Names: Bates, Bell, Queen


From: Laurie Huffman [[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2006 12:03 AM
To: 'sherrymorellshelts'
Cc: Kenneth Huffman
Subject: RE: Brown County (1870 Census Index)

Dear Sherry,


How noce to hear from you again. I’m happy to know you are continuing to uncover the Queen family records in Brown County.


From the 1870 census, I would conclude that if Preston and Sarah had children, they were born and died between censuses. He has older relatives living in his home in 1870 – William (70) and Thomas (40), and Thomas’s wife, Ann.  


On p. 470-71, it infers that Preston is the son of James Bell and Annie Lester. But who is the William living with him. The Thomas Bell, age 40, also in his home is a mystery. The history says it lists “the known children of Robert and Annie”, and I think some slipped past them. Could he be Preston’s uncle?


Sure a lot of mysteries here. J


Here are the listings you requested. The James Queen you requested was actually on M82, but I found him all right. Let me know if I can be of any further help.


Laurie Huffman




1870 Federal Census, Illinois, Brown County, Missouri Township:



            William Queen 27, farmer, b. Illinois

            Sarah Queen 22, keeping house, b. Illinois

            Margaret E. Queen, 3, b. Illinois

            Thomas Queen, 2, b. Illinois

            Elizabeth Bates, 49, domestic, b. Illinois




            James Queen, 30, farm laborer, b. Illinois

            Elizabeth Queen, 27, keeping house, b. England

            John Queen, 14, b. Illinois

            Alice Queen, 12, b. Illinois

            Mary Queen, 10, b. Illinois

            Jane Queen, 3, b. Illinois

            William Queen, 5, b. Illinois

            Richard Queen, 4, b. Illinois

            Sarah Queen, 1, b. Illinois




            Preston G. Bell, 33, farmer, b. Illinois

            Sarah Bell, 34, keeping house, b. Tennessee

            William Bell, 70, b. Ohio

            Thomas Bell, 40, farmer, b. Kentucky

            Ann Bell, 41, keeping house, b. Kentucky







From: sherrymorellshelts [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, October 07, 2006 9:44 PM
To: Laurie Huffman
Subject: Brown County (1870 Census Index)


Hello Laurie,

     Just a quick note to let you know my husbands Aunt Maxine (who lives in Schuyler County) has discovered in their Brown Co Records, a listing for an Estate in 1858, for a  first name very similar to "our missing" Elnora QUEEN.  She is going to try to get over there Thursday of next week to try and look up these records and copy them for us, "if" it looks like it is her!  We will keep you posted as we "slowly but surely" document this family it seems has never been researched before, and when we have put as many pieces of this puzzle together as we can, we will submit them to the  Brown Co Historical Society.


     May I please ask you to do 3 Census Look-Up's for me concerning this family from your 1870 Census Index. Just do it for me at your convience.


     Preston G BELL   M94

     James QUEEN   M62

     William QUEEN   M71


     I am trying to figure out if Preston and Sarah (Queen) Bell had any children, none in the 1860 census, and none in the 1880 census, so if their are none in the 1870 census, they must not have had any children.

     I will ask for a couple of 1860 census look up's later, it seems to be the only  census's I can find 2 other of the married daughters in, and I do not find them in your cemetery index, but would just like to have them one time in the census for documentation. 

     Maxine has been over to the Historical Society, and they have no information on this QUEEN Family, no record of anyone ever having contacted them even trying to research them, so "it is about time" and we are doing our best to try to get this done, the right way, so there will be a record of this family for future researchers. 

     Thank You Very Much For Your Help,

          Sherry Morell Shelts