed as: Samuel O. Behymers (d. 13 Nov 1929 aged 1y 2m)

Frances Baldwin (d. 24 Apr 1931, aged 11 d) No relationships mentioned.


Notes from the history of Little Creek Cemetery, owned and managed by the Union Baptist Church Assn:


Rev. James W. Baldwin was one of the founders of the Union Baptist Church in Versailles.

On 10 Aug 1914, Samuel Baldwin (misspelled Balding) was one of 30 ment who purchased lots at $5 each.

On 21 Aug 1922, repairs were made at the cemetery. Sam Baldwin and Howard Baldwin each donated $1;

Grover Baldwin donated 10 mulberry posts; Ed Baldwin & father also donated 10 mulberry posts.

On 28 Aug 1924, the cemetery was cleaned by volunteers, including: Ed, Sam & Roy Baldwin.

On 2 Aug 1926 Grover Baldwin was elected trustee.




"Rev. James W. Baldwin, the founder of the Union Baptist Church of Illinois, was born in Butler County, Ohio, August 7, 1806. He made choce of the medical profession, and practiced as a Botanic physician in various places in Ohio and Indiana, from 1826 until 1833. He was married first to Miss Lydia Wiseman, 30 August 1830; second to Miss Mary Ann Martin, June 23, 1845. He professed religion June 1833. this event caused a radical change in the course of his life. He joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, and was at once chosen class leader. Before the expiration of his term--six months-- he moved to McLean County, IL, where he remained connected to the Methodists about two years, then joined the Missionary Baptist Church at Randolph Grove. He was licenses to preach by that church in 1838. He moved to Mason County, IL in 1840 and joined the United Baptists at Mt. Zion Church. In

1841 he was regularly ordained to the Gospel ministry; Elders Abraham Bales, John L. Turner and Elijah Veatch officiated in his ordination. He moved to Schuyler County [IL] in 1849, where he remained preaching and practicing medicine until 1871, when he moved to Brown County [IL], locating on the old Langdon Farm in Versailles Township, where he still resides [1882]. Father Baldwin -- as he is familiarly called -- is a man of strong and purely honest convictions, eminently devout and spiritually minded, and possessing no considerable degree of education, and being endowed with no wonderful force of intellect, it has ever been the wonder of those who have heard his preaching, what power he has over men. Thousands have been converted under his preaching, and some of his converts have made eminent ministers of the Gospel." (more here on the tenants of the Union Baptist church but not specifically about James W. Baldwin)


The Little Creek Church, which was associated with the cemeterywas organized in 1850. It had a "frame house of worship, 24 X 30 feet, built in 1870. It is situated in the northeast part of Versailles Township."



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I would appreciate any help you can provide on the following.


Grover Baldwin - 140

Amelia Baldwin - 140

Roy Baldwin - 140

Martha Alice McBride Behymer 361

Sammy O Behymer - 344

S. F. Baldwin - 343

Elijah K. Behymer 49






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