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Dear Sissy,

It has been a long while since we corresponded about your Edith Barker, and I may have forgotten some of the material we covered. However, today I found an Edith Barker in the 1900 census, in Buckhorn twp, Brown County, and I want to pass this along to you in case you haven't seen it. If this is your Edith (I have no other information to go by other than her name), I will be happy to read the 1860 & 1870 censuses for the family group in those census years. Let me know what you think.

Also, do you want your query put out on the query page, or were you referring it directly to us for another search?

As always,

Laurie Huffman


1900 Fed Census, Buckhorn, Brown Co, IL 150/152:

Lawson R. Barker, b. May 1837 (63), md 21 years, b. OH, both parents b. OH
Cynthia Barker, b. Jun 1846 (53) ten children>5 living, b. IL, father b. NY, mother b. IL
Edith Barker, dau, b. Jul 1880 (19) single, b. IL
Oscar Barker, son, b. Sep 1882 (17), single, b. IL
Minnie Barker, dau, b. Mar 1885 (15), b. IL
Charles Barker, son, b. Jan 1888 (12), b. IL


Cooperstown Cemetery (Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL), p. 27-28, 35:

Lawson Reed Barker - (10 May 1838-15 May 1930) son of Hiram Barker
Cynthia (Henry) Barker, wife of Lawson - (20 Jun 1848-16 Mar 1930)
Benjamin Barker (d. 20 Jan 1872, aged 35-9-9) PAF Calculated birth date is 11 April 1836. Son of Hiram Barker
Mary E. Barker, dau of L.R. & C. Barker (16 Feb 1868-18 Aug 1883)
Oscar Barker, don of L.R. & C. Barker (1882-1925)
Edith, dau of L.R. & C. Barker (1880-1940)
Lilly, dau of L.R. & C. Barker (14 Jan 1875-16 Mar 1877)
Hiram H., son of L.R. & C. Barker (d. 7 Jan 1871, aged 0-1-21) PAF Calc date of birth is 6 Nov 1870.
Elizabeth, dau of L.R. & C. Barker (d. age 16 years - no dates given)
John, son of L.R. & C. Barker (d. 26 Dec 1872, aged 0-3-11) PAF Cal date of birth is 15 Sep 1872.
Eva, dau of L.R. & C. Barker (d. 24 Jan 1879, aged 2-5-7) PAF Cal date of birth is 17 Aug 1876.
Hiram Barker (22 Apr 1804-28 Dec 1883)


Good to hear back from you, and thanks for bringing me up to speed.

In case you don't have this already, here are the Barkers from Hersman Cemetery, Mt. Sterling twp:

James H. Barker (1858-1927)
Nettie (Claridge) Barker, wife of James (1864-1923)
James Virgil Barker (1893-1965)
Lola M. (Chamberlain) Barker (1896-1964)
Pearl Barker (7 Oct 1886-26 Oct 1972)
Ira Barker (10 Sep 1885-26 Jul 1970)
Inez Barker, wife of Dandridge E. Powell (1887-1968)
Dandridge E. Powell (1885-1963)
Harry Clifford Powell, son of Dandridge & Inez (1912-1915)
Ora Barker, wife of Warren Shinnebarger (1897-1966)
Warren Shinnebarger (1892-1973)


I think I can't do a lot more for you at this point, although I would suggest you not give up. It may be that some information given by your family is in error, and you can spend years running in circles, as you already know very well. If there is anything more you feel we might be able to do for you, please ask.

When Ken gets back in town, he will post your query. Maybe something will come of it. Keep hoping!

Laurie Huffman