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Dear Leigh Ann,

I'm sure you already have this information on Delilah, but I though I would put it in, just in case you haven't seen some of it.

the Barnett and Burnett families are dfinitely two separate groups in the cemetery book. In the censuses, it's sometimes hard to tell what the name is because of the open "a" looking like Burnett, and vice versa.

Brown County marriages states that Delilah Jane Burnet (1 t) md. John M. Thomas 8 Nov 1854, Brown County, IL. According to Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 624, John M. Thomas is the son of William Thomas and Julia DeWitt. John M. Thomas (1834-1869) and Delilah Jane Burnett (1836-1913) had 7 children: Slater Peter, Gideon, Jerome, Laura Catherine, Julia Edith, Nancy Jane, and William Jasper. It verifies that Delilah's name is Burnett, not Barnett. Cemeteries p. 34 thru 43 (DeWitt Cemetery, Cooperstown twp) lists Rev. John M. Thomas (d. 30 Sep 1870 aged 40-3-19). Delilah Burnett (1836-1912) is also bured there by her husband, John M. Thomas (1836-1869), with two of their small children: Gerome (d. 1866, age 6), Nancy (d. 1867, age 27 days). Note the varying dates of birth and death f or this couple. Page 42 gives John's birth & death (26 Jan 1836 - 14 Oct 1869), and Delilah (14 Oct 1836 - 28 May 1912). It appears he died on her birthday. That's quite sad.

I don't know where Catherine Burnett was born or where she married, but we know it had to have been in the 1830's, and I found this marriage on the Illinois Marriage Index: BURNET, JOHN M & COOK, CATHERINE / GALLATIN County 07/08/1830 (8 July 1830) Bk001/p.0005 - might be your family, might not.

After finding several mentions of Burnetts in Schuyler County, I am beginning to think that it might be wise to take a look there. Go to this page and scroll down to find two BURNETT researchers on the Schuyler website:

I had already packed our Schuyler County reference books, but will get them out and search further.

=====About the Barnetts you requested, they are not Burnett. Although the mother in the case of Richard is a Catherine, she and her three daughters (after Richard is widowed) show up together again next door to married son Benjamin, in the 1880 census, the same year your Catherine Burnett is with Deilia. So I can verify that the Barnetts you requested are not the same family, even though both Catherines are from Kentucky. Catherine Barnett is 60 and Catherine Burnett is 64 - rather confusing. And the Catherine Barret in 1850 really is a Barrett.

If you still want the Barnett listings, let me know. I'll hold onto my extractions until I hear one way or the other, and will get back to you if I find anything noteworty in the Schuyler materials.


Brad & Leigh Ann Sickinger wrote:

Me again. Thanks a bunch for the info on the Boss family. It does appear that I have gain correct info on my family line. (I was looking for parents of Mary O. Boss). The Barnett info was also interesting. I'm looking for parents of Delilah Jane Burnett (maybe Barnett). I believe her mother's name was Catherine because at some point in the future she shows up in Delilah's household (probably sometime after her husband dies). I thought the Barnett name was close, but I haven't been able to locate Catherine Barnett's husband or family info. Can you look at these Barnett's in the 1860 census. Probably one of them is Catherine's family (maybe even Delilah's?) Thanks.

Barnett, John L1502

Barnett, M. M. R354

Barnett, Richard MStwp199

There is a Catherine Barrett in the 1850 census? maybe that is her also (but no Delilah?)