Names: Bates, Ferrell, Ridder


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Dear Bryn,


Here are the names you requested. I just wanted to let you know that there are at least 18 members of the Ferrell family in the Knight Cemetery, so if you should decide you want them all, I'll be happy to email them, too. The family relationshop section on page 291 explains how they all fit together.


There are a few more descendants of Catherine Ridder listed in the Bates section on p. 160. Let me know if you want them as well.


Laurie Huffman

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Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL 1825-1972

Knight Cemetery, Pea Ridge Township, pp. 288, 291:


        David Ferrell (1814-1870)

        Catherine Ferrell (1814-?) Wife of David Ferrell.


Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, p 160, 178, 196:


        Catherine Ridder ((1829-1907) born in Aukum, Germany.

            Benjamin Ridder (1861-1939) son of Catherine Ridder.

            Dora Ridder (1864-1948) Dau of Catherine Ridder; Wife of Michael Bates.

                Michael Bates (1864-1940)








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HiI need three lookups for cemetery listings in Brown Co., IL.


Catherine Ferrell  288

David Ferrell  288

Catherine Ridder  178



Bryn Asbury