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My husband has run short of time this week, and has referred your request to me. Here are your names, minus Jonathan, but with the husband of Harriet Bissell included. I'm sorry but I couldn't find any cemetery listing for a Jonathan Bissell. Let me know if it was supposed to be another first or surname, and I'll look again.


Cleaves Cemetery, Lee Township, Brown Co, Illinois, p. 89:


    George Bissell (died 8 Feb 1907 age 87-11-6)

    Sophronia Bissell, wife of George Bissell (16 Sep 1825-??)


Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, Brown Co, Illinois, p. 236:


    Harriet Bissell, wife of William Stephenson (1865-1948)

    William Stephenson (1857-1931)




Laurie Huffman

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Hi Ken, I did a stupid thing and sent my originals on the burials of George, Saffroina, Jonathan, and Harriet Bissell to the state. Can you send me these? Boyd PS IT'S RAINING!!!