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Dear Betty,


My husband is related to Charles C. Gibson (2nd cousin twice removed). Charles' paternal grandmother was a sister to Ken's 2nd great grandmother. I wish I could offer you more on this family, but not much is available. We have a fairly well completed family group on the grandparent level (Geroge W. Gibson & Mary Shelley) if you are interested.


Be sure to check out the Gibson research responses under "One Name Research" on our website. There are several people searching for this family.


I hope the items I have included will help you in your search.


Laurie Huffman


Brown Co, ILGenWeb Project


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Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972


Miscellaneous Burials (from funeral homes), p. 404:


    Child of Charles Gibson (no name given) d. 10 Oct 1899, aged 9 years, diphtheria; buried at Marden Cemetery,

         Elkhorn Township.

    Hannah Gibson, d. 10 Oct 1899, aged 78 years, kidney trouble; buried in "City Cemetery". Hannah is the widow of 

            Levi Gibson. Her maiden name was Barlow. I will include their marriage below. Also the marriage of Levi "Sr" and

         Sarah Moore.


As far as I know, no one has successfully untangled these Levi Gibsons, or found their origins for certain, and we have never been able to tie Levi Sr. or Jr. with Ken's George W. Gibson (1795-1854), though they were all from the south. Levi Sr. apparently remarried in Brown County, IL the same year his son married for the first time.


The Barlow and Gibson families are also tied in another marriage, which is explained in CBC on p. 468, under "Barlow Family History". I will give you the first few sentences in explanation: "Isaac Newton Barlow was born in Sangamon County, Illinois Mar. 6, 1836 and was brought to Mt. Sterling area at the age of four or five. His parents were Joseph Barlow (b. 1811) and Elizabeth Gibson (2 Jan 1809-24 Feb 1852). They were married in Fayette Co, Illinois, 20 May 1830. Joseph came from either TN or KY and Elizabeth came from KY." The rest of the entry is about their children. 


The Sarah Moore you have listed is not the wife of Levi Gibson - I am assuming you are searching for that Sarah, but I will list the one you requested so you can be sure.


Hersman Cemetery, Mt. Sterling Township, p. 144:


    Sarah Downs, w/o Rev. Edwin C. Moore (4 Sep 1824-11 Mar 1894)

    Rev. Edwin C. Moore (19 Jan 1818-20 Feb 1907)


From the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index Online


GIBSON, LEVI married BARLOW, HANNAH  10/23/1846 (A&B/ 00000336) BROWN Co, IL 

GIBSON, LEVI SR married MOORE, SARAH 08/06/1846 (A&B/ 00000323) BROWN Co, IL









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Dear Laurie,

Could you look up the following for me:

Gibson, Hannah----408

Gibson, Charles----408

Gibson, Child-------408

Moore, Sarah-------144

Thank you for your time and your help.                                    Betty