Bennett, Briggs, Green, Hetrick, Kelly, Perry, Simmons, Young

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Dear Robin,

Here’s the information you requested:

Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


Mt Sterling City Cemetery

Clyde Briggs, son of James O. and Jerusha Hetrick Briggs, 21 May 1879- 26 Dec 1912

Cora Briggs Green, 13 Mar 1874 - ? [Husband not listed, Cora is listed as the dau. of Luther and Alta Briggs]

Dorothy Briggs Young, 1 Apr 1966, age 46 yrs, [ Husband not listed and no other relationship info is given]

Effie May Briggs, wife of Benjamin Simmons, 1862 – 1913 [ Dau. of Lewis and Louisa J. Briggs]


Briggs Cemetery

Charlie Briggs, son of W. H. and Katie Briggs, 28 Apr 1872, age 16 mos, 5 days


Gilbrids Cemetery

Constance Briggs, wife of James A. Perry, 5 Apr 1898, age 70 yrs, 10 mos, 12 days


Marden Cemetery

David Briggs 1852-1943


Beans Cemetery

Infant of Alfred and Delores Kelly Briggs [no date]


Buckhorn Cemetery

Mary Ann, dau of H. and E. Briggs, 13 Feb 1853, age 2 yrs, 1 mo, 6 days

Earl Briggs, son of T. Bento and Sarah Bennett Briggs, 13 Apr 1884-14 Apr 1884



Ken Huffman


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Hi Ken and Laurie,

I would like a Lookup done.

Briggs, Charlie, 334
Briggs, Clyde, 207
Briggs, Constance, 62
Briggs, Cora, 218
Briggs, David, 70
Briggs, Delores (Kelley), 113
Briggs, Dorothy, 241
Briggs, E, 88
Briggs, Earl, 88
Briggs, Effie May, 235

Thank You
Robin Briggs