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Thanks for the response. I obviously made an error in forgetting that Jenny could have had a husband prior to Clarence. I have to remember that the records I have may not be the whole story. The book from which this information came has so many errors that I occasionally get over zealous to correct them, hence my comment that Irma should have Meteer as a maiden name came without thinking the whole thing through carefully. My wife will give me a bad time for awhile on this one.


The birth certificate is interesting too. A “Delayed Record Of Birth” made in 1952 of a birth that occurred in 1893 before births were officially recorded. She must have needed a birth document for some official purpose, like a passport. Obviously not a primary source record but a highly reliable secondary source record. This is really great! If you wouldn’t mind, I’d really like to place this message and the birth certificate in the One Name Research section.

The source for my data came from Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinos.



Ken Huffman


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I have been doing some beginning genealogy online and came across the "One
Name" index on the Brown County website.

Dave, you sent a note to Ken asking about Irma and Jennie Bedingfield.

Ken, you responded with...
"Mt Sterling Cemetery, pp. 211, 228

Irma Beddingfield, wife of Forest Albert Clark, 25 Apr 1893 - 27 Jan 1969
[Given name spelled wrong in the index.]
Forest Albert Clark, 14 Nov 1890 - 29 Apr 1955, Illinois Pfc Sup Co. 346
Inf., WWI

Jennie Bedingfield, wife of Clarence Meteer, 1870-1921 [parents of Irma
Beddingfield - which makes Irma's maiden name Meteer instead of
Clarence Meteer, 1870-1952"

I have additional data that may shed some light on this.

My relation to Irma and Forest is that of Great-Grandson.  Matthew Ryan
Johnson->Robert Michael Johnson->Lyla Jean Clark->Forest Clark &Irma
Bedingfield.->Jennie Bedingfield.

I have the scan of the birth certificate for "Goldie Irma Bedingfield" that
I received from my Aunt.  I am including it in this email.  It lists "Goldie
Irma Bedingfield" and her parents as Charles Bedingfield and Jennie Briggs.

If your note about Jennie Bedingfield is correct in having Clarence Meteer
as the husband, then my conclusion is that Irma Clark, buried in Mt.
Sterling is the wife of Forest Clark and Irma Bedingfield.  Irma (Goldie)
was the child of Jennie Briggs and Charles Bedingfield.  It seems that
Charles died and Jennie remarried to Clarence Meteer and is buried as a
Meteer.  What is the source for saying that Jennie Bedingfield was the wife
of Clarence Meteer?

As an end note, if either of you have any additional info on the
Bedingfields or Clarks, please, let me know.

Thank you for your time,

Matt Johnson