Barrows, Dorman, Smith, Turner, Williams

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Here’s the information you requested;

Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois p. 238

Mt Sterling Cemetery

George Turner, 1899-1960

Lillian Dorman, wife of George Turner, 19 May 1900 – 7 Feb 1930

George Turner, 18 Dec 1822 – 6 Dec 1903

Josephine Barrows, wife of George Turner, 16 Apr 1839- 28 Mar 1920


Charles H. Turner, 8 May 1865- 10 Dec 1905

Carrie Smith, wife of Charles Turner, 23 Feb 1862 – 31 Mar 1949

Charles E. Turner, 1894-1971


Walter G. Turner, 22 Jul 1869 – 7 Jun 1909

Ida Williams, wife of Walter G. Turner, 9 Nov 1865 – 25 Jun 1948


For those individuals who died after 1915 and before 1951 in Illinois, you can order death certificates from the Illinois State Archives.


You should also check with Versailles Area Historical and Genealogical Society for obituaries. See helpful addresses on the main page of the Brown county Web Page.



Ken Huffman


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My ancestors - the Turners are buried in Brown County, IL.  There are quite a few Turners buried there - but am most interested in the ones on p. 238.  Specifically, Charles Turner, George Turner, Walter Turner.  Am interested in death dates, birth dates if you can find it, and obituary information.


I believe George Turner is my long lost gr-gr-grandfather that I've been trying to find for years!


Thank you.  please advise on process and costs.

Karen M.