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Dear Jennifer,


Here are the names you requested. In some cases, I have added additional family members and a bit of marriage information from the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index (Online).


The History of Brown County, IL, pages 341 & 342 gives a brief history of the family. I would scan and send it, but it is small enough to copy here, and I have added underlining, brackets, and an explanation midway through the contents. You'll see why when you read it. This is the last item below.


The apparent pronunciation of the surname was "Mez-ur-vay", as reflected in the information on W. O. Meserve/Maserva (below). I have heard it also spoken as Mez-ur-vee (Illinois), and Mez-urv (New Hampshire). I guess it's whichever you choose. :) If you know the correct pronunciation, we'd love to know it.


The family history (below) seems to skip over the Joseph born in 1841, who was married to  Lucia C. (__). This is a puzzle. Perhaps you can come up with the solution.


Let me know if you have any questions regarding these names, or any of the other information.


Laurie Huffman


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Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972


Mt. Pleasant (aka Fargo) Cemetery, Lee Township, p. 106:


    Joseph Meservey (d. 28 Mar 1872 aged 76-1-27).

    Elizabeth, w/o Joseph Merservey (d. 6 Apr 1851 aged 42-8-1).

    Nathaniel P. Meservey, (26 Mar 1825-31 Jan 1896) s/o Joseph & Elizabeth Meservey.

    Mary J. (__), w/o Nathaniel P. Meservey (30 Nov 1839-21 Oct 1904).


Hersman Cemetery, Mt. Sterling Township, p. 142, 144, 149:


    Lorena Meservey Harper (no dates given). See marriage below. 

    Fernando C. Meserve (d. 27 Apr 1864 aged 2-11-8) s/o Joseph & Lucia C. Meserve.

    Herman H. Meservey (3 Jul 1886-21 Dec 1902) s/o Joseph & Melvina (Lavina?) Wilson Meservey. NOTE: The reference

            on p. 406 to Herman Meserve is also this child, and gives the burial date, 22 Dec 1902).

    Joseph Meserve (22 Jun 1821-14 Jul 1907).

    Lucia C. (__), w/o Joseph Meserve (4 Sep 1827-8 Jan 1894).

    Mary Meserve (19 Dec 1853-3 Nov 1892) w/o Phillip V. Morris & d/o Joseph & Lucia C. Meserve.

    Clara M. Meservey (1866-1936) w/o Phillip V. Morris & d/o Joseph & Melvina (Lavina?) Wilson Meservey.

    Phillip V. Morris (1849-1931) See both marriages below.

    Melvina Jane (__), (24 Mar 1846-21 Nov 1913) w/o Joseph Meserve.

    W. O. Meserve, Co. D 84th Ill. Inf. (no dates given) History of Schuyler & Brown Co's, IL gives some information on

            p. 178: "Wilber O. Maserva, Private, Co. D., mustered out June 8, 1865, wounded."

    Herbert H. Meservey (12 Nov 1883-8 Jan 1903) s/o Joseph & Melvina (Lavina?) Meservey.

    Joseph Meservey (22 Jan 1841-20 May 1914) s/o Joseph & Lucia C. Meserve.

    Melvina (or Lavina?) Wilson, (24 Mar 1846-21 Nov 1913) w/o Joseph Meservey. See marriage below.

    Marguetita (or Marguerite) Meservey, (16 Jul 1874-12 Feb 1926) d/o Joseph & Melvina (Lavina?) Meservey.




MORRIS, PHILIP & MESERVE, CLARA MAY, 05/15/1895 (1A /187  2266) BROWN co, IL              
MORRIS, PHILIP V. & MESERVE, MARY E., 12/23/1880 (C  /159  375) BROWN CO, IL




History of Brown County, Illinois, pp 341-342:


    "Joseph Meservey (1796-1872), the son of John Meservey and Sally Chesley, both of the state of Vermont, raised and shipped horses. This family located in the neighborhood of Fargo, Illinois. [Now Mt. Pleasant]


    On January 15, 1827, Joseph married Elizabeth Bell, and to this union was born thirteen children, of whom two are of local interest. Elizabeth (1832-1882) married to Sylvester Bradney in 1849, who was a relative of the Lee Township Bradneys.


    The son, Joseph Meservey (1841-1914) was the owner and operator of  the Meservey Quarry in Elkhorn Township just north of the Marden Church. He was a very stern man. His family helped in the quarry, because he believed in hard work. He was married to Melvina Jane Wilson, June 15, 1865 and to this union were born none children, namely: Clara (1866-1937) who married P. V. Morris, whose daughter is Eleanor Gaddis (Mrs. Sibley B. Gaddis). Warren, born Nov. 26, 1868, married Cora V. Moore, June 9, 1889. To this union thirteen children were born, namely: Estel, Nina (Mrs. O. B. Mullen), Josie (Mrs. Wilson burkey), Vera (Mrs. Guy Nichols), Clara (Mrs. Roy Homan), Florence, Joseph, Lozell, Marshall, Irene (Mrs. E. E. Merriott), Delbert, Corrine (Mrs. Carl McCormick), and Eldon.


    The family moved to Missouri with the exception of Estel, Nina, and Josie. Estel remained in Brown County where he married Myrle, daughter of Henry Harvey and Elnora Stevens Johnson. They began housekeeping on a farm in Lee Township. To this union were born Harold Lozelle [Meservey] and Myrtle Maxine Bullard, who reside in Brown Counties with their families.


NOTE: From this point the relationships and some surnames are unclear. They do not readily connect with the previous paragraphs, but some are mentioned in the cemetery listings, so they must fit somewhere. (LH)


George O.was born Nov. 20, 1870 and married Mary E. Meats.

Elwood (1877-1970) married Emma Stewart (1875-1958) on September 21, 1895. They had ten children: Everett O., Blanche M. (Mrs. Chalres Johnson), Ronald A. and Raymond E., twins, Genar M., Bernadine (Mrs. Ted Speckhart), Loren E., Harlan H., Harold E., and Emil E.


Marguerite (1874-1926) died with typhoid fever. She was a practrical nurse.


Lorena (1879-1931) married Shepherd Harper on October 18, 1899. They had one son, Lawrence, who died in Chicago about 1960.


Herbert Harlan (1883-1903).


Herman Henry (1886-1902).


Amy A. (1890-1937) married Walter S. Cory, April 8, 1909. They had five children: Elizabeth, Meridon, William, Wayne, and George.













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I found that some of my Meservey people are listed in the Brown County, Illinois Cemetery Book.  I'm interested in the family of Joseph Meserve(y) who was born in approximately 1795.  He had children Joseph, Florina, S A Meservey, Sarah Meservey, Matilda Meservey and a few others I don't have the names for yet.  I found the names below on


It looks like most of the people I'm intersted in are on Page 144 but there is another Joseph Meservey on Page 106.


Thank you so much.  I really appreciate your time. 

Jennifer Walls

Washington State


Meserve, Fernando C.________ 144
Meserve, Herman________ 409
Meserve, Joseph________ 144
Meserve, Lucia C.________ 144
Meserve, Mary________ 144
Meserve, Melivna Jane________ 144
Meserve, W. O.________ 144
Meservey, Clara M.________ 144
Meservey, Herbert H.________ 144
Meservey, Herman H.________ 144
Meservey, Joseph________ 106,144
Meservey, Lorena________ 142
Meservey, Marguerita________ 144