Names: Bennett, Blansett, Bradney, Kindhart, Long, Mills, Sheilds, Thomas, Williams



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Here are the names you requested, including those who married into other families and are in the same cemetery. There is a small history (about 2 paragraphs) of the Long family (I assume the parents of Carron Long) written within the family relationship section. If you would like me to send it, just let me know.





Cemeteries of Brown County, IL; Mounds Cemetery, Timewell, Pea Ridge Township, pp. 294, 297, 301-303, 305, 416.


William Elmore Blansett (1875-22 Oct 1958) son of Lewis H. and Carron Long Blansett (p. 416 gave full middle name and full

date of death.

      Hattie Bennett, wife of William E. Blansett (1876-6 Oct 1958) (p. 416 gave full date of death)

      Lewis H. Blansett (4 May 1850-2 Sep 1924)

      Carron Long, wife of Lewis H. Blansett (20 Nov 1851-27 Jan 1923) Her mention below (see Pearl) gives a possible middle name.

      Lena Blansett (1885-1950)

      Pearl Blansett Shields, (26 Dec 1889-10 Dec 1908) dau of L. H. and C. F. Blansett and 1st wife of Albert M. Sheilds (1885-

1934). Albert Shields md. 2nd Opal Bradney (1895-1934)

      Walter Blansett (1873-1949) son of Lewis H. and Carron Long Blansett

      Della M. Mills, wife of Walter Blansett (1876-1947)

      Wade Blansett (1875-1951) son of Lew is H. and Carron Long Blansett

      Effie G. Thomas, wife of Wade Blansett (1879-1966)

      Chas. Eldon Blansett (1922) No other dates given.

      Bessie, (1906-1908) dau of Wade and Effie G. Thomas Blansett

      Harold John Blansett (1898-1964) son of Wade and Effie G. Thomas Blansett


      Jennie Blansett, wife of Ollie Kindhart (1887-1963) (No parents' names given)

      Ollie Kindhart (1886-1949)

      Cora Blansett Williams (1871-1930) wife of George H.Williams. (No parents' names given)

      George H. Williams (1870-1927)



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Subject: Cemetery lookup request


Dear Ken and Laurie Huffman,

Thank you for volunteering for lookups in "Cemeteries of Brown County,

Illinois, 1825 - 1972."


I'm researching the Blansett family in Brown County, and found these names

in the on-line index to the cemetery book.  I would really appreciate it if

you can look up the information for them.  If you don't have time for all,

the ones on p. 294 (especially Carron, Cora, Lewis and Wade) are the most

important to me.  Thanks again!  Let me know if I can help you from central


Blansett, Bessie ________ 294

Blansett, Carron F. (Long) ________294

Blansett, Chas. Eldon ________ 294

Blansett, Cora ________ ________301

Blansett, Della M. (Mills) ________294

Blansett, Effie G. (Thomas) ________294

Blansett, Harold John ________ 28,294

Blansett, Hattie (Bennett) ________294

Blansett, Hattie ________ 416

Blansett, Jennie ________ 297

Blansett, Lena ________ ________294

Blansett, Lewis H. ________ 294

Blansett, Pearl ________ ________294

Blansett, Wade ________ 294

Blansett, Walter ________ 294

Blansett, William E. ________ 294

Blansett, William Elmore ________416



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