NAMES: Black, McCorkle

Dear Vicki,

I hope you didn't despair of receiving a response. Our lives got a little complicated for awhile, but we are slowly catching up.

I have the census listings you requested, and I also found some information on the family of Samuel Black (his wife, Frances is head of household in 1870), in History of Brown County, IL and Cemeteries of Brown County, IL, and Histories of Schuyler & Brown Counties, IL. The last of these mentions that Samuel Black is the son of Samuel Black Sr., who moved from Scotland to Londonderry, Ireland, and then to PA in the US shortly before the Revolutionary War. The eventually migrated into Illinois. I could find no mention of Richard Black in those listings, so I don't know whether or not he is related to Samuel's family.

You could get more information on these people by checking the cemetery index on our website (see Permanent Resident Index).

Samuel's wife is Frances Wilson McCorkle, daughter of Samuel & Catherine McCluer McCorkle. Samuel died 24 Jan 1869.

If you would like me to scan the pages in the histories and send them, let me know. Please direct your response to our regular email address ([email protected]). I am using my personal email since the other is in use at the moment.

Hope to hear from you again in the future.

Laurie Huffman


1870 Fed Census, Mt. Sterling City, Brown Co, IL
11 June, 31/31

Frances W. Black 51, (female) keeps house, b. VA
Catherine Black, 28, school teacher, b. Ohio
Melvina Black, 26, school teacher, b. IL
Moses Black, 24, county surveyor, b. IL
Wilson Black, 16, laborer, b. IL


1870 Fed Census, Lee township, Brown Co, IL
25 June, 194/194

Richard Black, 38, farmer, b. IL
Harriet Black, 23, b. IL
Matilda Black, 11, b. IL
Alonzo Stark?, 5, b. IL (unsure of relationship to this family)

Dear Vicki,

Checking through some old correspondence files, I came across yours and it appears that it was never answered. So I'm going to do it now, belatedly. If you have already received this information please ignore this message.

1870 Census, Brown County, Ill. Town of Mount Sterling
Frances W. Black 51 f keeps house 1000/200 Virginia
Catherine Black 28 f School Teacher Ohio
Melvina Black 26 f School Teacher Ill
Moses Black 24 m County Surveyor Ill
Wilson Black 16 m laborer Ill

Lee Township
Richard Black 38 m farmer 1500/400 Ill
Harriet Black 23 f Ill
Matilda Black 11 f Ill
Alonzo Stark 5 m Ill

Ken Huffman

Victoria wrote:

> Hi Ken or Laurie,
> Thank you for your kind offer of a look-up on the 1870 Census. I am new to
> American Genealogy and have very little to go on and am searching for BLACK.
> BLACK, Frances W. MS 31
> BLACK, Richard L 194
> Once again, thank you and I will be eagerly awaiting the information.
> Vicki
> Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.