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I am assuming that your Subject line should read History of Brown.  J 

In the History of Brown Co., Illinois book in the Cooperstown Cemeteries section under Dewitt Cemetery ( SW section 26;).  It is an old burial ground mostly of relatives of Martin DeWitt and wife Sally (born 1771) and six of their children’s families.  Also Martin’s sister Julia M. Thomas with members of four of her children’s families.  James Barker (b. 1780) and wife are there too.  This is in an open pasture and stones will soon be gone.  Martin DeWitt was the father of Pleasant DeWitt (born 1802).  Martin came here in 1830 at the age of 50 years, later he went to Texas and did not return. 



Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois Book

Cooperstown Twp, DeWitt Cemetery;  James Barker (April 29, 1858, aged 62 yrs.) 


Other Barkers listed in the DeWitt Cemetery are;  Matilda, daughter of H. and E. Barker (April 25, 1841, aged 17 yrs. 6 mos. 17 days).     Elizabeth, wife of H. Barker (Sept. 17, 1846, aged 42 yrs. 5 mos. 12 days).


Family connections;  Nancy, wife of Pleasant DeWitt (July 15, 1845, aged 51 yrs).   (Pleasant is not recorded as buried there).   Julia H., wife of William Thomas (March 5, 1855, aged 47 yrs. 22 days).   (William is not recorded as buried there).

In the family relationships for the cemetery it is noted that Hiram Barker and Pleasant DeWitt were brothers-in-law of William Thomas and James Barker may have been brother of Hiram.


Cooperstown Twp., Cooperstown Cemetery;    Evaline, wife of Simpson Barker (Oct. 27, 1872 aged 40 yrs).  Emily daughter of S. & E. Barker  (July 3, 1862 aged 1 yr. 11 mos).   James, son of S. & E. Barker  (Aug. 31, 187? Aged 1 yr. 1 mo. 30 days).  Infant of S. & E. Barker (May 28, 1859).


Mt.Sterling City Cemetery, Mt.Sterling Twp.  Ely S. Barker (1854-1930).


Note:  The History of Brown County book says that James Barker’s wife is buried in the Dewitt Cemetery, but the Cemeteries of Brown County book does not have her recorded as buried there.    


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Hello Jan... Thank you for offering to share your publication. I noted a man named James Barker living in Brown Co. Illinois in 1850. His wife was named Mary Jane (I believe she was Mary Dougherty who married James in Belmont, Ohio in 1814). The children shown in 1850 were: Simpson, James, Urias, Eli and Eliza Jane.

Would your publication show any mention of this James Barker? Thank you for any reply...Kevin