Names: Bordenkircher, Crummy, Prillmayer, Rasch


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Here are the names you requested. Note that Leborius is also spelled Laborius on p. 195. It could just be a typo, of which there are many.


Hope these help.


Laurie Huffman





Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972


Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, pp. 178 & 195 (family relationships):


    Leborius/Laborius Rasch (1812-1871)

    Mary B., wife of Leborius Rasch (1824-1904)

    Elizabeth Rasch,  (1866-1909) d/o Leborius & Mary B. Rasch.

    Anna Mary Rasch (d. 1865 @ 27y) d/o Leborius & Mary B. Rasch.

    John J. Rasch (d. 1867 @ 77y)

    Barbara, wife of John J. Rasch (d. 1867 @ 72y)

    Joseph Rasch (1835-1890)

    Sarah Prillmayer, wife of Joseph Rasch (1842-??) p. 195 gives her name as Sarah Bordenkircher Prillmayer,

                 possibly indicating a former marriage.

    David Rasch (1832-1905)

    Margaret Crummy, wife of David Rasch (1842-1916)





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Dear Laurie, would you please look up the Rasch family members they (10) are all listed on pg. 178.

Anna Mary Rasch, Barbara Rasch, Elizabeth Rasch, John J.

Rasch, Joseph Rasch, Leborius Rasch, Mary B. Rasch, Sarah (Prillmayer) Rasch, David Rash, Margaret Rash.


Thank you,  Beverly Rico

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