Bates, Fry, Hersman, Mayhall, McCabe, Ridder, Salrin, Worster

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Here is the information you requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


Mt Sterling City Cemetery,  pp 206, 219, 225, 258


John W. Bates 13 Jul 1833 – 30 Mar 1905 – son of William H. & Mary Ann (Price) Bates

Louisa J. Fry wife of John W. Bates, 15 Jun 1834 – 4 Sep 1909

Vivian Louisa dau. of Minnie Bates 18 Jun 1917, age 4m. Vivian is listed as granddau. Of John and Louisa.

_____ Bates 3 Dec 1880, age 39 y


Joseph McCabe 4 Feb 1808 – 17 Feb 1886, b. in Dauphin Co, Pennsylvania

Mary E. Fry, wife of Joseph McCabe, 16 Sep 1823 – 23 Dec 1891, b. in Harrison Co., Kentucky

Sarah Frances McCabe, dau. of Joseph and Mary McCabe, 2 Oct 1857, age 1 y, 1 d

Clarissa J. McCabe, 1849 – 1925

John A. McCabe, 1858 – 1937

Minnie Grover, wife of John A. McCabe, 1867 – 1928

Kate McCabe, wife of Will Hersman and dau. of Joseph and Mary McCabe, 3 Dec 1855 – 25 Feb 1951

Will Hersman, 27 Nov 1855 – 20 Jun 1904


Mt Sterling Catholic Cemetery, pp 159, 174, 179, 183, 184

Michael Bates, 1864 – 1940

Dora Ridder, wife of Michael Bates, 1864 – 1948

Fred B. Bates, son of Michael and Dora Bates, 1888 – 1949

John B. Bates, son of Michael and Dora Bates,1900 – 1962

Jane I. Bates, dau. of Michael and Dora Bates, 1898 – 1970

Emma Bates, dau. of Michael and Dora Bates, 1887 – 1935, wife of Jesse E. Salrin

Jesse E. Salrin, son of Justin and Barbara Salrin, 1878 – 1962

John Thomas Salrin, son of Jesse and Emma Salrin, [no dates]

Doretta Salrin, dau. of Jesse and Emma Salrin, [no dates]

Mary Bates, dau. of Michael and Dora Bates, 1890 – 1920, wife of Lawrence Mayhall

Lawrence Mayhall, 1890 – 1963

Infant dau. of Lawrence and Mary Mayhall, 1917

Katherine Bates, dau. of Michael and Dora Bates, 1895 – 1969, wife of Walter Worster


Hersman Cemetery, pp. 142, 148

Henry Hersman, 7 Dec 1878, age 92 y, 15 d, [There is a small history of him with family relationships. I’ll send it if you want it.]

Elizabeth Fry, wife of Henry Hersman, 9 Sep 1859, age 69 y , 1 m

Mary Turner, wife of E. Glenn Hersman, 1892 – 1972,  [No other entry for E. Glenn Hersman]

George T. Hersman, son of J. J. and M. J. Hersman, 19 Mar 1879, age 2 y, 5 m

Henry Hersman, 18 Jul 1851 – 4 Sep 1891

Elizabeth Hersman, dau. of George and Rebecca Hersman, 20 Sep 1849, age 2 y, 5 m


The Versailles Area Genealogical and Historical Society has a project where they are collecting all the obituaries from the newspapers as far back as there are newspapers to collect from. You can contact them for help. They are understaffed and a little short of time and money but I think you may get a response. You can contact them on their website at: If you can afford it, subscribe to their newsletter and that may encourage them to respond faster.


For deaths after 1917, you can request the death certificates from the state. They have a searchable database too. You can go to that at:



Ken Huffman




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Dear Laurie and Ken,

    I want to THANK YOU for your quick response to my inquiry!!  The info is great. 

    I have another request to make.  I didn't make it the other day because I was over the name limit.  So I would appreicate your help again.

    On the Bates family, all these appear on page 206: John W., Louisa, M.J., William, and Vivan.  A Michael Bates appears on 159.

    On the Hersman Family, all these appear on page 142: Elizabeth, Henry, E. Glen, Elizabeth, and George T.

    And I'm going to give you my request on the McCabe family which appear on page 225: Joseph, Mary F. (FRY), Minnie, Sarah, John A., and Clarissa J.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Do you know anything about obtaining a copy of obits from the library there?

    THANK YOU again and have a wonderful day.


Steve Shaffer