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The Batson’s seem to be connected to the Alexanders although after checking the Alexander information, I did not find anything to verify that. My wife worked with the Alexander researchers quite a bit and remembers a connection. Priscilla Alexander may be able to help. Here are the three people we worked with:

 Edna Kokanour
Priscilla Alexander
Wally McGahan


There is also a  Paul Batson who may have some information. He is listed in the surnames section under Batson. His email is : Paul Batson


I also found this marriage:

Groom                         Bride                            Date                 Vol/Page          Lic                   County

MCGEHE, WILLIAM   BATSON, ATHELIA   08/25/1836  001/0045    00000387    SCHUYLER           


Brown County did not exist until 1839, so anyone born or married there were recorded as Schuyler County. So for an initial search you may want to look for them in Schuyler. I can tell you that Brown County records have very few Batsons. Here is the reference you requested on John Batson:


1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Mt Sterling Twp


John H. Alexander 36 m farmer Tennessee

M. A. Alexander 38 f Kentucky

John A. Alexander 6 m Illinois

Martha Alexander 1 f Illinois

John Batson 83 m Georgia


This is probably the marriage of this couple:

ALEXANDER, JOHN     PERRY, MARGARET ANN  03/17/1855 A&B/     00000413 BROWN    


I was hoping the marriage might show that John was a relative. He might still be a grandfather on one of the maternal sides. If John is buried in Brown County, his burial has been lost. But I would check the Schuyler cemeteries before giving up if he is of interest to you.


I also checked the 1840 Census for Batson and did not find any listed there. Either they were living with someone else who is listed as the head of household or they have moved out of the county before the census was taken.



Ken Huffman



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Found "John Batson" in 1860 Federal Census.--MStwp277.Trying to find Anna Batson who married William McGehe,born 1839 in Brown Co. per deathcert. of his son in McDonough Co. Do you have more information or direction to share?

Donna M.