Names: Barker, Henry, Howell, Leverton


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Subject: Barkers of Brown Co, IL

Here are the Barker names from DeWitt and Cooperstown Cemeteries. There is a note at the end of the family relationship section for Cooperstown (p. 35) that the author did not know the connection between Simpson Barker and the other Barkers in Cooperstown. I think it is better that you have all the names than just a few and then wonder whether they might be your relatives, which of course I believe they are.


My personal theory is that Matthew "Simpson" Barker is the son of either James, Hiram or William Barker, all found in the 1840 and the 1850 censuses in Cooperstown, Brown Co, IL. James lives just 2 houses away from 25 year old Simpson in 1850, and Simpson had a son named James, so this one gets my vote. I have never yet found any evidence to prove his connection to any one of them, but they are all of an age that each would qualify. All had older children born in Ohio. If you have the evidence we lack to prove his parentage, or his place of burial, please do share it with us.


The Levertons are also an interesting and elusive family. Do you know who Evaline's parents were? Was Hugh her father?


I'm certain you already have this marriage, but I'll include it as a bonus. :o)


Matthew Simpson Barker md. Evaline Leverton 22 Aug 1847, Brown Co, IL (Books A&B, license #386)


Hope these will be of help to you.


Laurie Huffman


Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972


DeWitt Cemetery, Cooperstown Twp, p. 42:

    Matilda, d/o H. & E. Barker (d. 25 Apr 1841 @ 17y 6m 17d)

    Elizabeth, wife of H. Barker (d. 17 Sep 1846 @ 42y 5m 12d)


Cooperstown Cemetery, Cooperstown Twp, pp 28, 29:

    Simpson Barker - mentioned in reference to his wife, Evaline. Simpson's burial is not listed in the cemetery book.

    Evaline, wife of Simpson Barker (d. 27 Oct 1872 @ 40y)

    Infant (sex not given), of S. & E. Barker (d? 28 May 1859) No other dates given.

    James Barker, s/o S. & E. Barker (d. 31 Aug 187? @ 1y 1m 30d)

    Crawford Barker, s/o Simpson & Evaline Barker (15 May 1862 - 6 Jan 1868)

    Emily, d/o S. & E. Barker (d. 3 Jul 1862 @ 1y 11m 0d)


    Hiriam Barker (22 Apr 1804 - 28 Dec 1883) Wife, Elizabeth, buried in DeWitt Cemetery. In 1840 census, name is spelled Hyram.

    Benjamin Barker, s/o Hiriam Barker (d. 20 Jan 1872 @35y 9m 9d)

    Lawson R. Barker, s/o Hiriam Barker (10 May 1838 - 15 May 1930)

    Cynthia (Henry), wife of Lawson Barker (20 Jun 1848 - 16 Mar 1930)

    Mary E., d/o L. R. & C. Barker (16 May 1868 - 18 Aug 1883)

    Oscar Barker, s/o L. R. & C. Barker (1882-1925) "Killed on Ripley Hill" (no details given)

    Edith, d/o L. R. & C. A. Barker (1880-1940)

    Lilly, d/o L. R. & C. A. Barker (14 Jan 1875 - 16 Mar 1877)

    Hiriam H., s/o L. R. & C. A. Barker (d. 7 Jan 1871 @0y 1m 21d)

    Elizabeth, d/o L. R. & C. A. Barker  (d. ?? @ 16y)

    John, s/o L. R. & C. A. Barker (d. 26 Dec 1872 @ 0y 3m 11d)

    Eva, d/o L. R. & C. A. Barker (d. 24 Jan 1879 @ 2y 5m 7d)


Also listed, same cemetery, p. 31:


    Emily (aka Minnie) Barker (1891-19??), wife of Flosco Howell.

    Edith [probably Howell]. No dates given.