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Dear Deloyce,


There is considerable information on this Long family. I will give the cemetery listings ( all members of the Long family)and then attach 3 jpeg format pages of Long family histories found in The History of Brown County, IL and The History of Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois.


Please let me know if any of the images in unreadable.


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Laurie Huffman


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Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972

Mounds Cemetery, Timewell, Pea Ridge Twp, Brown Co, IL, pp. 298(Burial listings), 304(Family Relationships):


    Conrad Long (d. 7 Sep 1879 aged 75-5-22)

     Lucretia Warren, wife of Conrad Long (d. 25 Dec 1878 aged 74-10-10)

     William R. Long (d. 11 Feb 1852 aged 26-4-2) s/o Conrad & Lucretia Long

     John H. Long (1 Dec 1832-22 Jan 1926) s/o Conrad & Lucretia Long

     Mary J. Bell, wife of John H. Long (8 Dec 1832-26 May 1870)

     Martha H., d/o J. & M. H. Long (d. 8 Aug 1847 aged 23-7-28)

     Caren H., d/o J. & M. Long (d. 6 Oct 1847 aged 17-11-25)

     Irene B., d/o J. & M. Long (d. 22 Sep 1847 aged 15-7-8) Initial "B" given on p. 304.

     Will, s/o J. & M. Long (d. 28 Oct 1872 aged 5-10-2)

     William Albert, s/o J. & M. Long (d. 2 Nov 1872 aged 3-9-15) First name "William" added on p. 304.

     Lewis, s/o J. & M. Long (d. 5 Nov 1873 aged ?)

     Jacob M. Long (1837-1932) s/o Conrad & Lucretia Long

    Catherine Nolan, w/o Jacob M. Long (1841-1920)

     Robert D. Long (1844-1930) s/o Conrad & Lucretia Long

     Harriet J. Haley, w/o Robert D. Long (1841-1889)

     Mary V. Bradney Hodgson, w/o Robert D. Long (1868-1952) Name "Hodgson" added on p. 304.

     George R. Long, s/o R. & M. Long (1898-1899)

     William H. Long, s/o R. & H. Long (1870-1934)

     Rebecca Jane, w/o J. C. Long (d. 7 Oct 1853) No age given.

     George Henry, s/o J. C. & L. Bell Long (d. 18 Apr 1857) No age given.

     Cyrus E. s/o J. C. & R. J. Long (d. 20 Sep 1853 aged 1-1-0) Spelled Cyprus on p. 304.

     Allen, s/o J. R. & S. A. Long (d. 5 Jul 1871 aged 1-5-0)

     Martha, d/o J. R. & S. A. Long (d. 14 Jul 1862) No age given.

     J. E. Long (1880-1949)

     Belle, w/o J. E. Long (1880-19?) Name is Della on p. 304.

     Arthur Long (1867-1950) s/o Jacob & Catherine Long

     Nina Ingels, w/o Arthur Long (1865-1936)

     Andrew G. Long (7 Jun 1833-30 Jun 1909)

     Elizabeth Burton, w/o Andrew Long (18 Jan 1836-12 Mar 1915)

     Leroy Long (1917-1969)

     Carrie Long, w/o Elmer E. Lowe (4 Feb 1871-6 Sep 1959) d/o Jacob & Catherine Long

     Elmer E. Lowe (21 Jul 1872-20 May 1940)

         ch: Errett Lowe (1900-1906), Harold Lowe (1909-1920).


     William Long (d. 1877 aged 80-8-11) bro/o of Conrad Long

     Isabella, 2nd wife of William Long (d. 25 Jan 1875 aged 69-1-5)

     Mary, 1st wife of William Long (d. 29 Mar 1837, aged 41 yrs)



HBC, p. 403

HBC, p. 404

HSBC, p. 372











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Laurie Huffman,

Please e-mail or mail any data you have on file, or where I can locate the background notes of the following names, as they are my distant relatives. Any information you have will be greatly appreciated.

Mounds Cemetery (Timewell) 292-307 Brown, IL

#298 William Long 1796-1877

#298 Mary (?) Long, wife of William Long, died March 29, 1837

#298 Jacob M. Long 1795-1880

#298 Martha(Carey?) Long, wife of Jacob M. Long

Thank you for any information you have.

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