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I have a listing of the burials in the Bell-Keith cemetery. The Permanent Residents list contains all of the recorded burials of the Bells in Brown County including those in the Bell-Keith cemetery. The Bell-Keith burials are those listed on pp. 115-119 of Cemeteries of Brown County.

I was going to scan the small sections of recorded burials but I noticed that you have for your ISP and they don't allow attachments to emails unless you pay for the service. If you can receive attachements let me know and I'll send the scans. If not, I'll type the sections in.

Birth records were not officially kept by the county until 1917. there are sporadic birth records as early as the 1880's but most of the time researchers have to rely on other sources like the census, burial record, death certificates, etc.

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I remember asking you for help with Brown County information and you sent me to your wonderful and very helpful sites. I find my ancestors are connected to the Robert T. Bell family of Brown County. Somewhere I remember seeing a list of burials in Bell Keith Cemetery and now I can't find you know?? Also do you know when birth records were kept and whether to look at county or state level for best results.

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Glad to send them. They are all tif's. I checked to see if the gif version might be smaller, it is but not enough to send them that way and wonder if it works.Let me know if there are any problems. File names indicate "Cemeteries of Brown County" and page #

Ken Huffman

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Thanks so much for your offer. I can receive attachments in Juno. So far I have received TIF, JPG, PDD, and TXT files with no problem. In fact it's easier than when I was on AOL. I would appreciate seeing the scans. Thanks so much



Cemeteries of Brown County p. 116

Cemeteries of Brown County p. 117

Cemeteries of Brown County p. 118

Cemeteries of Brown County p. 119