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Dear Kim,

I checked all the census references for America Berry but came up with nothing.  Arabella had a space between a couple her children that could have allowed for America but there is no way to know since we didn’t find America even living alone. A possible alternative is to check the censuses of nearby Counties to see if the Berry family in question appears in one of them. I’d start with Schuyler. There is a lot of people movement between these counties. If you’d like to have the listings for these families let me know and I’ll send them.


Ken Huffman


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I am stuck on America BERRY.  Supposedly married DORMAN on Dec 22, 1872 in Brown County.  I have a copy of the marriage register page.

Trying to find her in a census.  She is not listed in 1880 census.  My assumption is that she died before the census, and after child (who is listed) was born in January 1880.  I assume she would have been about 16-20 yrs old in 1870.  There are several BERRYs listed.  Could you check them out for me?

A.D. BERRY    B53
Arabella BERRY  E79
Lewis T. BERRY     MS199
William C. BERRY      V248

How did your move go?  Are you all settled in now?

Kim Andrews