Names: Barnaby, Dalton, Leake, Pettigrew, Queen, Taylor


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Barb & Bob:


Following are the names you requested. I have added a bit more information that might be of help to you.


Laurie Huffman


Brown Co, ILGenWeb Project



Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972


Cooperstown Cemetery, p. 29


    William A. Dalton (d. 1 Mar 1864 aged 54 yrs)


Rigg Cemetery, Missouri Township, p. 124


    "A single small stone was placed in the orchard of the Abner Rigg farm, also in section 30, now owned by Randall Glasgow [1975] and presently occupied by son David. The marker is incsribed with the name of an eighteen month old boy named "Dalton", with the date and scripture, Suffer the little children tio come unto me. The date is 1864. A native red cedar has been planted at the head and foot of the small grave. Both headstone and base are still intact though the stone is now removed from the base to prevent the possibility of its being broken in a pig lot." NOTE from LH: It is not stated whether Dalton was the given name or surname of the child. The surnames represented in the nearby Rigg Cemetery are Campbell, Clark, Estes, Kerr, McClelland, Parker, Rigg, Roberts, Singleton and Tweedell.


Hersman Cemetery, Mt. Sterling Township, p. 141


    Fred R. Dalton (no dates given)

    Lillian Taylor Dalton (1878-1966)

    Bessie A. Dalton (no dates given)


Westside Cemetery, Versailles, p. 363


    Bryan Harold Dalton (1905-1965)


Illinois Statewide Marriage Index - Online (names were selected from Brown County, IL only)


DALTON, EDWARD                       KINDHEART, MARGARET ELLEN            11/23/1863 C  /16   192      BROWN              
DALTON, F R                          TAYLOR, LILLIAN                      02/02/1897 1A /207  2515     BROWN              
DALTON, ISHAM M                      LEAKE, SARAH                         09/15/1855 A&B/     00000458 BROWN              
DALTON, JOHN                         QUEEN, MARTHA                        04/27/1858 A&B/     00000692 BROWN              
DALTON, JOHN W                       PETTIGREW, MARY A                    02/20/1850 A&B/     00000015 BROWN              
DALTON, NEPOLEON                     TAYLOR, MARY ANN                     01/19/1854 A&B/     00000307 BROWN              
DALTON, WILLIAM                      BARNABY, SUSANNAH                    09/14/1859 A&B/     00000829 BROWN







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Could you please look these names up for us.


Dalton, (----)________ ________124
Dalton, Bessie A.________ 141
Dalton, Byran Harold________ 363
Dalton, Fred R.________ 141
Dalton, Lillian (Taylor)________ 141
Dalton, William A.________ 29



Barb & Bob Dalton

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