Names: Bell, Houston, McDonnald, Reeves, Thomas, Tucker


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Hi Anita,


Nice to have you back. I checked page 77, and the burial ground is called Tucker Cemetery. Since it probably was the property of your family, I am going to include all the burials (there are only 7, including 4 McDonnalds) and the paragraph about the cemetery along with the listings. I have also included the three marriages of Green Tucker, which I'm sure you already have, but it's better to have too many than not enough. :o) The Greene Tucker listed in this cemetery died at one year of age, so it isn't the one you're looking for, but obviously is a relative. The fact that Greene (the

elder) and his three wives do not appear in the county suggests to me that there is a family burial ground in a neighboring county. You might want to do a survey of the connecting counties and see what they have to offer. I checked probates and histories and found no Tuckers, so I think it would be a good idea to check with the Versailles Area Genealogical & Historical Society to see if they have any miscellaneous information in their files on this family.


I am also including here the Tucker listings from the Benville Cemetery, which has the burial of Coulson Tucker (listed in the paragraph) and other members of the family.


Hope these listing will be of help to you.


Laurie Huffman




Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972 TUCKER CEMETERY, Elkhorn Township, p. 77 (SW 1/4 of Section 7, Elkhorn Township) Recorded by Sibley Gaddis and Meribah Clark in Nov. 1958.


"There used to be a public road starting at the Sam Gerrish place in Section 6, Elkhorn Township wich proceded south and west through the Joseph Meservey lands in Section 7 and came out on the Benville Road just east of the Marden Chapel nd Cemetery in Section 18. Midway along this road is what remains of the Tucker Cemetery. It must have been from a half to an acre in area and have had several substantial stones. The stock in the pasture have knocked the stones over and they are buried deep in the leaves and earthy mold. They were hard to find and difficult to read. There were about ten uninscribed creek stones. One William McDonnald came into Elkhorn Township in the 1830's and these may be members of that family. Coulson Tucker took out the land on which these burials were made in 1836. It seems likely that these were members of his family. The land passed to other ownership in 1862."


William McDonnald (Jan 1834-1 May 1868)

Joseph McDonnald (27 Jul 1875-15 Apr 1878) John McDonnald (d. 1846, aged 61 years) Susan McDonnald (Feb. ? - 8 Apr 1874)


L. A. Tucker (d. 1 Mar 1872 aged 29y 6m 5d) Co. C 27th Ill. Inf. (Civil War


Perneta Jane, daughter of C. and M. A. Tucker (d. 14 Sep 1856 aged 3y 2m) Greene, son of R. C. Tucker (d. 10 Mar 1857 aged 1 yr)




BENVILLE CEMETERY, Buckhorn Township, pp 9, 11:


Mary A. Tucker (16 Oct 1830-13 May 1889) Dana C. Tucker (1882-1942) This individual is male.

Mattie Thomas, wife of Dana C. Tucker (1880-1942) Coulson Tucker (d. 16 Oct 1889 aged 32y 7m 27d) Francis P.Tucker (d. 21 Nov 1891 aged 22y 2m 24d) Also a male.




From the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index Online:


TUCKER, PLEASANT G. H. md. BELL, LUCINDA, 09/24/1861, BookA&B, Lic#1038, BROWN Co, IL TUCKER, PLEASANT G. H. md. HOUSTON, ELIZABETH ANN, 08/06/1857, BookA&B, Lic #615, BROWN Co, IL TUCKER, PLEASANT G. H. md. REEVES, POLLY ANN, 12/24/1840, Book A&B, Lic #69, BROWN Co, IL





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Hi Laurie!

You and Ken have corresponded with me several years ago about my Groves ancestors in Brown County, Illinois.  Now I'm wondering about the Tuckers.

I noticed in the cemetery listings a Green Tucker, and the number 77 after it.  Apparently he had three wives in Brown County, Polly Ann Reeves, Elizabeth Houston, and Lucinda Bell.  I don't see any of them listed with him.  Could you please do a lookup on him for me?  He was in Brown from at least 1840 til his death, so I'd like to think there was some info on him.



Anita Woodard