Names: Barlow, Coppage


I'm answering both emails you sent in this one. See copies of your requests below.
The reference to the Barlow family history was mentioned in the One Name Research section under Barlow5. That history is contained in a single column of an 8.5"x11' page from the :Cemeteries of Brown County Illinois" book. The history is specific to Isaac Newton Barlow and his children as well as his parents and brothers and sisters are mentioned. However, there is no mention of Semitha or Jacob. They appear only in the 1850 census. No other records I have available contain references to them.  I did to a search for them in the online 1860 census but did not find them. Either they were missed or as poorly indexed as they were in the 1850 census. They were indexed as Smith and Lacob.
I have corrected John and Mary's marriage entry. They also seemed to be only temporary in Brown County. They have no entries in the records I have available. I checked the online 1860 Census but there were too many possibilities and with the small amount of information I had on them there was no certain way to eliminate some of the possibilities.

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Hi Barry here. Under early marriages John  Barton should be John Calvin Barlow.He is married to Mary E Coppage. Do you have any death info on him or her. They are there in 1850. Thanks Barry 
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Hi Barry here. I see mentioned a book of The Barlow Family History. Where can I find it? Is it on the internet.Also can do a look up for a Semitha ? Barlow she is living with her son Jacob in Mt Sterling in 1850.