Names: Barker, Bradbury, Hatcher, Hulett, McDannold, Robbins


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Dear Colleen,


The names I already sent are included here, so this supercedes the first response. I have decided to copy out the “Family Relationship” section on p. 35. It may just muddy the water, but at least you will be able to study it at your leisure. I have also added some marriages which you probably already have, but it never hurts to pass them along, just in case. They do help with some details from the FR section.


Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL 1825-1972

Cooperstown Cemetery, p. 28, 35:


            Dr. John T. Bradbury (4 Mar 1840 – 4 Jul 1894) s/of James L. Bradbury     

            Violetta R. Hatcher, w/of Dr. John T. Bradbury (16 Feb 1844 – 27 Aug 1893)

Infant d/of John T. & Violetta Bradbury (9 Jul 1879) No other dates.

            Ada, d/of John T. & Violetta Bradbury (29 Apr 1881) No other dates.

            Phebe, d/of John T. & Violetta Bradbury (5 Apr 1872 – 22 Jun 1891)

            J. M., s/of John T. & Violetta Bradbury (1870-1927)

            George A., s/of J. T. & V. Bradbury (1879-1905)


Sarah Hulett, w/o J. M. Bradbury (1872-1939)

            Homer C., s/of J. M. & S. C. Bradbury (1895-1906)


            James L. Bradbury (died 29 Mar 1896 aged 79-11-10) Father of Dr. John T. Bradbury.

Rachel [Barker], w/o James L. Bradbury (died 11 Apr 1865 aged 33-2-0) Surname from marriage – see below.

Demarius E., w/of James L. Bradbury (died 27 Feb 1872 aged 42-5-0)

Rachel, d/of J. L. & D. E. Bradbury - No dates.

Nancy, d/o J. L. & D. E. Bradbury (died 16 Jun 1863 aged 2-10-0)

George Bradbury (died 11 June 1892 aged 69 yrs)

Samuel Bradbury (1866-1923)

Martha Ellen Bradbury (1867-1943)

Vern McDannold Bradbury (1905-1935)


James L. Bradbury (1880-1972)

Sophronia Robbins, w/of James L. Bradbury (25 Aug 1888 – 15 Dec 1916)

Mary C. Bradbury, w/of James L. Bradbury – No dates.


Family Relationships, p. 35, BRADBURY:


            “Dr. John T. Bradbury (1840-1894) was a practicing physician at Cooperstown for many years. He is buried here with his wife, Violetta Hatcher (1844-1893) and their children: A. infant (1879); B. Ada (1881); C. Phoebe (1872-1891); D. George (1879-1900); E. “J. M.” (1870-1927) and wife Sarah C. Hulett (1872-1939); and their son Homer C. (1895-1906; F. Samuel E. (1866-1923) and wife Martha Ellen Logsdon (1867-1943), their son George (1892-1962) and a daughter-in-law Vern McDannold Bradbury (1905-1935).

            James L. Bradbury (1817-1896) lived for a time in Mt. Sterling before residing in Cooperstown near his son John T. . He is buried here with his four (???) wives: Rachel (1832-1864), Demarius (1830-1872), Elizabeth DeWitt (1891, aged 72 yrs), and Sarah Rose (1888-1916).”


Some notes:


Phoebe Bradbury on p. 35 is spelled Phebe on p. 28.


I accidentally included the initial “F” with the name Samuel E. Bradbury in my first response. I got confused by the lettering system.


I can’t find any record of James L. Bradbury Sr. marrying Elizabeth DeWitt (d. 26 Jan 1891 aged 72-10-0), the wife of Benjamin DeWitt (same cemetery), but Benjamin DeWitt died in 1872, so it is possible. In the case of his marriage to Sarah Rose, there is a Sarah A. Harper (17 Jan 1843 – 16 Mar 1922), who married Charles Rose, but her dates don’t match the FR section. Sophronia Robbins, who was the wife of James L. the younger (1880-1972), has the same dates as Sarah Rose (& same initials), and it appears the editors have become confused about whose spouse she was and what her name really was. J!!  


Charles Rose died in 1877, so Sarah very likely is the woman who married James L. Bradbury (the elder).


Here is the actual marriage - Morgan County’s western border connects with Brown County:


BRADBURY, JAMES L                    ROSE, SARAH A. MRS                    03/09/1893   D/  80     5817 MORGAN           


Illinois Statewide Marriage Index Online:


BRADBURY, JAMES                      ROBBINS, SOPHRONIA M                 04/05/1905 2  /51   4424     BROWN

BRADBURY, JAMES L                    BARKER, RACHEL                       12/25/1859 A&B/     00000862 BROWN              

BRADBURY, JAMES M                    HULETT, SARAH C                      09/13/1891 1A /144  1738     BROWN

BRADBURY, JOHN T                     HATCHER, VIOLETA R                   07/23/1861 A&B/     00001022 BROWN


Well, I had better stop now and give you a rest. I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with all this information. It’s been great fun.


Best wishes,





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Hello Laurie;


Could you please look up James L. Bradbury-p. 28(2) p361 p415

Rachel Bradbury p28(2)

Nancy Bradbury p.28


I am assuming that this on page 28 is all members of 1 branch of the family.  Thank you for your time.


Colleen Bradbury